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What do you think of guys with long hair dating-wise? : AskWomen

Pros Vs Cons Of Having Long Hair As A Guy

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Your elastic could be hanging by a thread and make it through another week, or if you have thick hair like mine, it could literally pop off of your ponytail out of nowhere.

Unlike you, he probably knows exactly where all of his hair elastics are and how many he has, so don't be surprised when he rightfully accuses you of stealing them all. While most guys have shorter hair and can get by with just a comb, a boyfriend with a man bun always has a brush in his car or room because he knows the struggles of having to frequently brush long, thick hair.

You never have to fear going out with your boyfriend and forgetting your brush at home because he's got you covered.

9 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With A Man Bun If you've never dated a guy with long hair before, here are some reasons why you. Sure, I'd date a guy with long hair. We could commiserate over how much of a PITA it is to wash and dry it. We'll both murder the vacuum. Long Hair's best % FREE dating site. Meeting nice single men in Long Hair can seem hopeless at times — but it doesn't have to be! Mingle2's Long Hair.

This makes hair touch-ups at his house or in his car a lot easier because you don't have to crowd your bag that's already full of makeup, receipts, and loose change with a chunky brush. Also, don't misplace his brushes Obviously because his drain was already clogged with his own hair before you had a chance to do so. As a matter of fact, his bathroom sometimes really starts looking like your own with all the super long hair everywhere, and if you guys have roughly the same color hair, it's impossible to tell whose is whose anyways!

9 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With A Man Bun

The man bun boyfriend will be understanding of long hair struggles, especially all the annoying shedding, so you two can deal with the drain together! As silly as it sounds, if your guy is willing to take a risk in terms of his style choices—in this case his hair—he's probably willing to do the same for you and your craziness.

I also say if he can commit to growing out his hair, properly caring for it, conditioning it, brushing it, keeping up with hair elastics,and continuing to wear a man bun despite all of the work it takes, he can commit to being with you. Some girls may be attracted to the perfectly clean-shaven baby face, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm just not one of those girls.

If your man has the bun, he understands this concept and will happily oblige to laying off the razor. On a side note: Jared Leto's beard is a little much here, but he still gets the idea!

Touch boyfriend's hair.

Made it to Chikfila's drive-thru a minute after closing so you can't get your chicken nuggets? Starbucks left a window note stating a change in the evening's open hours?

Not every girl has the opportunity to date a guy whose hair could put Harry's Styles to shame, so you better take advantage. He'll probably enjoy this just as much as you. He looks super adorable in hats. If you've dated a guy with a man bun, his hair is probably a thick mess of layers falling somewhere between his chin or shoulders.

21 Reasons You Should Date a Guy with Long Hair

When his hair isn't in a bun, he sometimes likes to wear it down with a hat. A backwards hat to be exact.

When he does the whole long-hair-backwards-cap thing, it often leaves you asking yourself questions like: Do I look that cute in hats? Why does he look so cute in hats? It's just plum cute.

Dating a long hair guy

Some guys may think girls overreact when we ask for a trim and get 4 inches cut off instead of 2, but your man bun of a boyfriend will understand because a scissor happy stylist can turn his bun to none in no time. Let's not relive the biblical story of Samson. If you've never dated a guy with long hair before, here are some reasons why you might want to reconsider.

After a big breakup, one writer set out to see if men on dating sites Tinder and OkCupid would respond better to her short hair or a wig. So many men don't understand the hair struggles women deal with Why did I ever date a guy who couldn't pull of long hair in a hat in the past. As a man who has had long hair most of my life, my experience has been that women either prefer guys with long hair or they don't, so I'm.

For me, this is one of the most important reasons. How many times have you been out of your apartment or at a party when your hair tie breaks? It's tragic, especially when you use the same one for an extended period of time, ensuring the stretch it has is perfect for your three-loop ponytail. When you have a man-bun man in your life, you'll always have access to hair ties.

Reason's To Date A Guy With Long Hair. Men with long hair are the hottest breeds. Posted on November 26, , at p.m.. grrrace91 Community. There are so many football players in particular who I thought were attractive until they cut off their long dreadlocks. Torrey Smith in particular I thought was a. Think man buns are over? Think again. Try dating a guy with long hair and you won't be disappointed.

How kind! Sometimes, an extra layer of sheets just doesn't cut it. When you can cuddle up close to your man and let his luscious locks flow, you have your hands on percent natural comfort.

Having a hard time sharpening your french braid skills? What about that new curl you wanted to try, but just couldn't perfect? If your man is game to be your at-home hair model, you can test out all of those Pinterest pins you've been waiting to do on yourself.

Do girls prefer long hair or short hair?

Growing hair takes a lot of patience, and long hair isn't easy to keep. In any relationship, there are always struggles and differences. If he has the ability to grow his flow, he most likely has the patience to deal with you and vice versa!

When you have a man-bun man in your life, you essentially open up your beauty cabinet two-fold: twice as many brushes, combs, shampoos, conditioners, etc. I was hanging out with a friend last week owner of a man bun, obviouslyand he had no idea what dry shampoo was.

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