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These Stories of People Who Got Scammed on Tinder Are Heartbreaking


A well-meaning church congregation in Nebraska was duped out of money after receiving an email from their pastor requesting iTunes Gift Cards for a parishioner with cancer. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, wrote in the email. The problem: Bauwens never wrote the email asking for the iTunes Gift Cards. It was a scammer. Thousands of people have been scammed out of their hard-earned money thanks to iTunes Gift Card Scams. The reason why scammers ask for iTunes Gift Cards is simple: The codes are hard to trace — and once they have it they can resell to get money.

I started looking at how to do it, even rang Apple Customer Support for advice on how best to do it which was a pretty useless exercise no surprise there!

I emailed 'my boss' back saying I was having difficulty and wouldn't Amazon vouchers be better as not everybody has Apple devices. I then had a reply saying I was to go to the nearest Tesco store and buy physical gift cards then email them to him! So I sat there and thought, he's gone off his rocker! So I called my boss who, not surprisingly didn't have a Scooby what I was talking about lol.

So for the last hour or so I've been having an email conversation with my fake boss ha ha. I told him I have the gift cards and now he wants me to scratch off the pin panel, photograph them and send him the photos. I keep saying wouldn't it be easier if you just hang on until you return from holiday tomorrow, but he's insistent I send them.

I've now told him that I have to go back to Tesco and buy a disposable camera because my Great Dane sat on my phone and cracked the screen. I've got a nice picture lined up to send him when the right moment comes ha ha. Joking aside, this actually isn't funny.

You've got to be constantly on your guard as the scammers get more and more imaginative. But after talking for a couple of weeks, he keeps asking me to buy him itune cards. Of course red flags went up. I have someone posing as Chris tomlin doing the same thing and I have to pay ups using the iTunes cards.

I talked to someone via this hangouts app via google. I met him on social media on meetme. He went by Pete Myers, but literally someone could scam you via any name male or female. Anyways, he wanted me to do him a "favour" spelled that way.

I asked what it was he wanted and eventually he said that he wanted to buy music via a card. I thought it was random. I declined before he asked because something about him seemed fishy and he had all these delayed responses. He even tried calling me before at like midnight I told him that he sounded like he was from Nigeria which is a common place a lot of scammers are from.

He tried buttering me up, but I saw through his act and quickly said I had to go. Erin, there is a site called twoo. They have a lot of those scammers. I met dozens and all were scammed asking me for Itune card. When i saw too many asked me for Itunes Card, I start google it. I was lucky to find that site. So many lf them out there. I was approached by a woman on Facebook from Sweden who said she was a soldier in Afghanistan. She said I was on her recommended friend's list.

We exchanged emails several times then switching to Google Plus to chat. Her Facebook profile looked legit. She said she was a nurse at the joint armed forces base. I probably chatted with her for about two weeks until she asked me to send her an iTunes gift card.

I searched her name on Instagram and it came up as someone in Nigeria. As soon as she mentioned an iTunes card I knew it was a scam! I confronted her about it and she denied everything I told her I was like She tried to contact me a couple more times but I just ignored any messages after that.

This happened to a man i know. The only difference? In my country you are conned into buying cellphone airtime and then he phones you to give him the pin, all the while claiming to have a breakdown on his machinery and totally desparate for help. My friend only lost R,00 when i twigged. My mother fell for this but we were quick to telephone Apple and have the cards marked as fraud! However, a week later when we phoned to check on the return of monies we were told by our representative that a new employee at Apple had somehow "unlocked" the cards and the money was now gone!

She said there was nothing she could do about it and the employee would be reprimanded.

This is absurb!! There is this guy named Russell Nickles last name May be spelled wrong has been trying to get me to buy ITunes cards in the chance to get a large sum of money from the United Nations and the Bill and Melinda gates foundation.

Join our SCAM FREE DATING SITE To my best knowledge scammers ask for Itunes, Amazon, Vanilla, PayPal cards Other gift cards purchased in US must be used online or retail shopping within territorial US area. I have been using this iTunes gift card format to collect iTunes card from clients. The best place I love getting my clients are from dating sites. Once I meet a. The iTunes Gift Card scam is one of the most common ways people are conned out of their cash, but why do scammers ask for these as.

Says they are for activation to get this money. He told me not to tell anyone. I think he even cloned one of my friends so he could talk me into buying these cards. I haven't given him anything. I am reporting him to messenger.

I thought maybe it was my kids but they never had my debit card connected to their accounts. So what do I do? Like I've done many times before I Google the phone number for iTunes customer service to call them and straighten out the situation.

Long story short, I called the number and was told that my bank account was used to make fraudulent purchases with Apple. They said they had to transfer me to a specialist in their fraud department to start the reimbursement process. Since I made the call to them I wasn't skeptical at all. I mean, why would anyone feel like their being scammed when you've actually initiate the contact? They literally had me go to the store to purchase cards so they could "safely" credit my account without any additional compromises to my bank card.

They said this was the only way to give me the cash back. Well, the joke was on me! To this day I have no idea how those scumbags accessed my debit card to make two purchases and somehow knew that I would Google a fraudulent iTunes customer service number and fall into their trap.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat .. He asked me to send him a dollar Apple gift card, and when I. Online dating sites provide a new way to meet but also a new arena for online criminals. Satterfield sent him a $50 iTunes gift card. Then, he. I've been holding onto this iTunes gift card for four years and I finally credit cards do get stolen, and credit card fraud happens, online and.

Anyway, two pieces of advice I just read your story and my jaw hit the floor. This just happened to me today. I'm so pissed that I could be so dumb falling for that.

If this posts I want people to see the number that appeared on google when I searched for iTunes cusyomer service.

Mary, you have my sympathy. It happened to me, too, and I am still kicking myself for falling for it. It's kind of like we were hypnotized, isn't it? What happened to me was that I got a phone call from someone claiming to be from Apple saying that I had a virus on my computer.

Because the phone number on my phone was the same as Apple's help phone, I thought it was real. But like the IRS, Apple never calls you if there is a problem.

They'll send you a letter, I believe. The scammers were "ghosting" the phone number. They even ghosted the URL of Apple's website. I stupidly let them have access to my computer to "check for viruses". They claimed I had a serious virus and wanted me to buy iTunes cards to download software to fix it. They then talked me into buying a couple of those damn cards.

Fortunately, the hypnosis wore off. I changed my user names and passwords for my online accounts and had my computer virus checked.

I have a freeze on my credit records, which also helps. I put all my sensitive data like tax records onto an external drive and from now on will only have it on my computer if I'm working on it. If it's important, they'll leave a message. Dating site got me too. Said he was in the military and couldn't get off base while in my town. Then he was supposedly deployed overseas.

Where he crushes his phone weightlifting and needs new ITunes for the new phone. All the while his text seemed off. Really awful grammar. But he seemed so nice and text me day and night and all throughout the day. I finally figured it out. Haven't told him off yet. But I'm close.


After my husband of 20 years does. I feel very vulnerable and he saw that and took advantage on the dating site. I'm now jadded but learned a valuable lesson. One lady introduced me as combat engineer in army and she said she is in Georgia army base.

I said, I will meet in person, she said she was deployed suddenly to Syria. Today she asked me for more and I felt something fishy Sadly I'm in love with her. Oh Jim, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit.

She is clearly a scam artist and she's laughing at you for falling for her. Getting requests from dating chat rooms to buy an iTunes card for an "urgent" issue. I cut them off. I don't "lend" money to anyone, ever. I've had this happen several times on Twitter. As soon as they mention iTunes gift cards I block them.

Do they think I'm stupid? Is she scamming me on wire messenger? Should l do this for her birthday gift? I have gotten a message via th messanger saying they claimed their prize and while doing so came across my name in the list of winners.

Said it was completely free. Then they said that you have to buy 3 Dollar itunes cards. As proof of identity. Oh forgot to mention I had to scratch the back off and send them the picture of the numbers. I knew right from the beginning it was a scam. But the person that told me about it said she would buy me an itunes card I could pay her back when I got my money. I am gonna tell her you buy the cards for me and when I get my money ill pay you This almost exact thing happened to my mom.

The message came from a person she has known for years and is friends with on Facebook. So she did it. Like I said this was someone she had known for years through church no less. He told he they would release her funds to her for cards in that amount.

What is the IRS going to do with gift cards?? I've been requested by 3 so-called new friends on Instagram that they needed money for various reasons pay for new phone so we could video chat and facetime, pay for exam fee and help send her "sick" mom to see her dada in Turkey. The one who needs money for final exam now requests money via Western Union to be sent to a man in Texas.

She lives in Detroit! I think this is a scM. Yes Michael that's a scam, believe me i have been going through the same thing. Guys requesting me and then asking me for iTunes cards or to receive a check for them. But it sounded to shady so i blocked them. Do the same block them they are scammers.

Apple Store Gift Cards can be redeemed ONLY on the Apple Online Store and at Apple Retail Stores. If you're approached to use the cards for any other.

They are now doing this to people who are looking for employment. I have been contacted via text after listing my resume online. They send me money supposedly for equipment and then tell me to go to different places to purchase itunes gift cards.

Me too! The stated purpose was to provide security software on my devices to protect company information. This is not how businesses work! When I checked the company website, I found the name the guy was using was the same as one of their senior executives. His picture shows an anglo-American, but the English used was atrocious!

I feel bad for people who are not as sophisticated as me who not only get scammed, but have their hopes dashed on a non-existent job. Dating site. The time! And you best answer or he calls you stupid and other names! Loves your family until he can't get nothing from them then he calls them names! He's good at his game and hopes he gets caught soon! He uses very attractive older man's pictures but voice of a black man! He covers his tracks well! He uses alot of names tony, troy, Shawn,micheal, Matthew,William, williams, so many he a crook!

Look out ladies he got 25k from me and oh says he'll pay it back! Funny he says he's religious but talks alot about the devil when he's angry!

He claims he in his 60s trapped in a motel from rig, he lies alot! Look out ladies he takes any age of women! Your his only family! After u send him more and more money, he says he's worth millions! Ya one scam after another! While he loving and scamming you hes scamming many other women at the same time! He has charges against him from others, he claims to have agent, ya she's an agent alright, living high off every single vulnerable women out there!

Her name is charolette! Look out ladies! He keeps using Paul hollywood pictures the British baker, changes his name alot wants money lies about daughter! Oh your my wife, we're gonna travel, I'm stuck in motel, calls you stupid, and other names, manipulates you! Same situation with a guy by the name of Michael Osborne. Met him on Yahtzee asked me to go to a hangout site, been chatting 3 weeks he professes his love for me and says he has not been in relationship since his wife of 20 years was in a fire accident and he is widowed on a crude oil rig off Scotland shores.

He owns this contract supposedly and will not get paid until it has been completed which is in 3 weeks. He then states he is coming to spend a weeek with me.

And then will go back to oil rig for 3 weeks then back to me for 3 days before going to New Jersey where he claims he is from to see his daughter who is w a nanny so all along this has seems bizarre to me then finally in only 3 weeks wants to know if I can help him raise money to have a hydraulic fixed and he needs This guy from California sounds like this guy name Andrew J. He said that he's from California and has a contract in Nigeria. I have a similar experience with a girl who said she is Mandy Bender, sent me a friend request on Facebook, I was curious why a beautiful girl like you should contact me, anyway she got me a hangouts site which suppose to be private and we chatted for 3 days and I had a inkling I was being scammed as she asked me to get a I tunes voucher, I played dumb and made out I couldn't get one, then she started asking me about money so I said I was in debt, the big thing was asking for my address which I declined, so I knew she was a scammer, she told me I was the best thing that has happened to her, she kept telling how much she loved me and I was the only person for her.

I have now blocked her and good riddance. Facebook need to do something about these persons. I just had a similar experience on Instagram. A guy named Kurt McMahon sent me a friend request.

Then started professing his love for me too quickly. That his lost his wife 2 years ago in a car accident. He was looking for love again and was convinced I was the one, the search was over lol. He even wanted to meet up with me. Then started asking for iTunes cards to upload some files online for a project he had at work, a contract that was gonna help him gain lot of money. I knew he was lying all along.

I was communicating with him tru hangouts app. I went bck to his Instagram page it said user not found. That was yesterday October 16, I told him countless time even from start that I he was a fraud, a fake! Told him that yesterday before blocking him on Instagram and deleting him on hangouts. Instagram needs to do sth about these persons too!!!!!

Sounds like same guy that did same to me. Claimed he needed money that his bank account had been frozen in the USA. Said he was working in the Gulf of Mexico. He showed me a video and didn't have an accent but talked on phone couldn't hardly understand him because of his speech. Its very similar to what happened to me.

Online dating and itunes gift cards

He wanted money said I was his lovely wife and his wife died in car accident. But I fell for his scam but sent no money.

Sounds like the guy I met on words with friends. I've talked to him twice supposedly from Germany No German accent. I could hardly understand him. His wife died in a car accident, but it was to painful to talk about. It was all on hangouts. Deleted his Words acct. How can we exchange photos of this guy. He's waiting for me to Western Union him money for a plane ticket.

Susanna I see your post was from Nov 17, I don't know if you check back with this site. I've messaged another lady with the same story.

Don't gift a scammer iTunes cards

This sound like a similar story. Wife killed by drunk driver and has a 14 year old daughter. Does anyone have a photo?

The first guy name is Cyrus he asked for a Sephora gift card for his housekeeper. The second guy said his wife died in a car accident and he had a little girl in his pictures, his name was Jason daughter named Shirley.

From Michigan but mother was Ukrainian. He asked me to send him a dollar Apple gift card, and when I said I couldn't he got angry lol oh well. I kinda think they were the same person because of the mannerisms Just look up Paul hollywood British bakery same picture were all getting Paul has alot of pictures this guy uses and he cuts copies and paste Paul's pictures to his body! So stupid! This is exactly what happened to me. It started on WWF then moved to hangouts. We talked for a little while on messenger than he wanted to talk on hang outs.

We had only talked for about 5 days when he started to say he was falling in love with me. He gets me to meet his daughter and she begins to call me mom I mean I dnt even know this girl.

The money was for hotel, vaccines, and spending money. Well I told him he was a scam artist and that I gave heard other stories of wife and parents in car accident and 14 year old daughter in boarding school. I deleted him from hangouts. Had same incident. John is Major General stationed in Syria Damascus. His wife had been ill for 8 yrs. He said he is retiring in Aug.

This went on about 2 mos. Then all of a sudden his son gets into an accident on his 15th birthday, May 20th, The Dr. They were keeping him comfortable on oxygen. I tried doing search on him, did find one but not sure it was that Dr. He sent me his e-mail stevengrey When I tried sending e-mail it reverted back to Billy's email.

Never heard of a hospital that wouldn't treat someone in serious condition.

I don't find any record of Adagbrassa Medical Center. The Dr sent back message Well, Carole that is the law of our hospital here, Carole I'm really busy with a lot of patient right now, my advice to you, you do need to at fast because the accident is very serious, but we are helping him with the oxygen.

You do need to at fast or you may lost your son, but we will do our best to make sure nothing bad happened to him Suppose to be a small hospital in Athens. Being on low income I didn't have that kind of money. They wanted it in Bitcoins. John is begging and pleading with me to get the money some how.

Kept telling him I couldn't get it. Before John. Gregg Irving or Gregg Griving. When I refused to pay for it he told me I wasn't any use to him. Hadn't heard from him till couple weeks ago. I deleted him immediately.

I won't be communicating people I don't know. Now I have a bloke called James William says he in army in seriya and asking me to send him a I tunes card so he can top up his data me think it time to bloke him also. I talked to a similar guy. Even better is after I called him out on his scam he got kind of angry and mean. One thing he did is sent love letters by email but watch the spelling and grammar. He is still on my hangouts. He tells me to get off and does not know how to block.

I said how do you like I am in control now. So when I see him active. I call him a scam and get off this site. Drive him off the site. Same thing happened to me, wife killed in accident and had a 14 year old boy.

He even talked me into a $50 iTunes card for the trip home. Now he says his Online dating sites are a calling card for scammers. I met a guy. FTC Says Scammers Prefer iTunes Gift Cards cash or even cavorting as legitimate love interests desperate for funds over online dating sites. During to date, reports to the ACCC's Scamwatch show “If someone asks you to pay for anything using an iTunes gift card, it is a scam. computer or internet problem and that you need to buy new software to fix.

On a cargo ship working and said I love you so fast. Can we compare photos? What is your guys name. I am curious because I have a similar situation and met this guy on Instagram and I never except friend request from people I don't know.

But I did this time. A guy contacted me through Instagram and after a few days asked me for a Apple gift card. But he has my info! I may be talking to the same guy Do you have any pics we could compare? Alex Bragg- Words with Friends, then Hangouts. Words profile says from UK. Told me from Mexico but works in CA. LA specifically. Asked for iTunes card today to add more internet to phone and got really mad when I never answered back other than, "I Can't".

Uninstalled Hangouts! He had such an ax and I can barely understand him on the phone. Very weird. I was just talking to this same man claimed his name is Leslie Harmon. Told me he had post paid for cell phones for us and later was asking me for my cell phone information. That sent up a red flag. So I started to investigate him. Sent me a fake license. Just wondering, was his Instagram name kurt. Please someone let me know.

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