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Has anyone used any online dating sites for finding Khmer Girls? In some ways it was better, as we chatted online more than we do in real. Cambodia mobile dating for Cambodia singles on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and online. Where do U easiest meet local girls willing to date western guys? - KTVs or local discos? When its best time to approach them.. while theyre.

Dating Tonight. Hookup Dating. Age: For privacy reasons, age is accurate to within 2 weeks. Lives in:. Not sure about relocating.

Hair color:. Hair length:. Hair type:. Eye color:. Eye wear:.

Body style:. Other, Asian. Facial hair:. Best feature:. My Personality. Body art:. Marital Status:. Number of children:. Oldest child:. Youngest child:. Want more children:. Not Sure. We get along really well. So on my birthday this year I turned 30 this year, okay, 25, 25 with shipping she sent me a message about it being time for me to be engaged. I replied with a "haha" but she persisted! As in, it's time, you're old enough now, etc.

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The conversation went on for quite a while with me trying to wangle my way out of the "Come on, get engaged already" thing. Thing is; she is quite open-minded, but the tradition is still there: You're going to die alone with cats if you're not married by, at the latest, At least I wasn't offended.

It's kind of hilarious. Anyway, we've got to be sensitive to the culture and not mock or criticize it just because it doesn't fit in with our way of doing things.

I don't agree with it, I think it encourages gold digging, lying, marriages for convenience, etc.

Or what I might perceive as the wrong reasons. Anyway, time to be a functional adult. Cheers, guys. Marika, sorry to say but you have not the slightest clue about SE culture of marriage. The latter is not so strange and not even endemic to SE Asia, is it not so that in some western countries the family of the groom pay for the festivities? That's the same stuff. I myself have made the difference between greedy MIL's asking ridiculous dowry I lives in Thailand for 8 years, I know the traditional reasons for "sin sod" and those original good reasons are trampled by greedy feet.

Example, originally it was for a girl's first marriage, supposed to be a virgin and leaving parents meant less work force in the farm. Nowadays you see bar girls getting married, after being working 10 years as a prostitute, being married before with a Thai and having two kids, still the greedy family asks for dowry, and not a little bit!

Compared to that the Khmer version is moderate. I have developed a system that makes family, girl and me happy. I do not pay for the village to be drunk during 3 days, I will do a modest wedding, not expensive. I will support the girl, my girl, with an amount of money that is hers, she can do with it what she wants, if she wants to give it to her mother, ok, if she is clever and puts it in the bank even better, but it's up to her, it's her money.

It's not a salary as some people sometimes mention, it is a dowry as they want but I refuse, so it is split up in monthly payments. It has the extra advantage that if the girl leaves me the money stops To explain about the last part of my post: I have seen examples where a girl ran away from her husband after a few months, the man's family also Thai came to the girl's family to ask the dowry back, but that money had been spent already So the money was lost.

The most impressive experience was a girl in my village in Thailand, that came back to her family after 3 weeks of marriage!!! Hence my system of pay-per-month dowry, if the girl leaves it stops, if the girl stays she will have much more money from me than any excessive dowry would have brought.

Think about it Vicmot, I like your description of Khmer girls. I too am in love with them, as they are still pure, natural, not spoiled brats like Thais, Vietnamese, name it. On top they are about the most pretty girls, their tanned skin, black long hair, black eyes and gorgeous outlook makes me smile each time I encounter those pretty girls, and that is a daily occurrence.

They are a pleasure to look at and to be with, I'm glad I have quite a few of them as friends and it's always nice to meet them. Yup, as a woman I am not all that familiar with the dating and marriage rituals in SEA. I am merely repeating what I've heard and see.

So it i interesting for me to read all of this. Very informative. Your plan is very practical and I approve wildly of it! Awesome way of doing things. Wow Marika, now you make me blush My approach is not refusal of a long maintained tradition. Westerners also have many traditions did not originally brides wear white to show they are still a virgin? I merely try to bend the instant payment into rates, the result is better nobody can deny that and there is less risk for the man to lose his money after the girls leaves.

I have discussed my plan with a number of Thai women and they all found it a good proposition, also because it gives the girl, my girl in that case, the power to do with the money as she likes, instead of seeing her mother take all the money. A wonderful explanation I use is that I also have culture and tradition in my country and that the law in my country forbids me to pay money for a bride is true, the law tries to prevent human trafficking with thatso I explain that I would be doing something illegal if I would pay for the bride.

?? Cambodia Travel 2019. 21 Tips To Dating Women In Cambodia. Cambodian girls.

Then I come up with my alternative plan and mostly get support for it. I did not use it to marry a lovely Khmer girl so far, I'm still sorting out and looking for the best, as I;m only here for just a bit more than a year But my plan is ready and there is no plan B, it's take it or leave it. Talking about being married by a certain age reminded me of a little poem that "Granny" from The Beverly Hillbillies quoted. By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

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Dating single Khmer girls. Member since 23 May Member since 29 August Is there alot of people subscribed to Tinder in Cambodia? is a % Cambodia Free Dating Service. Meet thousands of fun, attractive, Cambodia men and Cambodia women for FREE. No gimmic. For the benefit of our website visitors and retire clients we have rated and listed the "Best Dating Websites in Cambodia". In this day and age of everyone having . See the top 50 most popular dating android mobile apps in Google Play Store in Cambodia based on Google Play app ranking.

Member since 02 August Indonesia Expert. West Java. A smile is the universal welcome.

r/cambodia: News, links and events relating to the Kingdom of Cambodia. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. best top. Whats the dating scene like in Cambodia? In general Khmer speak better English than Thais across the board (in big cities - the countryside. Free Online Cambodia Dating Site and Friends connection for Cambodian, Khmer Friendly, the best Khmer dating site and friends connection in Cambodia.

Max Eastman. Vicmot : Where do U easiest meet local girls willing to date western guys? Cambodia expert. Member since 13 November Phnom Penh. Fred : Vicmot : Where do U easiest meet local girls willing to date western guys?

32 Phnom Penh, Phnum Penh, Cambodia. Female / Single / ID: Seeking Male 32 - 36 living in Phnum Penh, Cambodia For: Romance / Best feature: Be suspicious of online dating acquaintances who profess their love for you.

JoeKhmer : So you drop your girl and flee the country? JoeKhmer : I don't get it. Kabe Adrift. Member since 18 August Vicmot : JoeKhmer : I don't get it. Darn auto correct! That was "yadda yadda. So now I'm curious.

A wealthy Khmer is kind of a rarity. What do they do?

Kabe Adrift : I feel folks should marry for love. Kabe Adrift : So now I'm curious. Member since 17 August Marika : I know a few guys whose got Khmer girlfriends and most of them have mentioned the marriage thing. New topic. Find more topics on the Cambodia forum. Dating Khmer men. By KariKling.

Dating and finding love as an expat in Cambodia.

By Priscilla. Hating on bar girls. By twinsguy Life as a female expat in Cambodia. General Cambodia Everyday Life Questions. By SCSM The best apps for expats in Cambodia.

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