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Pro Twitch Streamer, Dodger, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Clarke - The Geek Lyfe

Strippin and JP wake Dodger up while playing Total War Warhammer (Loud Yelling)

Yogscast Colony Survival. Pedguin Colony Survival. Yogscast Steamy Saturdays. Geestargames Geestargames. Rythian Rythian.

They lived together for a long time too, but I think Sam had to move back to England or something. No, it's not official and this is just assumptions based on evidence, but went down when dodger went to paris and "coincidentally" met with day9.

Dodger fought against Strippin in the third round of the second Polaris Blood Bowl She also does Let's Plays of various games, including dating sims like. Strippin is Dodger's Boyfriend (holy shit). Holy shit people. Sam and Dodger, man . I kind of blanked for a second there. It is concentrated sexy. Buuuuut - what.

Dodger said she was staying at a friends house, but you can see it's a hotel room in the vids she made etc etc and also apparently she was rejected or some like that because when she came back she was all sad and She also unfollowed him from her twitter and some dramma like that. I would recommend watching Day9, he is really funny.

He has the lowest amount of cancer per twitch sub I know of. I hadn't heard about that, I mostly just get tid bits from the co-optional podcast. I've seen her burst into tears because she was laughing too hard at a joke someone put in chat. She started tearing up because Halls put one line quotes about getting better lmfao.

It was super adorable and wholesome but hilarious because it came out of nowhere. She is such a genuine sweet person.

I wish her and her new family well. I used to watch strippin back when he was with the yogcast and followed them both for a bit. Very happy to see this!

Sam Thorne, also known by his username, Strippin, born September 13, Although he left the Yogscast he still is friends with various members of the and Dodger's speech were recorded by Strippin, totalling 40 minutes of recorded footage. his name is Yogscast Strippin btw They started dating like, a year or 2 ago. Dodger said she was staying at a friends house, but you can see it's a hotel room . It's time for 20 questions with Dodger! Hello everyone Enjoy! If you think we've missed something, or if anything here is out of date please do let us know! You can watching him at and catch him streaming at .

A true love story. That's the reason they met. They went to dinner and Dodger and Strippin kept in touch and it evolved into a long distance relationship, and well the rest is history. She will be the best mom that child could ever have Who is cutting onions? So excited for two people I have been watching on both Youtube and Twitch for years to find so much happiness jn eachother.

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He begins to dance sensually for you and pelvic thrusts ensue. I grips you harder, rubbing my hand up and down your chest. I hold the hard object in front of me, pushing in and thrusting.

Then, Livin on a prayer sung by Nicholas Cage blasts out and Sjin strokes you from the other side. Under the hard SipsCo. Premium Dirt crust is a heart of gold.

Dodger and Strippin lost it on stream + Jesse interrupts to get his salt on

One day he says he'll break someone's legs, the other he is calling you a lucky bastard. Around the same time Sips started his YT channel, he had a son, Poopfeast - named after a generous donater on the christmas livestreams not really, though. He's also married. This is also the reason why he has his own office in Jersey, as working from home would be really distracting.

Just commenting, you never know he might not even be allowed to move to Bristol, saying you'd rather be with family is easier than saying that he isn't allowed. It's a thing to consider if he ever does want to go. I actually didn't see your comment, I meant to post on the one above saying 'probably wants to stay in Jersey' oops. You need to be a British citizen to live on an Overseas Territory so it doesn't really matter.

Jersey also let people move in on job requirements etc, they also have a high wealth programme. Although I don't know if this also lets you live in the UK Just me? Maybe her da Guys it's all a plan orchestrated by Turps to get Strippin out of the country so he can host YogNews again! Wake up people!! To be fair, he's already been over there and tested how it will work - yes, it will mean he won't be in the office, so less office related live filming with him specifically, but arguably he'll be over there doing more live filming instead - so any Strippin fans don't need to worry.

Also, potentially more Dodger exposure for everyone, which is fab as she's awesome. In terms of collabs, people forget we work with people daily that we don't have as office residents - Sips, Nilesy, Rythian, Zylus, Zoey, Panda and so forth - and it hasn't stopped them making nuisances of themselves. Nothing will change except I won't be in the Yogscast Office, much like Sips and co.

Yogscast are a family and I fully intend to continue being the irritating little bother. We've seen you standing next to Kim, are you saying you've been using some sort of LOTR style camera trickery to disguise your lack of height? I just watched dodgers video it was so cute and wonderful, I'm so happy for you guys and wish you both the best :. We do however wish to see a video of Martyn and co waving you off with a hanky at a train station.

It would be good but Sams moving across the Atlantic Ocean so a scene at Heathrow would be more practical. You could be living in a hut in the middle of a forest and still be able to tele-commute with a stable enough internet connection.

Are dodger and strippin still dating

At least being USA based means you can now be the Yogs overseas reporter and do pieces from conventions and events they Yogscast could otherwise not cover. Holy shit wait does that mean now that everyone in the Dream Stream Team has a girlfriend?!

I had the biggest smile on my face while watching this Dodger is great funny and beautiful And as much as we all want you two to work and be forever together. I was really hoping there would be a return to Yognews now that the craziness of the livestreams are over. Fortunately Turps did do a pretty good job so hopefully it'll still comeback even if it's without Strippin. I want this so much, I loved Turps in Yognews and in the livestreams.

Later today

He made me laugh so much. He also looks really friendly :P. Considering how Dodger keeps a few swords around the house and considering the rate George R. Martin kills off his characters, let's hope it's nothing like Game of Thrones. Lets just avoid mentioning anything that might lead to a wedding.

Thats really really great and stuff, but now before he leaves i'm expecting a Martyn and Strippin Titanic song in slo-mo or something. Deadliest Warrior Announcement - Strippin perspective. Deadliest Warrior Announcement - Dodger perspective. Also, it's sad to hear that Dodger was having a difficult time with some people over this.

I'm not sure who she is talking about but I hope she has removed them from her life. Probably some weird internet folk. Yeah, I've just looked through some of the drama and the twitters of her more awful stalkers, and the things said are just absolutely disgusting.

That's ridiculous! What do these people expect? They're not gonna bend and break themselves to do everything for their fans. I still ship Dodger. Business email: [email protected] . @dexbonus @strippin sam told the inner nerd circle a week ago, and said if I said anything, he'd murder me. Dodger announcing she is pregnant in typical Dodger fashion sitting next to her when she is announcing she is pregnant, then I noticed it was indeed strippin .

Fucking lonely basement nerds trying to break someone up because in their own fantasy world, she's their girlfriend. It's sad really. Eugh, hope they used all of it But I'm happy for the two of them, and it seems pretty fitting that basically the two poster kids of Polaris are together now!

Some are really creepy. Also there was some drama with her last bf and her friends all youtubers afaik Hear that? Its the sound of a thousand Dodger fanboys crying out at once, and then being silenced.

Can't blame her, he's a handsome bastard and seems like a lovely fella. All the best to the both of them. The funny thing is, Dodger must have met Strippin on the same trip to Yogtowers she got Simon and Jesse's beards rubbed all over her. I guess that trip turned out to be worth even getting ginger-beard molested after all.

Holy shit imagine dodger joining the yogscast crew. I would never in a million years have seen Dodger and the yogscast working together. A loong time ago there was a coffee time episode that with the Yogscast and was posted on there channel, which is exactly how I discovered her. I also remember HuskyStarcraft being there on his phone in the background.

All the best to them they are really both really nice people and it is nice to see Dodger so happy and it will be interesting to see Strippin's extra involvement with polaris now that he is moving over to the States Her announcement video is so adorable that I don't want to use any crass language to express it's cuteness. Congratulations guys, we wish you nothing but the best, you seem to be a fantastic couple and I know that I for one would love to have what you guys have.

Did anyone else tear up a bit? Man, that was lovely. I've never been so happy for two people I've never met and don't really know at all. It's so depressing that people were giving her shit over this. Good luck to you both! I hope it works out even better than you imagine. Of course, this is only going to encourage people shipping other staff members, god help us. I totally misread that as "Dodger is Strippin's Boyfriend", got all excited about a surprise Yogscast New Years coming out, and was weirdly disappointed when I found out my mistake.

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