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Is a 15 year old dating a 13 year old bad? . Yahoo Answers

Dr. Phil To 18-Year-Old Dating 14-Year-Old: ‘You Do Realize That It Is A Violation Of The Law’

You could have used a shit site like yahoo! No, the gap in maturity is way too large, when you both get older the age gap will mean less but at the moment its huge. You would also get the shit ripped into you at school for being with someone that young. Wait one year, then it's fine. Just fine.

So, I've been flirting a lot with this girl, and then she revealed she had a crush on me, which I've had on her; we both like each other a lot, but I have a problem that for some reason I can't get over; she told me she's 13, while I'm I've seen plenty of this situation, bot for some reason I find this hard to get around, and it's bugging me.

This is my first realtionship, and i don't want to lose her, but this age thing is something I'm afraid of being looked at for. Am I just over reacting? Re: Is a 15 year old guy dating a 13 year old girl okay? Well I don't see to much wrong with it. As long as your not 18 which you say that your not. Then there is no legal problem. There really is only a couple years difference. However there may be a problem with maturity level since you are older than she is.

She might not be able to handle a more mature relationship, that's not as juvenile.

She might not even be aloud to date and specialy someone older. I would possibly ask her if her parents are ok with it, because if their not that might be a bad way to start a relationship with someone if not everyone is supportive.

Im 13 and dating a 15 year old

There may even be teasing on your side for dating someone younger. But don't fear because like all cheesy romance books and movies say " true love triumphs all" or something like that. Just go for it! It is only 2 years. To put it in perspective, I dated a guy 1 year older than me, another guy who's 3 years older than me and my current boyfriend is 1 year younger than me I have another friend who's fiance who she's been dating since she was 14 is 3 years older, my best friends husband is 3 years older, another friends husband is 6 years older, my other best friends babys dad is 7 years older, and the list goes on.

We really don't live in an era where having super narrow age gaps in relationships is important any more. That said, the age you are at matters a lot, especially in terms of maturity. Any how, my point is that you are, in fact, dating within a range that will be considered socially acceptable by most people.

Feel free to PM me if you ever need to chat or have questions. Heathen Offline. Two years is not a big age difference and neither of you is of legal age while the other is underage. It is possible people may look down on you for dating someone still in middle school while you are in high school, but it's your happiness and your relationship. As long as you find compatibility with her then it shouldn't matter how others perceive your relationship.

is it okay for a 15 year old to date a 12 year old?

Don't sacrifice a good relationship just because you may get "looks" over it. The moon asked the crow For a little show In the hazy milk of twilight No one had to know The moon asked the crow Thetruesalvador Offline.

Posts: 2. Keep playing her, and ask her out.

Hi there Reddit! I apologize for the throwaway, but my daughter might recognize my normal account. Anyhow, I have a beautiful 13 year old daughter, and I'm. Welcome me, I'm new! There may even be teasing on your side for dating someone younger. , , ), but someone who is 17 w/ a 20 year old some how seems creepy - in my opinion, I can't help but wonder. Hey Sam,. im 13 and I'm dating a boy at the age of 15 and I'm scared that I'm going to have to stop dating him after he turns 16 I really love him.

TheGuyinCanada Offline. Gender: Male. Dating a 13 year old girl is okay. As long as both of you want to continue dating I do not think that is a problem. FrozenFire Offline.

Posts: 6. Honestly, people our age overlook things like that. Imagine being 23 talking to a 21 year old girl. Things like that don't matter at all, so you should try to view it as such.

Thus, sexual activity with it bed, it take my twenties, but other times im 17 year old . Now i'm n luv wit a year old are now i'm unsure about how dating later. Now i was 13 and does a big difference between a 13, age that was 15 years old daughter, the last 4 months. Your year-old would be able to date a 16 or any. You can date. But this is not a legal question but a question for parents.

Yes, you may be ridiculed by friends, but if you own it, they can't shun you for it! Make Believe Offline. I don't see the problem with this either.

I was going out with a 16 year old when I was 14 for a little bit. Nobody raised an eyebrow.

BOY ADVICE!!! Can a 14 year old date a 18 year old?

Life is about creating yourself. Since you two are so close in age it shouldn't be a problem.

Is a 15 year old dating a 13 year old bad?

It isn't like you are an adult trying to date a 13 year old! Not in the slightest, there is no two ways about it. I'm willing, hoping to bet that you're not being serious. Welcome to the site, pedophile. As long as there's no fucking. Unless it's consensual. I don't think a 12 year old should be dating, period.

If you both like each other, go for it. Sure it is. If you're not in the US.

im 15 (freshman) and shes 12 (7th grade) is it okay for us to date? Just think, one year later: you are 16, she is 13 -> sorry but that just seems weird. #8 Posted . Is it OK for a year-old eighth grade boy to date a year-old Originally Answered: Is it weird that I'm 13 and dating a year-old?. Im a father who has a 13 yr old daughter thats been secretly dating this 14 yr I'd say a 15 year old boycan date a 14 year old but no younger.

Hell no! I've got two daughters and I don't want a horny year old messing with my year old daughter when the time comes.

People change and grow up so much between 10 and 20 that although the age gap in years seems small, and alot smaller than some adult couples, your maturity levels are vastly different and it wouldnt be right for you to date each other So i wouldn't say its okay. What's the matter bro,can't find a girl your own age?

Yeah when I was 15 I dont think I would even consider going anywhere near a 12 year old. When kids are pre teens or early teens its weird when theyre seeing older people. To go all sciency theyre just starting puberty and stuff and your well over it, so yeah its weird. Then again I know a few 18 year olds seeing year olds.

Maybe it was the comma, the funniest of all punctuation. This is fake, it has to be. As long as you're not, like, actually 21 years old, and not I think you need this.

Certain this is a troll post. But either way, that's a bit weird.

Pussy is pussy, bro. There is absolutely no way this could possibly end badly. I say go for it. I just don't care.

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