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Vegan Dating Confessions: The Worst Apps, Best Dates & Fave Advice Books [PT. 1]

Grazer screengrabs by author. Herbivore hook-up sites have been around for years now, but until recently I've not heard much from my vegan friends about them. Like everyone else, they mostly stick to Tinder, or Bumble, or talking to real people with their mouths. As a vegan myself, I wondered if the record amount of people apparently doing "Veganuary" this year might prompt an uptick in the number of people using these apps. To investigate, I decided to sign up to a few them and have a flick through in the hope I'd find a more compassionate, animal-friendly partner or whatever it is people use these things for. First up, I downloaded Hunny Bee, which is basically a shit Bumble. I found it weird they named the app after a food vegans actively avoid, but then remembered I'm a bad vegan who sometimes eats honey, shrugged and moved on.

Another was way too concerned with ending up "on the nonce register" than your average online dater. If the ethically-sourced shoe fits, my friend….

Their other passion appeared to be vegetables, with perishable groceries featuring heavily among the profiles. This guy was probably thinking he could ward off unhealthy vegans who exist on a diet of 60 percent Oreos. I wanted to believe ol' avocado eyes here was just a fan of fruits masquerading as salad, and not trying to disguise his identity because he already has a girlfriend, but this is online dating, so…. I sort of had to admire Mr Quaker Oats. Everybody knows most men on dating apps are only after one thing, and Grazer is no exception.

Around every third guy I found was obsessed with hummus various spellings. I also found a load of profiles that reminded me vegan guys are still guys at the end of the day, and therefore not immune to being gross and slightly lewd on the internet. Once the matches started rolling in, so did the chat-up lines. Vegans are surprisingly creative with their opening remarks. Ice broken, there was one thing they wanted to know: how long had I been vegan for?

Which, actually, is quite logical tbf. Next, they demanded I tell them my favourite vegan eateries. Having now arrived at a point when my caring responsibilities have come to an end, I am looking to do things for "me" - just because I can, and not because I am a mother, daughter, sister, work colleague, etc.

I am open to trying new and different things once again and looking for the next big challenge I would like to meet someone to share some of the fun in this next chapter of my life. Lots of other things but im not really sure what else to say about myself here, so please get in touch to say hello if you would like to. Living in NewquayUK Vegan diet. Ruby Tuesday is a 47 year old, Atheist female.

Living in KirkintillochUK Vegetarian diet. Introverted animal lover! Love music, books, socialising, cinema, quiet times to recharge, and the beauty that is life and nature! About to begin the third year of a Degree! Sometimes attempt the gym, mostly don't! Celine is a 40 year old, spiritual female. Living in LondonUK Raw food diet. Hi there, people tend to describe me as calm, intuitive, creative, sensitive, caring, determined, passionate.

I have been vegetarian for 18 years and currently exploring raw food, really enjoying it! I love travelling, nature and outdoor activities, so always up for an adventure when I get the chance. Mimi is a 41 year old, 7th Day Adventist female. I am a cheerful and optimistic woman who will find an excuse to be happy.

A little shy sometimes. Enjoy art, music and poetry. Like to write, read, listen to selected music, nature, learning new things, nutrition, healthy food and lifestyle, administration, technology I take care of myself inside and outside. Like good things but prefer a simple life.

Caring and retailer, empathetic, intimate. I love a God and have unbreakable values. Romantic, affectionate, love to smile, laugh, being silly sometimes and I believe in an upright, loyal love?? Andrea is a 52 year old, spiritual bi-female. Living in WarringtonUK Vegan diet. Hi, thanks for checking out my profile. I like to travel and don't have a problem relocating as I'm self employed and my work allows me not to be location dependant.

Jan is a 65 year old, spiritual female. Living in SurreyUK Vegan diet. Currently into Yoga, after a long break, and enjoy walking, in particular along the river. Someone with whom I can enjoy going out with, but can also make staying at home together a real pleasure.

Dating sites for vegans uk

I'd like a 'friendship' that could become more given time. So it would be nice to make friends along the journey, and hopefully find 'the one'. Pineapple is a 40 year old, Catholic male. Living in europeUK Vegan diet. Skin is such a powerful way to express yourself and to truly sense another. I am very talkative and good in listening. I speak italian, french, spanish and bit german.

I love music of Chopin. Living in BracknellUK Almost veg diet.

Down to earth, conscientious kind of guy who is trying to get into living the Raw Food way of life. I'm 48 slim and I'm about 1. I'm single and have never been married. Windsurfing too when I'm somehere warm on holiday.

I also like travelling. I speak some Spanish and French. On the spiritual side I believe that we are here for a purpose in this life and not just here by pure chance. People generally say I am good humoured and sincere. Samantha is a 44 year old, spiritual female. Jules is a 44 year old, spiritual female. Living in BirminghamUK Vegan diet. I am a 43 year old vegan who enjoys hiking in the great outdoors and equally loves being at home relaxing at the end of the day.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am keen on self development and like being around people with good energy. I am someone who enjoys the outdoors and in, who respects nature but enjoys the benefits of ethical civilisation. I love travelling and meeting new cultures, making a decent attempt to expand my mind to new things. My dream is to create a vegan community at least the size of Surrey, to create a good standard for the world to measure itself by.

Paula is a 67 year old, spiritual female. A friend once described me as a person of many faces. We had recently met at the local Buddhist group, and she was pleasantly surprised to discover that, as well as having a keen interest in meditation, I also danced tango. There is a part of me that loves tranquillity, and another that is lively, outgoing, fun-loving. These days I only occasionally go to the theatre, but when I do, it still stirs something in me. As is music. I find peace in Nature too.

I love walking by rivers, through woods, over moors. I can be spirited and playful, and very much appreciate the sort of friendships where we can bounce off each other. Rose is a 47 year old, spiritual female. Living in SomersetUK Vegetarian diet. Gavin is a 39 year old, spiritual male. Ok so, I am a reserved yet confident person, calm but energetic, adventurous, and fun - an honest, loyal, kind, and creative young man I love everything natural and spend my time working with children and nature, and travelling about a lot I'm a companion to all and absolutely love being around people, animals, and nature.

I'm quite deeply into metaphysics and spirituality and have been on a journey of discovery for some 15 years Things I like to do - walking anywhere in the natural world, meditating, permaculture gardening, dancing, biking, canoeing, river rafting, camping, and sitting around a log fire I love to spend time laughing with friends and family, visiting vibrant new places, and staying at home writing and drawing, watching a great movie like kung fu panda 3 or man up.

So, even though I'm not convinced that people actually meet in real life on these sites I guess I'm gunna click on profiles and see Tom is a 32 year old, Atheist male. Living in PortsmouthUK Vegan diet. Hi, my name's Tom. I'm currently living in Portsmouth. I'm a private tutor for Maths and Emglish. I love to travel and see the world experiencing different cultures and ways of life.

Nik is a 44 year old, spiritual male. I now know I need to meet someone with similar ethical values to consider on a long-term basis. I run my own business, have no kids, accepting of others children and open to having kids but not essential.

Various other numerous and random interests! Deepak is a 42 year old, Hindu male. Living in LeicestershireUK Vegetarian diet. Living in EdinburghUK Vegan diet. Ambitious, empathetic, easy going. Always ready for new challenges and go the distance.

I know enough dark sides of the meat and dairy industry to stop supporting them. I can be very talkative sometimes. I love finding new connections and having long interesting conversations concerning many different topics. I also love hearing others people life experiences and their perspectives.

Helen is a 69 year old, spiritual female. Living in mid-CornwallUK Raw food diet.

I am English, Piscean, Jewish by birth and pantheistic by inclination. I seek to tread lightly on this beautiful Earth. I am uncompromisingly vegan and I eat mainly raw and organic food. I avoid drugs and prefer to use gentler methods of healing. I enjoy yoga, walking, reading, cycling, learning and communicating. I prefer to be out of cities, but I enjoy visiting them from time to time. I would like to travel some more and to build an autonomous, curvy, organic house in a place of quiet beauty, near woods and water.

Welcome to Veggievision Dating!

I am passionate about injustice and I would like to be more engaged in trying to help bring about peace in the world. Living in PerranporthUK Raw food diet. Hi I'm fun loving love nature and being outdoors I love arty things and good food, I'd love to live off the land one day perhaps in a warm climate, I love life.

Neil is a 45 year old, Catholic male. I love animals and adore the Countryside and wildlife. I like to socialise to and hope to meet a lovely caring person. Rowantree is a 63 year old, spiritual male. Living in LancashireUK Vegetarian diet. Unmaterialistic man with green outlook, spiritual, and in awe of nature.

I enjoy walking on the seashore, through woodland and by streams. I live in a small town, but visit the countryside frequently, doing practical conservation, cycling, walking or watching wildlife.

FoE member of long-standing. Re-use and recycle as much as I can, developing interest in permaculture, and would ultimately like to live in an eco-house. Likes: live music, barn dances, cinema, theatre, art galleries, museums, old churches, stone circles, rugby, Radio 4, BBC 7, Classic FM, massage, pub quizzes, Dr Who though never watch TV at home Belgian beer, honesty, openness.

Dislikes: materialism, tobacco smoke, inconsiderate people. Caring, honest, committed some have also said I ought to be! Now for the honesty I tend to be pedantic, talk too much, hate ironing, shopping except bookshops.

Living in SedgleyUK Vegan diet. I am a fun out going person who has recently become vegan. I am seeking like minded people to get to know and share experiences with. My favourite things to do are dining out, dancing, walking and reading. Michael is a 48 year old, Atheist male.

Veganism i. Non-monogamy whether that's poly, RA, open relationship, theoretical non-monogamy, occasional playmates, or just radical non-jealously of other people in our lives is negotiable and I suspect always has to be. Novelist, atheist, feminist 1veganist. Certified health nut, exercise junkie, long-distance trekker, adventure hound.

Autodidact, obsessive reader, student of the perfectibility of humankind, militant grammarian not of MA 2. Enjoy thinking of myself as honourable, well-mannered, literary, intellectual in the proper sense of 'being interested in ideas'.

Poly, sapio, genuinely extravagantly fond of women, romance junkie. I believe in Honour - and other careworn Romantic values - and that art and love are the two best palliatives for all your existential aches and pains.

Looking for best free online vegan or vegetarian dating website in the UK? Visit, we help you find your perfect date online. Sign up for. It's those people that vegan dating sites are here to help. lifestyle choice, prompting a per cent rise in those giving it a go in the UK. United Kingdomen Next was the Veggie Romance site, the design of which is as appealing as the inside of a slaughterhouse. This taught me that all kinds of men do vegan dating, not just animal rights activists who.

I basically organise my life to maximise the production of art and the experience of love. Not that other thing. Though the other thing is nice.

Vegan Dating Sites Review

And VEGANISM isn't about felicity of dining choices, it's about basic shared values - specifically the belief that killing, torture, rape, and enslavement are wrong, which you think would be pretty uncontroversial But here we are. Lisa is a 48 year old, spiritual female.

Living in YorkshireUK Vegan diet. I understand people all have their own quirks and idiosycrasies, of which I have many. I enjoy spending time in the countryside and much prefer to be where the crowds are not. I like mooching about flea markets, antique shops, boot sales and second hand book shops. I read a lot and various types of books. I also like music, going to museums, art galleries and stately homes and gardens, but again prefer it when they are not too busy.

I do gentle yoga and practise new vegan creations in the kitchen. Scarlet is a 61 year old, spiritual female. Hello and nice to meet you! I am here for the first time, having tried 'general' dating sites and got nowhere. Most people are too conventional for me. I am a bit of a bohemian, alternative in most areas, but I am totally harmless, promise!

I am still one of those strange people who likes reading a book, rather than spend her free time on "apps" or Facebook extraordinary as it might sound. Drop me a line, say hello and we'll see where it leads us. I am open to possibilites. Oh, before I forget: no text language, thank you. MAY is a 23 year old, 7th Day Adventist female. Living in GosportUK Vegan diet. Aleksandra is a 47 year old, spiritual female. Living in LondonUK Almost veg diet.

Easy-going single male who has studied new age stuff including crystals and past-life regression. Loves animals especially cats. Shy at first, but then becomes a typical Aries who is caring, passionate and loyal. Hi - I'm just a happy glove looking for a hand that fits me!! Living in WatfordUK Vegan diet. I would like to keep fit and healthy. I strongly believe we are what we eat. I also am selective about my company as I think our energy and vibration is contagious and we can affect one another.

UK vegetarian singles, Free UK vegan ads, raw food ads and vegetarian dating, for a vegetarian diet and vegetarian lifestyle. These days I mainly design large eCommerce websites: I'm a computer systems architect/designer/consultant. Green Singles dating site members are open-minded, liberal and conscious. Dating for vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists and animal rights activists. Phoenixtiger. 33 - Straight. Islington, London England. Veggie Romance is the place for vegan singles, vegetarian singles, vegetarian dating, friendships, finding pen pals and generally networking with the.

I like self development. I enjoy watching a good movie. Michelle is a 38 year old, spiritual female. There are hardly any vegetarian, animal lovers where I live!

Benji44 is a 45 year old, Hindu male. Living in WatfordUK Vegetarian diet. Hi I am looking a simple down-to-earth person with whom to share conscious life. Starting a new chapter of my life and would like to meet a like minded soul.

Intelligence and good humour. Living in brightonUK Vegetarian diet. Hi all, I am just looking for someone, who, like me, has never kissed and cares about animals enough to not eat them I used to write a lot more on my profile, but not everybody is native english so I am trying to remain practical I am quite a reserved person who has spent an unusual amount of time in isolation.

I'm not somebody most people would be interested in for that reason, as my life has been different. But if like me, you have never kissed Thanks for stopping by. I am a writer, publisher and online entrepreneur. I love the outdoors, but I also like to read and watch movies. I meditate, practice tai chi, and Ceroc dancing whenever the opportunity presents.

I enjoy cooking, sports especially tennis and snow skiing. I try to follow a minimalist lifestyle preferring to collect memories rather than things. I enjoy meeting new people but I am not an extrovert by any means and prefer small, intimate gatherings than large crowds.

Izabela is a 41 year old, spiritual female. I am artistic, open minded, love all animals. I am passionate about art, music, places, the unknown. I enjoy simple things in life, good food, laughter, good weather. I am currently living in Scotlandbut after completing my studies I am planning to relocate to sunnier place. I am in a desperate need of a sunshine. I am a very good listener, I like to talk, but enjoy the silence at the same. I like meditate, yogaI paint. Creativity is very important to me.

I am very easy to talk to and can talk about absolutely anything, but I am also very choosy and careful when it comes to people.

Pauline is a 45 year old, Catholic female. Living in ReadingUK Vegan diet. I am Irish living in the UK and have been vegan for about 1 year now. I enjoy exercise, cooking reading and socialising. I am a very genuine, caring and honest person and I am looking for friendship with possible long term relationship. Sandie is a 56 year old, Jewish female. I am a single Jewish female and young for my age.

I look younger than my years. I have long brown hair and smiling brown eyes. I am told I am attractive with a good personality.

I am a warm, compassionate, caring person and a good listener. I am active and have plenty of energy. I like going to the cinema, theatre, eating out, dancing, sports especially footballwalking, playing badminton and like doing many other activities.

I like watching science fiction and comedies, etc. I am a vegetarian going on vegan. I love animals. Living in GlasgowUK Almost veg diet. Travel and family are important to me. Bring on the sunshine and culture! Dependable, conscientious, introspective, mindful, self critical, analytical, curious, rationalist, logical, perfectionist, soft, flawed, loving, considerate, a bit of a hippy I suppose, like Hendrix, Zappa, Joni Mitchel etc.

Spent last 27 years working my arse off to build a home and support my family, which all collapsed and now I have to stand back, take stock, reassess and hopefully find someone who I have more in common with, who is fine with me. Like to think about philosophy, the planet, our future, human behaviour, biology, chemistry, history, technology and how we might better organise ourselves in order to mitigate some of the hitherto negative aspects of our nature.

Try to eat healthy, use natural materials, avoid plastic and toxic chemicals. I'm an ok guy, I think? Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself - L Gilbert Just looking for friends initially I think only fools rush in.

Nothing starts from nothing. So, maybe looking to move back South to this area. Very practical and I have all the answers, if I don't, then I know a man who does humour me, yes dear! DIY, PCs etc. Shelves that list slightly to starboard are artistic rustic not botched!

Love walking and being outside. I like to pick people up, dust them down, and see them on their way. Be nice to find someone to do that for me now and again : Don't worry I don't want your body, well not yet anyway! I might need one of your kidneys though so form an orderly queue please. Looking for one special person rather than lots of friends, so, not into serial dating I'm afraid and no workaholics.

No one whose best friend comes in a bottle, or who drinks wine from a bucket and thinks wine has replaced tea! Drinking a bottle of wine alone at home each night is NOT social drinking so quit telling fibs you lot! Also no f. This includes each other, animals and our beautiful planet.

If you are loud, common, swear like a trooper, sex mad, nudist weirdo, swinger, take drugs or wanna look like Popeye I just aint your man! You need to get out and smell the flowers for your highs. However, I would be happy to try and save you : The only swinging I do is from the trees! Love a nice country pub. Love cinema and would like to get to know the theatre too. Once saw D ick Whittington with my son and it was way cool, but never quite got to see any more.

Love kids especially the little cootchy, cootchy ones. Just became a grandpappy too, but they are only young so it will be a few years yet before I take them on grand adventures off the beaten track. Great getaways would be by car with the top down, motorcycle with a bedroll and a whole new world of Highways to explore all over Europe and the UK, boat, camper, caravan, canoe from the start of the river to the end, hoping we don't meet any dueling banjos along the way, in no particular order, or hell we could try them all, for a week, year, forever.

No beach bums or flying, unless its my own plane as if! Great fun is anything with an engine, quads, jet skis, scooters etc. Sunbathing and sitting still on holiday is for mugs and lardies. That's not to say I am a super sport, just like doing things. It's OK cos it will give you time to catch up anyway. Maybe canoe down, or is it up! Very much in to human and animal rights. Not just in spirit but in person too, so if you do not care about yourself, your life or your diet then we will not get on.

Hate cruelty and injustice, such a beautiful world why spoil it? The best things in life really are free and to love costs nothing. Love to talk, explore, learn and see how and what makes things tick, especially women. Though I doubt that's possible. I'm keen to discover which part of Venus you come from? I am vegan with a great love for ALL of God's creation.

I do not smoke, and I try to eat properly. I am a naturally thoughtful, caring and loving person and I do believe it's in the giving that we receive an INFJ to those who know that stuff though if something is worth saying, or something needs defending I'll always be the daddy!

I cannot just stand by and let bad things happen to others or myself. I hate bullies with a passion. Just got rid of a canvas print business which I did part time and it was great, but too much alone. I re-publish out of print books. I'd also like to sell at boot sales and craft fayres, the prints would go down a storm and little bits n pieces I had previously rummaged for in ye olde shoppes n stuff : Be great doing this in a camper cos I could have a siesta whilst you did all the work.

I will wake in time to count the takings of course before you start all this two for me, one for him malarky! It's unfair! A picture paints a thousand words, so imagine the wristwork you would save!

Oh and NO winks, flirts, kisses or any other lazy feeble efforts please, I want you throwing yourself at me. So if you are not prepared to put a little effort in to emails or your profile then don't bother. I'm here to find a proper partner, not once a week email buddies, If you're too busy or lazy to write then I aint your man.

Guess that covers it for now. Come and say hello cos I really don't bite even though I might show my teeth, except by special request. If you don't, how on earth will I ever know you exist?

Oh and please, no gold diggers or scammers I am a bit too smart for the likes of you. Remember God hears all and see's all. Cheeky chappy loves to laugh, some good ole banter and make people happy. Deal or no deal?

Just friends initially and no strings. I don't want your body or your money. Eclectic taste in music. Same with films, I love all sorts. Green Mile, Into the wild, Somewhere in time, anything with John Candy, all the vacation movies, One flew over the cuckoos nest.

Like documentaries, nature and history programs. Current affairs though it's getting hard to find any honest news any more certainly here in the UK! Well that's enough rabbit for now from me. Failing that you losers, I wish you well : First Date Museum, park, castle, grand ole country house, boat ride or just a walk n talk : Description of ideal friend or partner?

She would be a sweet,nice, considerate,thoughtful gal who still has the child in her and loves to play, loves kids and has a great sense of humour she'll need it!

That's not to say I would not consider any of you other riff raff : As I went walking I saw a sign there And on the sign it said "No Trespassing. Woody Guthrie. Most people exist, that is all. A truly beautiful film, and an awesome soundtrack by John Barry. It evokes such dreamy passions. My fav film I think, and one I can really relate to. Magenta is a 58 year old, spiritual female.

Short or long distance! I have lots of friends but find they get busier as the years go by, plus they are scattered worldwide! Anyone else find that? Been veggie for 36 years, vegan for 1. If someone had asked me to write this for them, I'd have had no problem! Firm believer in do as you would be done by!

What happened when I tried to meet guys using vegan dating apps. author image According to a recent study, there are now million in the UK, and I'm one of them. Or date on normal sites and sound people out. Directory of vegetarian dating and singles resources on the Internet. If you're looking for a vegan dating website, find out which of our top 4 picks for plant-based romance and conscious love is right for you.

Believe whatever you put out, you get back! Training to be a Hypnotherapist. Not been to many flea markets or car boots Would love to escape UK winters on a regular basis. Living in londonUK Almost veg diet. We have been asked to run more speed dating events and offers everyone who takes part free memberships to VeggieVisionDating.

The key difference here is that you aren't lost in a crowd of people who you definitely aren't going to date. If you go to a general site, firstly you are in a large pool of people probably agedfrom all walks of life, with many different interests.

Now, imagine those people were all in a football stadium and you were all looking for a date. How many would you need to talk to to find ones that matched your interests and beliefs? Yes, you can probably search for vegetarians on other sites however not everyone completes their 'interests' fields on dating sites. In fact, general online dating industry standards would support the belief that very few will complete their interests, aside from very basic information.

Therefore, the pool is reduced straight away and people will be missed. Generally, we have a simple structure; the site is free to join and browse although we do ask for a fee to communicate although we often have special offers too — rest assured that the funds generated are put straight back into the site to help is grow. Join free now to get in touch with veggievisiondating.

Welcome to Veggievision Dating! Join for free. Latest members Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos. Age: 30 United Kingdom, Market Harborough. Chat now!

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