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Gross Year-Old Chinese Popstar Is Dating a Year-Old Girl

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Six years after Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi publicly declared his love for the then year-old music pupil Miki Akama , the two have now announced their wedding on Weibo. Although some say their love is meant-to-be, others say it is a case of pedophilia. I n , it made international headlines when the then year-old Chinese popstar Zhang Muyi publicly declared his love for year-old Canada-born model Miki Akama. On September 11, , Miki will turn 18, and it will be ten years since we first met. The wedding announcement prompted a wave of reactions. The fundamental reason for this is that there is an unequal power relation between teachers and students, which makes it difficult to speak of an equal and truly harmonious connection between two people. Let alone if one of the two persons is underage; this further intensifies the unequal relationship in terms of knowledge and experience.

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12 year old and 24 year old dating

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Zhang Muyi, a year-old pop singer is in love with his girlfriend, Canadian model Akama Miki, and he wants the world to know it. She's year-old Zhang and year-old Miki in He said that when I would reach the age of dating, he would help me check them out. At the. Zhang Muyi, a year-old pop star from China, made shockwaves recently declared his love for Akama Miki, a year-old Canadian-based child model. The pair, who have been rumored to be dating for some time, seem.

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year-old Zhang and year-old Miki in At the time He said that when I would reach the age of dating, he would help me check them out. At the time I. Meet Miki Akama, the twelve year-old model from Canada. While she If dating an 18 year old at 30 is okay, is dating a 12 year old okay at 24?. The article is from a few years ago but I just heard about this from a friend and holy poo poo, what the hell. Apparently this is still going on; the.

Jhen - September 7, 0. July 12, Load more. Age is just a number right. How horrifying to see normal male partner preferences in public!

24-Year Old Guy Who Fell In Love With 12-Year Old Girl, How Are They Now?

They liked each other, they fell in love, and now they are married. Healthier than Western culture where nice girls end up with trailer park losers and men are sick and tired of roasties with no worth.

Age does not matter, personality does, and Muyi is a better man than most Westerners.

He is even above me! Probably they talked about their likes, hopes, and dreams.

Both loved music, that brought them together. And much likely Muyi was so emotionally stable he managed to benefit Miki when things got rough. The part that confuses me the most is how a twelve year old girl could be interested in a guy twice her age.

Despite what these blind fools say. I wish good luck to the couple. I am pretty much sure their relationship is healthier those of anyone commenting here.

Age is irrelevant, and in fact, once one hits puberty, science says, one is ready to be in a relationship. Better to be in a healthy relationship with someone of different age than in a toxic one with someone close in age.

This 24-Year-Old Chinese Popstar Is Dating A 12-Year-Old Model

Actually let me rephrase that. We have been lied to. For a century we have been told age difference is wrong, especially if the woman is younger.

The truth is otherwise. It is normal and healthy unless one of the parties has not reached puberty. Pedophilia is an attraction to kids, usually in a physical sense. Even so, the fact that a 24 year old guy developed feelings for a 12 year old girl makes absolutely zero sense to me.

Your email address will not be published. Chinese netizens pay their respects to veteran actress Lily Leung Shun-Yinwho passed away on August The actress was born in Hong Kong in She starred in dozens of television series, including the first TV drama to be locally broadcasted. Leung acted for TVB and other broadcasters.

Here is what happened to a year old guy who fell in love with a year old girl after five years and behind criticisms of other people about their age gap. Have you heard the story of a year old guy who feel in love with a year old girl? After five years, the year old. YouTube Zhang Muyi, a Chinese pop singer and his girlfriend, Canadian child model Akama Miki, are the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez of. Relationship: Pop star Zhang Muyi (left), 24, declared his feelings for year-old Akama Miki (right) on a Chinese social networking site.

According to various Chinese media reports, the actress passed peacefully surrounded by family after enduring illness. She was 90 years old.

The Zhang Muyi & Akama Miki Controversy: From Teacher to Husband

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