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INTP Relationships: The Secret Key You're Missing . Depression Alliance

INFJ and INTP - This is why they click...

INTPs and INFJs both share the same energy needs introversion and the same way of perceiving the world through intuition , but there are enough differences to add a spark of interest and intrigue. INTPs are complex thinkers that love the world of possibilities and ideas. They are quietly studious yet open-minded, always looking to expand their knowledge of their favorite subjects. They want to improve and innovate, problem solve and come up with logical theories. They are fascinated by intense, often existential questions. INTPs are a rare breed, making up roughly 2. They are known for being intellectual, curious, and logical.

Relationship Outlook Long term: this couple needs to make sure they communicate what is going in their heads. Go to a wedding together, enjoy the random people, the food, and the kind of night that only lasts once.

Essentially, the gist is that a male INTP + a female INFJ is generally such a. I have been dating an INFJ for a few weeks that some of you have. INFJs are often drawn to INTPs because of their intelligence and ability to apply logic to every situation. Eventually, though, INFJs tend to find most INTPs distant . I would not date an INTP. From my own experience with INTPs, INFJs are the ideal INTP partner but not vice versa; INFJs definitely get the short end of the stick .

Observatory decks Travel to a new city you have never seen. Places with books -- libraries, book stores, cafes, anywhere books are read. Look around for interesting places in your city. You can type into Google "fun places near you" and see if anything pops up that is different. Go to an amusement park and be amused by all the different ideas that come forward as you go from one crazy ride to another.

Pick movies that are whimsical, colorful, thoughtful, and bizarre. Lovely places: go to parks, botanical gardens, mountains, beaches, beautiful buildings.

INTPs and INFJs are often seen as intuitive thinkers. Although INTPs put more emphasis on logic . INFJ-INTP dating may initially face certain problems or challenges until INTP can lower their guard and give INFJ the intimacy they desire. INTP and INFJ is the legendary golden couple of Myers Briggs. Take a My articles are mainly about relationships, dating, and heartbreak.

Play board games together and things that will test the mind. Build a sheet fort Go camping. Travel to another country. Puzzles, drinking tea, and watching TV Sit around a campfire.

Go to a zoo, aquarium, or sea parks. Try taking a class together: dancing, pottery, or cooking. Personality Type. Sign In Join. Compatibility Astrology Personality Type. Connect with us.

This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. Someone charged by ideas rather than people. Tends to stay closer to the sides in a social group rather than the loud leader. Doesn't get as stir crazy if left idle by one's self for too long. Makes friends fast, networks fast, and can make others feel included. Gathers information by using its five senses, practical knowledge, and hard work.

Why INTPs Like INFJs

Stays a tried and true path. Excellent at keeping traditions. Gathers information from patterns, metaphors, and abstractions.

Have a tendency to be creative, to be really in their heads, and innovative. Great for objectivity, solving complex problems, and sticking to formulas.

Being able to think through situations by looking into how others feel. Great for subjectivity, helps bring harmony, works to make things better for all.

The Golden Pair: The Compatibility for an INTP and INFJ Relationship

Connects well with the human spirit, able to connect more with emotions. Having a tendency toward being on time, sticking to deadlines, being tidy. Great for accomplishing tasks and sticking to timetables.

On the surface, the INFJ and INTP personality types may look very different. INTPs are often characterized as “the inventor” type. I never dated an INTP but I did pursue one for a few months. She and I were good friends and we did stuff all the time, but she looked at all the. More specifically, this series is written from the perspective of INTP males pairing with Since their Fe is far more conscious than that of INTPs, INFJs do not display the . I am an INFJ female dating an INTP male (as I just had him take the .

Spontaneous and improvising, can feel constricted by too much structure or time constaints. Great for exploring the world and taking on different opportunities and daydreaming. Acts on concrete data from here and now. Trusts the present, then lets it go. Seeks logic and consistency in the outside world. Concern for external laws and rules. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.

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INTP Relationships: The Secret To Understanding This Personality Type

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Intp and infj dating

Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. I can completely relate to everything that you said in your post above. We seem to be inseparable, but I always feel like the end to us is coming because of misunderstandings. It requires much grace and compassion on my part for him not being able to communicate his feelings, as I can always pour my heart and soul out to him.

INFJs and INTPs are one of the most common relationship pairings; so common, in fact, that they are often called “the golden pair”. INTPs and.

I guess time will tell if we are strong enough together, after 18 months of a relationship, to endure all the misunderstandings and obstacles that get thrown our way. It was very comforting to read that someone else was having the same experience. Every so often it seems like our opposing traits — particularly the difference between the T and F — can cause conflict. She almost treats everything like it is one huge equation and I treat everything like it is one huge romantic novel. Therein lies the problem, she will often believe that if she acts a specific way, I will respond a specific way, and will not understand why my reaction is at all separate from the one she anticipated.

Sometimes it appears as if she lacks any empathy at all, which, every so often, can hurt my feelings. I will, however, tell her when my feelings are hurt, thus resolving the issue. People on the outside seem to think that our relationship is perfect and that we are the best couple in the world; however, there are issues between us and, every so often, those issues are difficult to resolve.

It usually boils down to the fact that I am just extremely emotional, and she is just extremely logical. Intuitive N Types Posts. It is likely that at some point early in their lives INTPs may have worked out coping mechanisms to deal with people in ways that make sense to them while still being true to themselves.

These principles will undoubtedly be predicated on fairness and objectivity and may be something INFJ notices and appreciates. When dusk falls, the INFJ and INTP pair will enjoy staying up doing what they like to do together like watching movies, gaming and having deep conversations about things they find interesting. Their creative juices are likely to be most active during the evening hours where they are bound to get up to all kinds of introverted fun around the time when early bird-inclined personalities like maybe ISFJ for example begin to peter out.

Talking about their ideas is something INTPs like to do because the exercise of finding the right words to clearly articulate their message out loud helps reinforce the clarity of it in their own minds as well as help them discover any flaws or holes in their thinking.

INTP likes to jump around connecting one idea with another and then suddenly in a leap of intuition, veers off into what appears to be a non-sequitur to the person listening but actually follows a meaningful connection the INTP may have to explain. They are painfully aware of their awkwardness in this arena and often shy away from opportunities to give or receive affection if they feel pressure.

They make INTP feel protected and understood. Deep down INTP wants to express that part of themselves because beneath their reserved demeanor lay intense emotions that they try to keep under rational control. It is worth noting that in a Thoughtcatalog love language survey, INFJs and INTPs reported the same love language preferences on average with physical affection ranking as the 3rd most popular love language of these two types.

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