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Top 20 Dating Youtube Channels for Singles

The best piece of dating advice

Relationship Advice Youtube Channels List. Data will be refreshed once a week. If your Youtube is selected in this list, you have the honour of displaying this Badge Award on your website. Submit Your Channel. Relationship Youtube Channels 1.

However, as expected, most subscribers come for the dating advice and the intelligent YouTuber makes sure to include a wide array of topics. In terms of dating, Zuniga has covered topics such as how to land a second date, what outfits attract girls, how to hold interesting conversation, reasons why you cannot get a date in the first place and much more. The vast number of topics covered by Zuniga means no dating questions from the male perspective are left behind, even the most outlandish ones.

Brian Redmon is a year-old male YouTuber whose dating advice is for women, from his own male perspective.

Best dating advice youtube

Redmon has dedicated his channel to helping inform women about the ins and outs of romantic situations. For example, some popular videos circulating on the channel revolve around topics such as outfits girls wear that guys would love, things girls do that guys love and picking up on the hidden cues that a guy does when they like a girl. In addition, Redmon provides personal anecdotes of his previous dating and life experiences to connect with his large audience.

DatingLogic has fewer subscribers compared to the previous two channels Kbut provides terrific dating advice from a male YouTuber who answers questions related to dating with lengthy responses.

This latest video channel will explain all that is needed. It is well written for Indians. If you think about it the relationship condition in India is not. Dating Youtube Top List The best Dating Youtube Channels selected from with men and women youtube I believe in equality and non-sleazy dating advice. Matthew Hussey is the world's leading dating advice expert for women. Top 10 Most Popular Dating Tips (START HERE my best dating advice for women).

The channel covers dating advice for both men and women, and encompasses an expansive number of topics. Believe me when I say DatingLogic includes many topics, as it has a staggering 12, videos, most of which are very short 30 seconds to five minutes. Some video examples include dates, infidelity in relationships, friendships turning romantic, clues to realize someone might like you and long-distance relationship tips.

The videos are all very similar in their structure; the YouTuber simply answers a dating-related question while sitting in a chair at his place. However, do not be deceived by the bland layouts of the videos, as the advice is very helpful and straightforward. To stay interactive, the well-versed YouTuber encourages comments and feedback from his viewers, and he always includes a link in the description section of his videos for any interested person to visit and post private questions they might have.

Like Teachingmensfashion, channel owner Aaron Marino provides an ample supply of advice for men to be prepared in the dating field and deal with any obstacles thrown at them.

Marino vows to train his viewers to become, well you guessed it, alpha males. With nearly 5 million subscribers and 1, videos, all sorts of dating and persona-enhancement techniques are available on the channel.

Relationship Videos newsletter is a comprehensive summary of the day's most popular videos from the best Relationship youtube channels. Check out these YouTube channels to get another perspective on all things love. Though resorting to YouTubers for dating advice might be a . The 5 Best TED Talks That Apply Directly to College Relationships. Dating youtube channels list ranked by popularity based on total of the day's most popular videos from the best Dating youtube channels, and . About Youtuber Dating and Relationship Advice For Men Who Love Women.

Some popular Alpha M. The multitude of videos on the channel, just like Teachingmensfashion, makes any sort of dating query most likely available somewhere in the cluster of videos.

Using YouTube for dating advice might not be your go-to choice, but if your friends are unable to give you the help you need, try turning to one of these resources next time around. Frequency about 1 video per week Since Nov Channel youtube.

Views Count- 13, Frequency about 3 videos per month Since Dec Channel youtube. Views Count- 10, Frequency about 2 videos per month Since Oct Channel youtube. Views Count- 14, Honest no bullshit approach to attracting the guy you want. No sugarcoating allowed. I am here to get you results! Frequency about 1 video per week Since Apr Channel youtube. Views Count- 9, San Francisco, California About Youtuber Practical dating and relationship advice for men and women on meeting people, flirting, first dates, jealousy, rejection, break-ups, texting, mixed signals, rejection, confidence, and many other common dating and relationship issues.

Frequency about 2 videos per month Since May Channel youtube. Frequency about 1 video per month Since Aug Channel youtube. Views Count- 1, United States About Youtuber Dating advice for men on attract girls, approach women, love tips, getting a girlfriend, flirting, conversation, crush, love advice, ex back, relationship skills, seduce, pick up, kissing, player, breakup, impress girls and communicating with girls.

Need Dating Advice? Ask These 5 YouTube Channels

Find the real ways to make a girl fall in love with you using these videos. Very useful videos on dating advice.

Frequency about 2 videos per week Since Sep Channel youtube. Views Count-Frequency about 2 videos per week Since May Channel youtube. I'm Founder of Feedspot. Feedspot helps you keep track of all your favorite blogs, news sites, youtube channels and rss feeds in one place. It makes checking your favorite sites as easy as checking your emails.

Get popular videos from Top 20 Dating Youtube Channels delivered directly to your email inbox. Continue with Google. Continue with Facebook. Top 20 Dating Youtube Channels. Submit Your Channel. Video Count - 2. Video Count - 3.

Top 50 Relationship Advice Youtube Channels by Dating Experts

Video Count - 4. Video Count - 5. Video Count - 6. Video Count - 74 7. Ask Kimberly Toronto, Ontario About Youtuber This channel offers a fun yet informative perspective on relationships, finding confidence, getting inspired, and strategies to dating and marriage.

Video Count - 8. Hayley Quinn London About Youtuber My name is Hayley Quinn and I am on a mission to help men and women to get more dates, meet people in real life and take a whole new strategy on love.

Ninja gives best dating advice (100% works)

Video Count - 9. Practical Happiness - Practical Dating Tips and Relationship Advice San Francisco, California About Youtuber Practical dating and relationship advice for men and women on meeting people, flirting, first dates, jealousy, rejection, break-ups, texting, mixed signals, rejection, confidence, and many other common dating and relationship issues.

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