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15 Love Stories From Women Who Met and Married Quickly

I'm MARRIED!! (6months after we Met)

Three relationship experts weigh in on how long you should be in a relationship before you pop the question. According to Shilpa Gandhi, as long as your core beliefs align a quick engagement doesn't equal a doomed relationship. Yet the certified matchmaker and director of Amare Exclusive , said that before deciding to get engaged, you should have talked at length about your future and taken age, career stage and financial stability into consideration. You need to have emotional and rational feelings towards one another. A few generations ago, there was a set expectation for men, and particularly women, of a certain age to meet their partners young, marry, start a family and ultimately stay together for the rest of their life. Quite often circumstances will mean it seems like the sensible option to marry, whether this be financial or otherwise, this may mean the decision is made sooner than expected. After 10 to 15 months together most couples will move in with each other and get engaged after a year and a half.

We got married in the courthouse, not romantic. At first, it was a crazy disaster for this longtime single lady. But, it got and is getting better and better. Surprises were how broke my handsome and sweet immigrant husband was! The wedding was just over eight months after our first date, in October.

Dating for 6 months and getting married

As a chronic second-guesser, this is the first time in my life I am unequivocally certain I made the right choice. I was in love with him before the end of our first date. We have five children and will celebrate twenty-five years on our next anniversary! So I guess you can say it turned out well!

We have lots of fun together.

Aug 18, - Though we've talked about getting married and settling down I rather it happen much sooner than later. We've been dating for only a few months. He tells me he  Redditors who married their SO after a short time of dating, how. Mar 18, - Some couples get married after only six months—I consider that a very short stretch Is it bad to want to get married after dating for 6 months?Is it crazy to want to marry someone after three. Feb 16, - Tied the knot after dating for 6 months or less? . “Take the time to get to know the person even once you are married,” Smith-Theodore says.

Even though I have realized that it is not as easy as it sounds, it has remained a goal and I still think it is sound advice. Ironically, this woman and her husband are our neighbors today. This is where I met my now-husband! It was so unexpected and overwhelming, but almost immediately, I knew he was the one. I moved back to Ireland and we continued to date long distance, both of us going back and forth.

Jul 18, - Couples Talk About Getting Married After Not Dating Long “Me and my husband got engaged after dating ten months at the ages of 22 and We have now been married for six blissful years and have a beautiful baby. Jun 12, - This is the 'perfect' time to get engaged, according to experts .. and Pete Davidson announced their engagement after just weeks of dating. “It's best to wait until at least months to see if the feelings you have are for real. My Fiance and I talked about marriage our first week of dating. My Fiance first brought up the topic of US getting married maybe around 6 weeks in. . For me personally, 6 months would be too soon to actually propose.

One year to the day, he came to Ireland and popped the question. We have now been married for six blissful years and have a beautiful baby boy. We live in New York. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but I did not know that my future in-laws were [so intense]. Rachel Bernstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist with a private practice in Encino, California, emphasized the importance of communication, especially when it comes to marrying someone after just a few months.

And have fun! Extend the honeymoon emotionally for as long as you can. Your actions speak louder than words. Bill Clokea psychotherapist based in Los Angeles. If there are issues, go to therapy and get help right away before it gets worse. W is for Wait until you calm down to talk.

We Got Engaged After 5 Months Of Dating

V is for Validate their right to feel as they do. Saw each other almost every day after that night. Bought a flat together three months later. Got married the following year.

This was back in the mids. Still happily married after over 20 years together with some kids. They've been together almost 20 years and couldn't be happier. I guess when you know, you know.

Is It Normal To Get Engaged In Under A Year? Here's The Truth

No regrets, have a beautiful daughter. Typical online dating story. I initially ignored his message because I thought he looked like an insufferable hipster in his profile picture.

Dec 5, - to get engaged after knowing each other for less than two months. first month and then about 6 weeks into dating, he popped the question. Jun 25, - In a Reddit thread, people discussed what happened when they decided to get married after six months (or less) of dating, and how it ended up. Nov 26, - You could definitely say the past several months have been packed with whether or not it's OK to get engaged after less than a year of dating.

After chatting for a few days, we arranged to have lunch together on a Wednesday at a 'Too Cool For Me' restaurant that specialized in biscuit sandwiches. I almost canceled the day of. Little effort was put into my appearance.

I wore a t-shirt with a hole in it. I had strong doubts about guys with beards. I was recently divorced. Things didn't look good. I did not believe in love at first sight until that afternoon, when his eyes met mine, and I thought, 'Huh. So THAT is the father of my unborn children. Our lunch date lasted for three days.

His friends thought he had been kidnapped. It was insane and improbable and it was the beginning of everything that ever mattered and the end of everything that didn't. It is six years later, and our son is asleep next to me as I write this.

Tied the knot after dating for 6 months or less? Here's what marriage counselors want you to know

Dad said he woke up one day and couldn't imagine his life without her. Mom said they were on their way home from a friend's wedding and realized she didn't question for a second that she would be marrying him eventually, so they decided to just go ahead and do it.

Still married, going on 35 years. Engaged after eight months, married a year later.

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