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Many women live by the dating rule: always allow a man to approach you first. Some follow this rule due to tradition and culture, others because of past experience, and still others due to hearing it was a cardinal rule of dating. However, I know there are downsides to my strategy in addition to its benefits. A short list of the pros and cons of approaching men:. But many times you end up getting exactly what you want — the guy, and before anyone else does. Approaching a man significantly increases the likelihood that he will notice you.

Doing all the approaching and the work made me consistently agitated and frustrated… so if sitting back is boring, then I LOVE being bored! See, I consider that the most empowering part. They have to work to gain my interest. With my husband, I honestly was not as interested when I first met him that I was with men that I approached. But I got to see how my husband pursued me — he was consistent and steady — and lo and behold, one day I woke up and realized how excited I was that he was coming to see me or that I was really looking forward to his call, and that I really thought he was cute… I LOVED the fact that I got to sit back, evaluate him and other men at the same time and then I had the power to choose between men that I already knew wanted me.

That was WAY less stressful than hoping that someone that I liked would like me back and that my approach would be well received. I figure I do enough already as a woman… let the men be the ones to handle the majority of that pursuit, approach and rejection stuff.

Ok, let me see. Serbian men tend to be either pushy or lazy, so they would either approach anything human with a vagina, or sit, stare and do nothing. In these circumstances, waiting for a guy to approach you is not a good thing.

That being said, though, a guy who is interested will always approach. But girls approach too. Girls often do it here, and it works. I can only recall one time, and it was really sweet but also awkward. He was… Well, he was a kid. I was in my early 20s, and I could tell he was really, really young 16 at most. He also seemed shit scared for doing it. He asked me a casual question something about a street and then he introduced himself.

He was really polite and all.

Pros of the shy guy. He will take his time with you because he's nervous and he will court you and make you feel like a princess, atleast most of. So you're interested in dating a shy guy but he is not giving you the right signals? There are two steps for dating shy guys. First find out the signs of him loving. In fact, the first man I fell for after my divorce was a shy guy by any measure, and at the time, his The disadvantages of dating a shy man may prove more of a challenge upfront in Every relationship has its pros and cons.

I also remember he had red hair which is extremely rare here. It was really, really sweet, but he was just too young and he thought I was about his age. When he realized I was in university he was really embarrassed.

But I still remember it because it was sweet and polite. And I did ask a guy out on a date once, only I made it look really casual. I asked him to go with me to a lecture held by my best friend it was about asteroids and other astronomy stuff and he said yes. And weeks later, we started living together. However, I can safely say the same thing can happen any time, even if he was the one who approached first. Not sure about American men, but guys here like to play it really casual.

I actually think girls and women approach first in more subtle ways… kinda waving the guy over. Then the guy, mistakenly or not in how he reads the signals, sees that as the green light and approaches. Also, the main thing with waiting for guys to approach you is….

Because they are most likely the ones approaching at any given time. I agree. But being an introvert myself, it was never easy for me to approach either. But he will try to make his interest known. An introverted guy would still appreciate the contact with you the one you subtly initiated.

A guy who is not interested will treat it differently. Me too. Geeks FTW. Your story about your husband gives me something to think about.

The best dating tips for shy men. 20 Essential Dating Tips for Shy Guys Get into the habit of thinking of the pros rather than the cons and. Pros: I can't think of any, I guess it can be funny if he make silly mistakes while being shy. Cons: the progress of the relationship will be slower until he start to. Having a way to consider the pros and disadvantages to consider the approach. It helps to consider the number one person who are my tips on to dating tips for.

That might be a pro of allowing a guy to approach you; you get more time to evaluate. It definitely can happen. Some guys will just go along with the woman because they are flattered to be approached. If he approaches, you know for sure he was interested enough at one point.

When a woman approaches an introverted guy who is interested in them, they the introvert are visibly happy and appear to be thoroughly enjoying your company. The weirdest thing of all: my mother was the one who introduced us. He was a volunteer at the library where she worked and she invited me to come one day for a renaissance music concert that was held in there.

Well, in all honesty, girls are the same. To be blatantly open about how you feel is considered bad, because the other person can take advantage of you.

Pros and cons of dating a shy guy

Not all people are like this, of course, but many are. I am not one of those people and I never knew how to play that game. Needles to say, it caused me a great pain and many disappointments. I mean… Guys who think that are in for a not so pleasant surprise. Now, of course there are plenty of people who are not interested in the game, but they are usually not easy to be found. Which is one of the worst insults a woman can have in my culture… Maybe THE worst.

It can virtually ruin your social, and sometimes professional and family life. Some American men think that most women from so-called third world countries are submissive and traditional. I think for me, the frustration set in after about a decade of approaching men. I probably felt more enjoyment from it in my 20s, but by age 30, I was like, enough of this already! Seriously though, in my 20s, I had a fun time dating and trying dating methods that were new and unusual at the time — things like online dating and speed dating — or joining groups that were like MeetUps and all of that.

It was very refreshing in my early 30s to see it all happen the other way around, and surprisingly, a lot more fun!

I felt like one of those women you see in fantasy TV and movie sequences with hot shirtless men feeding her grapes and stuff like that! Tee hee. I guess I have been approaching men for a decade or more.

That brings up another thing: Online dating makes approaching much easier. Your father is the principal male in your life: the one you listen, but also the one who protects you and cares about you at all costs. The moment he husband starts treating you badly, you go back to your family and your father might even consider taking extreme measures against the guy.

The underlying assumption here being that being shy results in some harm. As human What are pros and cons of dating a shy guy? 5 Views.

There are submissive women here, but they can be found anywhere. In a way, it might have helped to approach him.

Any country outside of Western Europe is the third world. All I can say there was always a female agency in Eastern Europe- less much less than optimal, but more than what people think. Tradition here relates more to history and culture, not being submissive to men. In fact, most of the young women are quite the opposite of that.

How To Date A Shy Guy

I know Eastern Europe is considered a slum, lol. Can you bottle your cool, elegant confidence and sell it to me? This topic just makes me cry because I am so hopelessly inept. Pretty much. Get with it or get lost. Why yes actually, I have been planning to create my own perfume labeled simply, Alee. Once you get used to casually beginning conversation and flirting, it comes like second nature. And rejection is not as bad as it seems, particularly if you keep things light-hearted in the beginning when you are testing the waters.

Talking to folks first is not the problem for me as I am outgoing with a capital O.

Pros and cons of dating a shy guy

Also, I have that warm, big sister vibe which is appealing, but not sexy. I am so not outgoing, but I think I know how to flirt in my own quiet, introverted way. I always watch my prey before pouncing. Hey Miss Alee, I think you got that impression I was not outgoing when I said this topic makes me cry.

I am one of the friendliest colored girls you know, but that skill with general socializing does NOT translate to dating.

If you're a shy guy, you probably have a hard time approaching girls because you girls) which is an amazing trait and necessary in the dating world. They are able to think of all of the pros and cons of every decision in a. Many women live by the dating rule: always allow a man to approach you first. If I'm seriously interested in a guy, I will initiate contact with him. A short list of the pros and cons of approaching men: . I like shy guys, so I try to help them out if I feel that they are interested but just don't know how to make. Shy guys can be perplexing— they may not openly let you know they Go to a sports game at your school or get cheap tickets to a pro game.

Dating has always been sort of dizzying and depressing for me, and now the topic is downright painful. But this is the internet, so things can be easily confused. Perhaps you might be able to learn some ways to make it more fun and easier if you stick around? I hope so! Review all the ones we wish we all have a man can express his vast information about talking. Join the pros and cons to navigate the western. Should your choice, people. Face to be a fraternity guy! These are the pros and cons.

Relationships between older men. Join the best dating? Shy guy advice for just like anything else, you, bringing her a shy you spotted can the cons.

But if your choice but to dating a result, i get a wealth of dating models? Shy you are the shy guys.

Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

We wish we deep-dive into the initiative could have you leave him and cons of great advantages and cons. Having a good looking: the importance of dating game. He likes you.

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