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[JongJoo Couple] Lee Jong Suk x Han Hyo Joo - JOAH!

After the completion of the drama, many netizens prayed and hoped that their relationship as a couple would become a reality, they hoped Hyo-joo and Jong-suk would date in real life. Jong-suk hugs Hyo-joo into a warm conversation with netizens. Both seemed very harmonious. Even in the drama, there are many scenes of Hyo-joo kissing Jong-Suk. In fact, Lee Jong-suk said, his lips sometimes felt numb from to too much kissing. Apparently it actually made Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo closer. Hyo-joo revealed that the kissing scene in episode 10 was very dramatic, but made her sad because she had to part with Kang Chul.

We all know that js likes to use ysl related products so it's a nice coincidence. It's good the sticker. Soo now they promoted brands that they usually wears?? I'm guessing there most be something similarity in their post. And i'm keep searcing I did not notice at all.

I'm very sure. I love how they post is like puzzle to us to solve only we would know Really love this couple soo much--when they got married--someday hopefully--they will have children who have beauty extend to their parents and probably very very smart like their parents i hope at that time korean reality show ' the return of superman' is still on air.

To be fair, his long time fans say that Jo Malone is also a favorite of his. Well, that's good, right?

Lee jong suk and han hyo joo secretly dating

Thank you chingus! I just cant wait to watch her movie and her presscon The effect of tabloids news are so weird. Second, this. Tell me this is not a coincidence anymore.

Thank you so much for your efforts!

A Jo Malone user here. At least I have something in common with LJS!

Can't wait to see unnie in action. And I hope Sukkie will also attend to it Ayyy can't wait. Two cuties on one frame Our couple in stripes I swear Jongjoo shippers got the clearest eyes. Hi, chingus.

Happy New Year to all of you, even though it lil bit late. And everything that we still don't reach yet last year, we can reach it in this year. I hope the same for uri JongJoo too. Actually I've been read all of your posts for last two-three days. I'm silent because what I want to talk is already talked by chingus in here.

I always said it, but I want to said it again, that people in here so amazing. When someone feel down and worry, another will comforting.

When someone feel happy, they will share the happiness together. It's so contagious. You guys the perfect shippers I've been known.

Yet smart and talented. That's why I always coming in this thread again and again, if I have free time. Because it's so refreshing, and release my stressful. All of your posts is so entertaining, rational and positives, and the delulunes is still can accepted by brain. But I want add a little my thought. I guess he learn from his past experience at MBC DAso he must be so well prepared and practice a lot too.

Or maybe someone trained him? Someone who so familiar with the stage, got many awards, and do many speech, which is always good. And without mention it, I'm sure you know who is it.

Just sayin', my delulu lol. But I feel pity to JS. So everything he done and he said, always be spotlight. When I'm glad that he so behave and gentleman towards S, people mostly their shippers said that he had hidden feeling about her. How annoying it was.

Most people get wrong idea, think that it was his real words. Then they spread it here and there, translated in different language in many countries. Wow just wow, look how big impact of internet nowadays. It lastly about two or three days after the article released and make internet talked about that, and the shippers was jumping happily. Gladly, today I don't see that annoying article again. I'm not annoyed about what JS's said, but how media take it and make it as a good 'catch' for their own sake, to getting viewer and make them famous.

Poor JS oppa. I know he was a man with less words, so when he must answer some questions spontaneously he difficult to choose a right words. Even if he doesn't mean that, people got wrong interpretation.

Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo made an impressive performance as a Their tandem convinced fans they are both secretly romantically. Lee jong suk and han hyo joo secretly dating. I'm laid back and lee jong-suk: how the rumor with everyone. Operasi plastik masih menjadi isu yang sensitif. NO TO CLICKBAITS “Lee Jong Suk admits falling in love..”, YES TO REAL. And real means Jongjoo. If only I could insert more solid.

I salute to LBY unnie who not gave any comments, while her face looks sympathize towards JS and S, maybe she know the real. She and JS was so close, right? She's like a real sister to him.

"W" leading stars Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo's chemistry is so palpable that some fans believe that there is already a real-life romance. Channel-Korea has introduced Who Is Lee Jong-suk Girlfriend? They released footages showing Jong-suk and Shin-hye on a date and traveling secretly. Lee Jong-suk has also been rumored of dating Han Hyo-joo, after. Dispatch released footages confirming the couple's secret date and travels Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo were rumored to be dating a couple of times after.

His answer not bad, even though yeah it made people get wrong idea, but when I thought about it, if in during WWYS filmed, with so so chemistry with S just my thought only he feel fall in love. It's indeed. They mocking each other in everywhere social media exist. If they just mocking the shippers I guess not really matter, the worst is they tend to mock the bias itself. It's like their bias is the best and others is bad, ugly, cheap sorrynot worthy, and anything else.

Aish please. That's so can't be accepted, bad attitude in shipping world. I hope we never involved those kind of things. I'm sure all we here is shipping with love and peace.

Because our couple is good and kind person, they don't deserved that bad, hateful treatment from everywhere. So he planned to do a drama again, not a movie like his answer in his last FM. And what about his enlistment? I guess he looks so rush in movie, drama, cafe, poetry bookand not take one single project yet, one of his reason is to prepare his MS.

It's not that I'm not happy because of this, as I said before, I support all of his decision. I'm just little shock.

JS really full of surprise.

Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk News: Secret Marriage, Rumor or Fact? December 5, In the drama, Hyo-joo plays Oh Yeon-joo while Lee Jong- suk plays Kang Chul. They also act as a couple. Although the drama has.

We never know what he will do next. We only keep questioning. I know he doesn't reach 30 y. Maybe if this year he still not going, he will in I hope his next project will make a good result for him. Better bring it on my pray so God listening it and make it real. Better God make them as a real too. To married and happily ever lasting, with beautiful babies surrounding them. Where are you got that, chingu? Well yeah, at least we know she has some break time to celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve with her friends, family and hmmm.

And maybe HJ is still filming too. Fighting HJ unnie!! I hope her movies is daebak. For Golden Slumber I guess she's not made much appearance, but I hope that movie is good, make a good result too, and at least she has big impact. And for InRang, I really anticipating this movie. Looks how hard HJ do for that, I hope it worthy. She is main female lead in there, I hope she will get some awards from that movie.

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk ?? HHJ with other

I know it's too early, but make a hope is not wrong, right? It's heartwarming we can still find a relations, or coincidences, or hints in every JJ's posts. How they way JJS find that is very amazing. Apparently it actually made Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo closer.

Hyo-joo revealed that the kissing scene in episode 10 was very dramatic, but made her sad because she had to part with Kang Chul. When interviewed, Hyo-joo revealed that she wants to play in another drama with Lee Jong-suk someday.

Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk News: Secret Marriage, Rumor or Fact?

Recently, shocking news came from Han Hyo-joo. She was rumored to be dating actor Kang Dong-won, because they were caught walking together in the U. The actress, who was rumored to be dating Lee Jong-suk, immediately denied the rumor. YG Entertainment also denied it, saying that they only friends, and spent time together to relax.

The two of them are close, so they grabbed a few meals together, along with other people, since their schedules were matched up. The photo in question was taken while they were with several other people, but we believe that there is a lot of interest only in Kang Dong-won and Han Hyo-joo as they are recognizable actors. Home Entertainment Contact Us.

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