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Sherlock Co-Creator on Why Sherlock and Watson Will Never Be in a Relationship . E! News

Are They Gay? - Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (Johnlock)

At any given moment, there is the potential for there to be two Sherlock Holmes shows on TV, and then an action movie franchise still possibly on tap at Warner Bros. So why not a comedy franchise too? Indeed, a comedy variation on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved literary creations is coming down the pipeline and we have everything you need to know, our good fellows. It appears an open debate which is the clever one between Holmes and Watson judging by the new trailer. Both look ready to make a right ol' arse of themselves. Watch and see if you'll enjoy. Obviously one of the great appeals that this variation of Holmes and Watson will be undertaking is that it is a reunion of sorts of the madcap comedy that ensues when Will Ferrell and John C.

I know that sounds strange, but this was a such big endeavor. How we were able to group together and become stronger as a family throughout the last seven seasons. I just felt so happy.

With a show like this, you know, you have the opportunity to see people rain or shine. Or that you were really hoping to get to do? There were so many different ways that we could go, but I just felt like I wanted to see more of the relationship end on her part. I had talked to Rob [Doherty, showrunner] about it, too.

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller look like doting parents as they push a stroller on set of Elementary. The two, who play Sherlock and Watson. The Sherlock fandom has loved to “ship” Sherlock Holmes and John Watson In fact, people have thought Sherlock and Watson would be good HBO's Watchmen Starring Regina King Gets October Premiere Date By. Don't expect Watson and Sherlock Holmes to fall in love on "Elementary." The dynamic detective duo played by Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller.

And that sort of changes in Season 7, so I was happy for that. I think she definitely continues to struggle with it. Because like I was saying, it was important to me to delve into her personal life more and not give up on that, or say that [starting a family] was out of the picture just because she made a choice about it before. There was a line in the premiere about her going blonde, was that a creative decision or something that happened in your personal life that got written into the show?

That was something that happened in my life but it worked out well for the story [Laughs]. And then in the same week, we also got picked up [for Season 7].

So it was sort of happenstance, but Rob was totally cool with it. How would you describe the state of their relationship after the time jump?

The main thing that Rob always stressed from the very beginning was that he wanted to maintain the relationship — the friendship — between these two characters. A lot of people were asking when it was going to become romantic, but he never strayed from that idea.

But that was one of the reasons I was really excited about working on the show. He was able to say, I want the depth of their relationship to constantly be up for discovery.

John Watson is "NOT" Gay

They have this deep understanding of each other because their relationship started with her as his sober companion, as a support system. And then it changed and sort of metamorphosed over the course of the series.

Sherlock and watson dating

At the end of last season she followed him to London, and then in episode two of this season, he ends up following her back, even going as far as to turn himself into the FBI. Was there ever a moment in that process where these two characters considered just going their separate ways? But they moved past that and discovered they were better together than they were apart. She pointed out: 'So, now it shouldn't be so odd that Watson is being played by a woman and somebody who's Asian.

So, you have to introduce people to it. Just like, you know, an African American president. You know, now it shouldn't be such a big deal.

Not only does Lucy Liu play Joan Watson on Elementary, but Monday's Among the book's purported soon-to-be victims: Sherlock Holmes. r/elementary: A subreddit for CBS's Elementary starting Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson.

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Elementary: Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller play doting parents

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And last season's finale would've been a perfectly suitable final bow, with Sherlock and Watson having reaffirmed their mutual affection and. One of those fan questions tackled the topic of Sherlock and Watson's relationship: "Are you completely against the idea of Sherlock having a. Jonny Lee Miller is best-known to TV fans as quirky, brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the recovering addict and crime solver who teams with Dr. Joan.

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