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User Name Remember Me? Looking for advice on how to approach this situation. Here's the details: I met a girl on a dating site and we've been talking for almost a month now. I'd say we've hit it off and we were both interested in meeting each other. Eventually we were discussing how we should go out for ice cream and it was then I dropped the apparent bombshell that I live 1 to 1. After getting to the bottom of it, it turns out that this is "too far" a distance for her to be dating someone, and that it was "a problem for her," that she needs to be close to someone.

An hour is nothing.

A lot of people commute farther to work each day. Yes currently am. Well, an hour depending on traffic. Done 1.

Dating someone that lives a half hour away?

I catch 2 buses to go see my girlfriend. Takes me about an hour and a half.

The guy should initiate. But they did the long distance dating. Let's say you met someone who lives about a one hour drive away from.

Doesnt really bother me as im unemployed so time is not a problem. Gas is expensive, better be some bomb ass punani. Till I Collapse Been doing it for 2 years and the best deciesion I ever made.

I dont feel smothered. When shes here she up my anus Not much of a social life cause she doesnt have any friends here Having second thoughts Brood about death and you hasten your demise.

Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience. I have been doing it for over two years. We are actually moving in together while I finish my degree this summer.

I am so busy with school usually, it hasn't been as bad as it would be for other brahs with different majors, i'm assuming. Yes, easier to date simultaneously. Originally Posted by folly Neither of them count. My gf lives over 1, miles away.

Now thats long distance Originally Posted by etreynol. It takes me an hour to get to work and I don't get laid while I'm here. Quick Navigation Misc. Say we meet, become friends and soon after she just realizes that I'm too good to pass up, the distance isn't a problem anymore?

Just curious- do you agree that being Or do you think that this really shouldn't be an issue? Thanks for your input. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Think about it. Friday night date. A total of 6 driving hours in one day. You can't schedule around it as easy as you think you can. What about the times that the traffic is bad. I see your point, but it seems like you are considering the extreme.

Of course it's not ideal, but surely we could plan things better than you have suggested.

Dating someone who lives an hour and a half away

To tell you the truth, our work schedules conflict enough anway to prevent any back to back date, whether it be twice in a day or two days in a row.

Then once you dispurse the travel load between the both of us, and employ strategic dates in a 3rd town the big city of the three that's closer to each of us, seems manageable. And I admit to ignorance, I've not dated someone this "far" away before.

I don't think But I live in one big bad city where it takes you over 1 hour to get to work everyday and I don't ever plan to get together with anyone ever talking friends here without expecting to have to drive for at least 1 to 2 hours out of my way to make it happen.

But it depends on circumstances I guess of what you're used to.

I'd think being an hour to an hour and a half apart would be easily managable. And I admit to ignorance, I've not dated someone this "far" away before. But I live in one big bad city where it takes you over 1 hour to get to. I met a guy on a dating app who lives 2 hours ish away from me. I do think a 2- hour commute is a bit tough, especially when you don't . the risk of dating long distance, make sure you guys are ALWAYS doing half the work. set within my city, but got a message from a nice guy that lives in a small town about an hour away. I just haven't had the experience of going on a first date with someone not in my town. We would meet half way or go to his place.

As you said, it doesn't seem much to you, but it might seem mad to her if she hasn't done it before. I think you should perservere if you like her, if things do go well meeting half way and even just as friends, before you know it she'll be used to that and it won't seem like such a big deal anymore hopefully without you having to say so.

I think if you two are really into each other then its not too far and hey if you are willing to give being friends a shot then go for it. One word of advice though, do not start talking to her about giving up the distance thing and consider you for a boyfriend until the friendship is firmly planted and you also know that you want things to go further, otherwise she will just think you agreed to the friend thing with an ulterior motive!

Thanks for the input everyone.

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I think I will divert all my dating related attention elsewhere, but I'm gonna see how the friends thing goes, keeping it mostly to internet buddy and hang out every now and then when it's not out of the way type of thing. Of course, feelings may be subject to change in either direction once we meet in person, if we do.

and so what if he lives 30 min away. if you 2 love each other you will half an hour is NOTHING. like literally you can probably get a bus there. Would you date someone that lives 10 hours away from you (LDR)?. Views Second time, the woman was half a country away. Their is a. I currently live an hour & a half away from my current “friend” & we make time to An hour distance isn't big deal if you like this guy very much.

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Great new man, but lives an hour away and both have busy lives. You're at the dating stage - you're not meant to be seeing each other much more at I'm sorry- but you do sound rather 'full on' for someone 12 weeks into a. So I actually met someone I kinda I'm not head over heels or (of course there HAS to be one) is that he lives a three-hour drive away. That being said, 1 hour isn't really long distance. .. last girl i dated lived an hour and a half away. . My gf lives over 1, miles away.

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