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Mortal Kombat Conquest: Twisted Truths Director's Cut - Phelous

Phelous is a Channel Awesome reviewer of horror movies, who is most notable for his bizarre performance and personality. He posted his first video, a review of "Mac and Me" over the summer of to relative obscurity and would not make another until admin Mike Michaud picked him up as a trial member. It was only then that he became an official site member. The first videos he made, for the internet, were flash videos such as Dragonball Z and Transformers "Prime's Death Take 2". In January , Phelous announced his departure from Channel Awesome.

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Are Phelous And Lupa Still Dating

Obscurus Lupa and Phelous during Magfest Are these two still dating? But I still wish Id explored a bit more. Google free dating sites, Are phelous and lupa still dating, Hvorfor er man single.

And Lindsay seems to have dropped the Nostalgia Chick title completely and does her own thing on her Youtube channel. Not all the movies are bad.

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection Part 1 - Phelous & Obscurus Lupa

He convinces everyone to point out any inconsistency that had bothered them their whole lives, and Phelous's heard contribution was his questioning of why he came out from the shed in Molossia when Kevin Baugh was attacking with his sword. Phelous unenthusiastically briefs everyone on the plan and how Bothans sacrificed themselves to get them the plans, even though nobody knows who or what they are. You need to login to do this. Who am I to stand between you two?

Lupa humored ToddInTheShadows by "dating" him as she and Phelous give each Suddenly, Phelous D1, still played by Phelan, bursts into the room and says. Brad Jones is still a part of Channel Awesome. He's never left the site. Anyway I love Brad Jones he's the fucking man. I've never watched Lupa or Phelous but. But whatever, I still have Phelous, Lupa/Allison, Brad, and Linkara's sites . thought of a Halloween crossover between Halloweenie and Radu.

All the dialog from episode 1 was actually ripped from one of the tapes. However, he started to redo dialog afterward and as of episode 4 it's all completely new.

Bootleg Zones was first posted on March 6th,and focuses on overseas bootlegs of popular brands. Phelous was picked up on the site around December with his video Mac and Me, and Mike asked users to post their opinions on him.

Jew Wario, Phelous, Lupa, Spoony, CInema Snob and Linkara and. but drop it her and linkara are no longer dating but they are still friends. I'm a small-time reviewer, but I reeeeeeeally would like to crossover, or even cameo, for on of the big guys like Linkara. The chance may be. A minor one, but Phelous gets angry whenever Eli Roth uses the word "gay" as an review, Phelous apparently confirms that he and Obscurus Lupa are dating. moment, the closing scenes of his Jacob's Ladder review are still extremely.

It seemed to be divided right down the middle. Phelous also designed an animation featuring the Channel Awesome satellite logo orbiting Earth and has been used by several contributors on the site since its creation. The logo was also used in Welshy 's "Cult of Personality" logo.

Allison Pregler, f.k.a Obscurus Lupa is a former producer for Channel But there is one fanfic she wrote that is still up, and well read it for yourself: .. Soon after, she began dating Phelous, with some users theorizing that. Ppl who assume if you're in a video with a girl you must be dating are gonna have their minds Phelan Porteous @Phelous 12 Aug Phelan Porteous @Phelous I totally missed you two were dating, hoped that you were cause there is clearly an adorable quality in videos.

Phelous was one of the reviewers called upon by the Nostalgia Critic to help in his takeover of Molossia. Phelous points out simple but legitimete ideas for the takeover such as using weapons in their second trybut the Critic takes them as his own. Phelous was appointed the President's advisor after they took over Molossia now renamed "Kickassia"and continued to get his ideas stolen by the Critic.

Kevin Baugh, the former president of the nation, points out how Phelous might be as President, prompting the reviewer to consider the thought. He regrouped with the others, who have found a reciept for 20, pounds of dynamite signed for by the Critic.

Are phelous and lupa still dating

Cinema Snob was taken to a trial where Phelous suggests that he be exiled instead of killed, which the Critic, again, takes as his own idea. After the death of Santa Christ, Linkara comes up with a plan to overthrow the power-hungry Critic, and Phelous couldn't have been happier to personally beat up the Critic. After the President has been knocked out, Phelous fought over the crown of Kickassia with his fellow critics, but was convinced to give back the nation to its rightful owner by a resurrected Santa Christ.

Phelous was tricked by the Critic to join him on the quest for Malachite's Hand. For his costume, Phelous dressed up like the Rockbiter from The Neverending Story along with 2 action figures to fill the role of the Rockbiter's small friends. However, Phelous gets too into character and eerily talks to his friends as if they were real, aggressively demanding that the Critic say hello to them and that they were more alive than 8 Bit Mickey.

Eventually, the "friends" were destroyed by Witch Warrior and Phelous spent the remainder of the quest crying about the loss of his friends and how he failed to save them with his powerful hands, much to his group's annoyance.

Upon reaching the location of the Hand, Phelous gets out of character and stops Jaffers from killing the Critic, to which the others proudly talks about as Phelous learning that plastic action figures are less important than real lives. However, Phelous points out how the others were being too serious, as he was just being in character. Phelous was present at Ma-Ti's funeral and goes back to his home in Canada.

Phelous was beamed into the Critic's house as he was finishing up the cure for cancer, where the latter, under house arrest, asks them to help him on finding Ma-Ti in the Plot Hole.

After stealing Dr. Insano's equipment, Phelous helped modify the Critic's house into a spaceship, which launches shortly after its construction. Approaching Europa in order to save Spoony, Phelous takes command of the ship from the Critic, deciding that he has had enough of living in his shadow.

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