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Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match?

Interestingly enough, this combination actually works to the benefit of both partners. The reason why the Cancer acts the way it does is because of a deep sense of insecurity. The same can be true of a Cancer woman. She has so much to prove, but at the end of the day, she is often clueless as to why she does the things that she does. Being close to and getting personal with a Scorpio man can be very therapeutic for the Cancer woman, because she gets that emotional core that she has been missing all along.

The Scorpio man, on the other hand, learns to grow up and understand that not everything that comes out of our mouths and not every action that we do is intended to destroy other people, embarrass them, shame them, or otherwise irretrievably own them for life. This is a very therapeutic and symbiotic relationship.

Of course, the biggest challenge is getting past that middle stage of any relationship. If you have ever been in a very intense relationship, you would know that the first stage is the most fun.

That person just makes you feel so good.

And then, you get to that middle part of the relationship where you basically have to stand on your own two emotional legs and hold up your end of the relationship. The third party is called the relationship. That is the hard part, and that is really the biggest challenge of any relationship. Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is not immune to this. The Cancer is very strong outside, and this can be a great example for the Scorpio man to man up emotionally. If you are a very strong person, then you would understand that the world is full of slings and arrows and unkind words.

The world is full of bad actions. Bad stuff happens all the time.

You just have to roll with it; you have to move on. This combination of Cancer strength and Scorpio sensitivity can actually leas to a mutually rewarding emotional journey, where both partners grow into each other and grow on their own.

They get to resolve the deep issues that prevent them from fully living up to their highest potential. The Cancer can be an amazing leader. The Cancer can be a great parent. Make no mistake about it. Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is one of those compatibility matches in the horoscope that just seems wrong. It seems like a recipe for disaster. However, the way things turn out, it actually can result in not just a great relationship, lots of love and tenderness, and caring, but also a lot of deep emotional depth, where people feel really loved, accepted, and welcome.

After my second divorce I had no desire to be in any relationship, oh but to my surprise my destiny had something else in mind for me. He being a Scorpio. On our first date, we were having great conversation, right in the middle of me speaking he grabbed my face and kissed me like I have never been kissed before. It truly dazed me. It took me a minute to speak, but I knew it then, he was the missing link in my life. We have been together for 1 year, we have the same dreams and desires, we have a blast together, we talk about everything, and sex is out of this world wonderful, we know that we were meant to be together, soul mates.

I am in a relationship with a Scorpio man. I have a boyfriend who is a Scorpio man, and he is almost everything they say Scorpios are like. I myself am a Cancer, and I can say he truly loves me.

At first I was in a love spell with him, at least for me that's how it felt. He cares for me in so many ways. He worries about my health, and always wants me happy.

Although me and him do not have trust issues, when his jealousy comes poking its head, he is off and can not stop asking questions and making statements. But when I calmly tell him that I love him which of course I do he looks at me, and gently sighs, looks me in the eyes sweetly and tells me he is sorry. I say this paring is VERY good.

As long as you both communicate well, I know first hand that us cancers don't always say what we really are wanting to. I am seeing a scorp guywell I have not seen him for almost a monthhe told me he has a lot of things going on. Anyway we have had sex several times and some of the moments were more memorable than others.

And it leaves me always wanting more!!! I'm a Scorpio male with a Cancer woman. We have been together for 8 years now since we met in high school. We did have our fair share of arguments and dramas but looking back at it now it is just a joke and water under the bridge. I never really looked into astrology until recently and I believe that the Scorpio and Cancer match is very solid. As a Scorpio male I would always use to find something I disliked about a person and then use them and toss them after I was done.

I did this with my Cancer woman a few times as well but now looking back I think it is Scorpio's test to see how enduring their mate is. Cancers are pretty enduring when it comes to love and with their ability to not let go of the right mate it really benefits both partners. Sex is amazing, passionate and unforgettable every single time.

Be patient and understanding, communication is key to everything really I started dating a Scorpio man : about 3 months ago. We have known each other about 5 years, and used to come to each other talking about emotional turmoil with our past partners.

I had never thought of him in this way, until a completely random lunch date, and a small Since then he's been a light in my life unlike any other. His concern for my well being, romantic gestures, and undying love that is even visibly displayed, is something that makes me very very happy. Looking in his eyes, has done things to me that no other eyes have. His touch is magnetic to my skin. When we make love, it is so sensualand so loving.

I cannot see myself with another man, as long as he loves me this way, I am his. And I can see in his eyes, he means business. I am a Cancer woman and have been talking to a Scorpio man but he is always busy.

He just opened a tattoo shop and its understandable but we met about months ago and just recently have been hanging out. He is very sweet to me when we do talk.

I really do feel a connection with him though and I can not stop thinking about him. I just wish he would spend more time with me and talking to me to get to know me more. Thank you guys I have enjoyed reading this I guess we shall see! To answer your question simply, the answer is yes. Take it slow with a Scorpio and you will earn much more respect.

Give it up easily and you will most likely not get the call back. A Scorpio needs a deep emotional connection from his mate and that takes a long time to build. Be patient with the Scorpio man, if he is patient with you.

Relationships between a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman can be very satisfying, but clear communication is key. Read more about this well-suited water sign. In many cases, a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman will fall in. A Scorpio man and a Cancer woman relationship is founded on very soon after their first date because they want to commit, and they feel.

A Scorpio always takes the most opportune moment to create something special. I am a Cancer woman in love with a Scorpio man. I'm in college and met him here. He was dating on and off with another Cancer woman but at the same time he was playing with my emotions like a push and pull game. He always acts like he wants something from me then he just wants a friendship. Him and his ex have broken up for 3 weeks now.

I don't know what to do and I care for him so much and never felt like this with no other man. He said he's confused about what's up with himself but I just don't want to miss my chance with him. I'm a Cancer woman. I met my Scorpio in my senior year of high school two years ago.

He worked at a cafe right next to my high school, and I used to go there everyday with some friends, and that's how I met him. We'd talk for hours, until he got off his shift then he would drive me home. He is in a 6 year relationship with a Taurus. Nothing physical was ever breached with us.

Is true love in the stars for a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man? a box of chocolates at one hand and a box of tissues on the other is her idea of a perfect date. Put the Scorpio man and Cancer woman together in a crowd. No matter how So, there will be subsequent meetings which will eventually lead them to date. Scorpio man and Cancer woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and experiences.

We would just talk for hours about our feelings, and opinions. Then he went off touring with a band, and we lost contact for 2 years. Then yesterday all f a sudden I had a friend request from him on Facebook. We picked up right where we left off!

What do I do? Sometimes I feel like he is flirting with me, but other times he seems completely uninterested! How do I keep his interest? We have an unspoken chemistry that can't be denied, and I know he feels it. I just have no idea what's going on in his head, if I stand a chance, and I would really appreciate some insight. I want him to realize we are made for each other. I've read so many compatibility profiles, and I can't help but daydream about him.

Please help! I am a Cancer girl' and it does take a lot of patience to be with Scorpio man. I know all my loyalty, trust, patience is how my new love Scorpio man choose me and they will tell you they want you!!

I went through the hot and cold. I am a Cancer female probably to the heart. I now have my Scorpio boyfriend back that I used to date when I was 18 I found him and we clicked. I am a Cancerian woman who has just met a Scorpio man, he works with me, it took time but we really seem to get on, I feel like I have known him all my life, he is 14 years younger than me, he is 30 and I am 44, he has been dating a woman for 2 months, had a really bad experience with his ex.

I think he is really the sweetest man I have met, he always likes to be around me, he even started smoking again so we could have breaks together, I feel like I can be so honest with him, I am not in love with him, but if he feels love for me I would have to say yes. People all around me reckon he is falling for me, but I have just been hurt really bad by my Aries ex, so Im just seeing how it goes. I feel so protected when Im with him and he is always saying when I finish my shift that it is going to be hell staying at work without me.

In my opinion it can go either way and I win, we will either be close friends for life or he will be the greatest love of my life.

I know h e has a girlfriend and he tells me he loves her, so I accept that but I am beginning to wonder if he really does love this woman or not, for a man who is in love he pays me a lot of attention and is very very tactile.

When we met I was involved with someone else, so we were just friends. We then became closer as friends. We hung out and chatting on the phone for about a year and a half. Until one day he invited me over his house to hang out, and out of the blue he kissed me, It was the most passionate kiss I had ever felt. I was in complete shock at how, we connected so easily.

We continued to be friends. Six months later we made love. He was the most passionate lover I ever had, he whisper sweet thoughts in my ear as he made love to me, I was in complete love with him after that.

Although I was in a relationship I felt deep feelings for him, but I never told him. Until one day he told me how he had deep feelings for me and he wanted me to break up with my bf. I did eventually break it off with my bf, but tried to remain friends with m y ex.

So one day the Scorp is over my house and my ex shows up, which made it look like I was trying to play him, needless to say the Scorpio never trusted me again with his heart. We continued to see each other for 9 years after that, in a purely sexual relationship.

But my intuition told me is was more than that. We tried and we tried to make our love work, but he would always give a little bit and then leave me hanging on a whim.

I still think about him from time to time. I guess it was never meant to be. I'm with a Pisces guy now, who is great match for a Cancer woman but a Scorpio is someone a Cancer woman will never forget. He brought out a passionate aggressive side of me I didn't know existed. I would've liked to have known what it felt like to be with him. We matched so well I a Cancer woman have been in a long term relationship with a Scorpio man, eleven years to be exact.

I can say that the chemistry between us is still to this day amazing, and best of all I have always been able to be myself with him. He always knows how to make me laugh, and we understand each other completely. We have had our problems, and actually broke up for a few months. Needless to say Scorpios never give up on what they want.

Truly deep emotional connection!!

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

I am a Scorpio man and recently had a relationship with a Cancer woman. She is the love of my life. I know this, don't question me, I AM a Scorpio after all. The emotional connection I have with her is beyond description. It is deep, yes, but it is of another time as well. I knew from the moment we met that there was something 'special' with me and this woman. The first time we embraced I was transported to another period, perhaps years ago.

My soul knows this woman deeply. I told her this. I do not give my heart to just anyone and she is certainly not just anyone. She is my queen. This woman is everything I have ever wanted in a relationship. Passionate, intelligent, sexy, compassionate, caring, intuitive, and, yes, I like the mood swings too who wants a wall flower??

He has cheated on her before, more than once and will again I have no doubt and is emotionally either not there or abusive. We are still together, and I love her dearly, but my heart is with my queen, always will be. I made a promise to her that I would not wait for her to leave her husband, but I have no choice. She is the love of this life, and apparently at least one other that I have lived as well.

I am in misery without her. Scorp's, if you find a Cancer you have feelings for, keep her. She is more than likely the one. I fell for a Cancer woman when I was 16 as well, and it was love, but not nearly as intense as this is.

I love my husband and I love this man I don't know what to do What is it about them that means "love" to you? As you've read, if the Scorp loves you - truly loves you - it is forever and it is deep. I am not in love with my wife - I do love her very much, but there is no passion, if I am honest, there never has been. It was a rebound thing.

The woman I am in love with, have the best time with no matter what we're doing, is unavailable. If she were, my life would be complete. Having read through the above experiences, I wonder if there's no one as unfortunate in this world as me.

I've never let my feelings overcome me except about 6 months ago when I noticed this Cancer female at my office. She used to give furtive glances but I never paid much attention. Gradually, our eye contacts became more frequent - still no words expressed by either of us. Then I made a friendly move to introduce myself - that's when I realized she was a Cancerian. Slowly, I was getting hooked to her.

I was getting a hunch a Scorpion's hunch that she'd started to like me and coz I knew Cancerian female may not muster enough courage to come out with her feelings - I broke the ice and asked her if we could be together for the rest of our lives To my horror, she said she never thought of me in tha t manner. Now, although we are 'kind' of friend - by nature it's a little difficult for me to keep friend on a fence.

It's like a person standing at the edge of the cliff: The person is either grabbed by me or I simply let the person fall off the cliff. I still like her a lot! So, I've decided to slowly ebb away from this 'relationship' - as I don't think either of us are going to get too far with this. Any suggestions? I am a Cancerian woman engaged to a Scorpio man. The moment I looked into his eyes I knew that we were made for each other. He's in the navy and all it took was one week to fall in love with him.

As soon as he left he got deployed, he keeps me strong, constantly reminding me that I am the only woman he has eyes for.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

He is completely gorgeous, and passionate in every way possible. I love him to death and can't fathom my life without him, we already started arranging our wedding which will take place June of next year I have read most of the posts here and am amazed to see the similarities in the description of cancer-Scorpio relationship. My situation is in a way special, yet I believe it fits in here perfectly, just as dramatic and deep as all the stories told until now.

I am a Cancer woman and the love of my life is, and I'm starting to suspect, will always be a Scorpio man. Our relationship is purely platonic, we've never even kissed and we never really had significant discussions.

I've known him since I was twelve, we studied in the same school and high school. At first he was in a different class but he got transferred into mine. Twelve years had passed since I first met him but I will never forget the day the teacher first introduced him to us, I was only a little girl but I feel in love with him instantly.

Since then we both had relationships, loves and deceptions but he has always been there in the back of my mind and every time we see each other I feel that our communication and is really beyond words. We stare at each other hungrily and I feel like I know him better than anyone, it is a mutual understanding of each other's deepest and darkest feelings that goes beyond anything explainable.

I am in a relationship with a Taurus man that adores me but my real love and my soul mate is my Scorpio school mate.

I feel it with every fibre of my being and I have no doubt that a real relationship with him would change both our lives. I want him to be mine more than anything in this world but in the same time this intensity and yearning scares me, I admit I am afraid of him and of us.

I was 15 when I first read Wuthering Heights, I remember Heathcliff, in my imagination, looked like him, was him. If I were to compare what we have to anything that would be it, we are Katty and Heathcliff because no matter where our lives would take us, no matter who will we end up with we will always be one and the same. Because I am a water sign through and through of course this is something I never revealed to anyone and obviously my anonymity here is what makes me open up like this.

Despite the tough exterior and devil may care attitude I like to cultivate I do need to take the proverbial mask off sometimes. I need to pour those Cancerian waters of despair I have inside so that maybe other Cancer women won't make my mistake and hopefully will go after their Scorpios.

I am a Scorpio man and I like a Cancer woman. I know she also likes me, but it is like an electric circuit, some times on and some times off. She comes forward on some occasions and completely withdraws in her shell, on other occasions. Giving me a complete surprise. Hi, Ive been following this thread for a while now and found it very interesting.

I'm from India and have been in the US for the past 10 yrs. The chemistry between us was amazing, something you read in the novels. I felt a great connection between us and I bet she did too.

After that I went home but I couldn't stop thinking about her. This all happened on a Saturday and the next Monday I went back to the clinic to ask her out. She refused due to the fact that I was a client and it's against the rules.

I came to later that she was seeing someone. Days passed but I can't keep her off my head and its like her name is in the air all the time. I got a job in another city and moved here a few months ago. Wherever I go, the movies, at work, while shopping, I come across someone with her name.

The world keeps revealing her to me screwing my head even more. Im in desperate need of an expert opinion on this. What should I do now? I don't even know her last name which makes the matters worse. I am a Cancer and my boyfriend is a Scorpio, we have been dating for 11 months and 5 days to be exact I needed time to heal from that nightmare Yes we do have our bab moments, but that's all they last for is moments, I think about him constantly, it's like we feel each other thinking about one another, a lot of times I will be thinking about him and he will call me or vise versa He is a wonderful father to his 6 year old son and I love his son like he's my own, matter of fact im getting ready to drive from Atl, ga to Pennsylvania in a couple of minutes to go pick his son up with him I love his sense of humor and how he's just so secure of himself and doesn't let anything stand in his way of what he wants, my dad is also a Scorpio, and he's the best father any daughter could ever have I don't think women should intentionally go out and search for a Scorpio man, but if one finds you, hold on to him You might have to be single for a long time, hopefully not 4 years LOL Well just dropping by, been want to vent about this and here is the best place for me to do it because my Scorpio man is not to prone to all of this I'm a Cancer girl and I fell for a Scorpio guy the second I saw him, this was about two years a go at the beginning of my sophomore year of High School.

I've met him through mutual friends. I had a boyfriend at the time, we had been dating for about 6 months, he was a Libra. I was instantly attracted to my Scorpio guy and it wasn't only because of his looks, I loved the way he looked at me with such intensity and how he was so mysterious.

I felt like he had a scary dark side and some how that just made me much more attracted to him. I'm actually very good at predicting a persons personality. It was also very weird because we didn't even have to communicate or talk a lot, but I could still feel him, I felt an unexplainable rush through my body and he understood me and I understood him too just by glazing at him. He has the most intense eyes and I loved it, I felt such a connection like no other.

We started talking over Myspace, texting, and on the phone and I start ed falling for him, more and more because I felt that he was falling for me too. He was either hot or coldhe would always send me mixed signals about how he felt for me. This really confused mebut still deep down in my heart I felt like he was the guy that I wanted to be with so I dumped my boyfriend thinking that we were going to end up dating each other. One second he would be calling me beautiful the other he would say that I was too nice and innocent for him?

He would tell me some of his darkest secrets that he had never told anyone because he had trust issues before in his pass and he still does, I was the only girl that he trusted so I felt like I must have been very special to have that privilege.

Sometimes he would be flirting with me a lot then he would say I was more like a good friend? He was really messing with my emotions and my head. He would tell me that I was too innocent for him and he just wanted to go around and mess around with girls and have not commitment, even after all the things his said to me that I really did not want to hear, I still had feelings for him and sometimes I still feel like I do.

I still don't understand why I feel like this sometimesmaybe its because I can't get over rejection or it could be that we really had or probably will have something special.

I went to a party about 4 months ago and he was their, I had too much to drink I think it had a little to much to drink because I was upset to see him flirting with some girl. So basically I was drunk not totally wasted but definitely not sober. I couldn't even walk that straight, so he sat me down and sat next to me he told me to sit down and chill and that he was going to take care of me.

I was resting my head on his shoulder and he was caressing my head and back. I had never been so close to him before, he also brought me some food so I can sober up but I was hurt about what he had done to mehe made me fall for him and at the end he still wasn't mine so I threw the food of his hand walked away went back inside the party and made out with some guy that I knew in their.

The Scorpio guy and one of my best friends went up to me while I was kissing the guymy best friend grabbed me by my hand and took me away from him while the Scorpio guy was giving the guy dirty looks like he was jealous that was when the bad tension began and about thirty minutes later some how they ended up so close to fighting each other until the owner off the house told them that if they started any drama or fighting they will have to leave.

I know Scorpio people are very jealousy so are Cancerian, I'm not sure if all of this happened because my Scorpio guy was actually jealous because maybe he still had something for me. I'm in a relationship now and its about to be 4 months with my new boyfriend, he is a Gemini, he is very charming and nice and I really do love him he is also friends with the Scorpio guy.

I still like the Scorpio guy I can never get over him I still feel like we were meant for each other and maybe the right time will come. Theirs just something very special about him its been about 2 years and I still can't get him out of my heart:.

I am a Cancer female and have been in two very brief relationship with two very hot Scorpio males not at the same time of coursebut no matter what I showed and how dynamic we were it didn't work.

I seem to have pushed them or hurt them somehow. Being a Cancer it was not my intention at all and I thought I was being very careful with my words and very open with my heart.

What did I do wrong??? I am a Cancer women married to a Scorpio man. We have been together for 9 years and married 8. He was my prom date. We married right out of high school and now have 3 children. He is amazing and sensitive. He cried watching Dear John and would kill me for telling that. He's kind and compassionate. He believes PMS is a legitimate illness and treats me wonderfully when I'm cranky. He's my everything!!! I am a Cancer woman and I have this intense and unexplainable attraction to a Scorpio man.

The problem is that we are both married to other people. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with my husband; however, the magnetism between me and the Scorpio at my job in undeniable. We think each others' thoughts, finish each others' sentences In another life, I think we would be fantastic together My heart aches and I am so confused about everything.

I have never felt such an attraction towards another human being and he has expressed the same sentiment to me. We keep a safe distance from each other careful not to cross any boundaries Is it possible to have more than one soul mate in this life??? I am so deeply pre-indulged in a beautiful Cancer co-worker in a cooperate office. She's currently in a distant relationship and expressed to me her dismay with this situation.

Well, her we go, I saw her for the first time three weeks ago, and noticed how attractive she was. But no biggie. There are a lot of attractive women here. The next day I past her in the office and introduced myself. She is somewhat reserved, but we talk everyday about anything, and everyday we get more and more close.

The Scorpio man is attracted to the Cancer woman's intuition and her loving and nurturing nature. The Cancer woman is attracted to the Scorpio man's intensity. Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman: Nature Of Bonding. The Scorpio man compatibility with Cancer woman is surely going to be an engaging and an amusing. When the emotional balance between a Cancer and a Scorpio is off, someone could easily get hurt. Cancer Compatibility With Scorpio in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship and Trust . Cancer woman - information and insights on the Cancer woman. Scorpio man - information and insights on the Scorpio man.

It's at a point where I would make certain flirtatious comments and she would be well excepting of them with nice responses. We both know each other's relationship status, but there's no stopping. We email all the time. We take our breaks together so we can be alone. I walked her to her car yesterday and we both could've easily embraced and kissed, but we didn't.

That was a struggle, because I think that's how comfortable we are. I can't stop thinking about her. Where was she 15 year ago? We would look and be so good together both being well fit and attractive people with same desires.

I want to know everything about this Cancer woman and fantasize doing everything with her. I know she feels my vibe. I am so tempted to just tell her how I feel and let whatever happens happen, but I'm married.

I believe with all my heart she is my soulmate, you probably feel the same. If it is to be, it will be. I have a feeling I will see her again, question is when and where, in this life? I look forward to it though, it will be blinding with light. I have never felt this 'energy' with another human being in my life. My counselor oh yeah, had to go that route for a while says I may never have that experience again.

Talk about getting your heart ripped open. But I found Ho'oponopono and I am at peace. Again if it is to be, it will be.

Me and my love just as you and yours came together for a reason. Finding that reason has become my life's work. I am a Cancer woman who has fallen utterly in love with a Scorpio man. I am 24 and he is I must say, It happened rather suddenly and came at a rather tumultuous time in my life, but in my eyes, it was the perfect timing. He is my rock and the only thing keeping me sane right now. I must say that we get along perfectly, and I know in my heart of hearts that it was him that I was waiting for all my life.

We have fallen so deeply that there is no turning back. It is he and I against the world and I would choose no other, ever He is Mo Shearc, and i, his. He has the most beautiful soul I have ever had the honor of meeting and a wonderful heart. Knowing him and the person he is now, I know that I could not bear to be without him. We have the kind of romance that one only dreams about, and reads about.

I know that I must be the luckiest person in the world to have found my soulmate. And though distance seperates us for now, I know that when we are together, we wi ll never have to be apart again.

And I can not wait! I had almost given up on love before he came along, but how could I now when he has shown me the greatest love I have ever known, and felt He is the one for me, for always.

And reading this page only solidifies my belief in him, and in us. I never knew a love like this existed.

But he has opened my eyes, and for that, I will thank him with every breath. For the rest of my life. I love you Mo Shearc.

Scorpio man and cancer woman dating

I am a Cancer female who has begun spending time with a Scorpio male. He pursued me until I gave in. I can't believe he spent so much time trying to woo me, as I really did ignore him for the first few months. But he just kept on being excited to see me, going out of his way to be nice to me, and doing little things to make me notice him. So I finally bit - and now I am so confused! He's so attractive and sexy, and we kiss and cuddle and hang out.

This terrifies and frustrates me! I like him, but how am I supposed to know if I want to be committed to someone who I haven't even seen completely naked? He keeps saying "I'm looking forward to getting to know you better" and this also terrifies me.

It feels like he has a pre-conceived notion of how I am in his head. This is probably just the inherent Cancerian insecurity speaking, but I am just so confused and find this whole situation bizarre. I like him, and want to have sex with him, but he's making me wait.

It's so aggravating :P And in being aggravated, I have no idea how to act or be. So I just try to be my sweet self and ignore the raging in my nether regions when we hang out. Damn you, you Scoprio men, I love and hate you. Patience, when it comes to a good shagging, isn't my best virtue! Especially when I have a nice handy Sag man to call who's perfect for the job!

It's so hard to not call him. Why can I sleep with the Sag guy who I am not emotionally invested in while getting to know the Scorp guy who I want to become emotionally involved withuntil the Scorp guy decides to finally give it up? I am a Cancer girl and in a relationship with a Scorpio man for over 2 years now.

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

After reading all these posts I feel amazed that it wasn't just us and kind of comforted knowing that I've not turned into some dellusional person when I think that I was made for him and he was made for me. We are exactly how the horoscope described it, we feel so deeply connected like our love has no time or space.

And ofcourse, those infamous eyes. God, I thought that was just my boyfriend. The way he looks at me so intensly makes my knees weak. And the power that his aura has is just unexplainable. All I can say is, he is really the first person I have thought for in the future as my husband and the father of my children.

I have had sex with a Scorp guy in the beginning in was like OMG!

His moves were so sensual and very powerful and strong sex. But then sometimes he seemed distant and uninterested. We had a brief seperation his part and when we hooked up again it was even better! I saw a Scorpio man across a crowded bar about six weeks ago. I haven't stopped thinking about this guy since we met, and as far as I can tell he hasn't stopped thinking about me either.

I asked him the other day if he believed in astrology, and he kind of shrugged the question off, but after reading these testimonials, I can safely say that there must be something to it, because most of the people describe a very similar experience of deep and passionate relationships that last a lifetime, even from humble beginnings. Well that's Cancer buddy! Aren't they great? Two questions: is it love? Is she even available? Other life commitments maybe. I've had two extraordinary Cancer women in my life, both unavailable for one reason or another.

They both loved me said so but could not commit. How's that for a turn? Women that won't commit! The stars are having fun with this Scorpio I can tell you. It's not always the case, but in your case, it's simple.

You took too long to say 'OK' to even date. We and obviously I speak only from my perspective need to know there is more to the relationship than just the physical, and that we're not some consolation prize. The sex is the easy part for us, we're Scorpios after all ;o If it took him a long time to get your attention, there is a lot of suspicion as to your availability emotionally and long term compatibility.

For me, the emotional connection and communication are the most important parts. Sex is something you can learn to be better at though, sorry to say, maybe not as good as a Scorpio :o and bodies can and do change. Communication is the key to any good relationship. If you can talk about everything and anything openly and honestly, including emotions, we go nuts.

The sex is even better with these connections - oh yeah, be lieve it. I was in a relationship earlier this year - it was very short, only two months, but the sweetest encounter I've ever had or am likely to have in this life.

Incredible almost from day one. The communication was indescribable - I know more about her and her about me than I've learned about my wife or that she'll ever know about me in over 25 years. Yes it was extra marital, but I've never done that before. Like any Scorpio I was committed.

This connection was so extraordinary, I let go of all inhibitions. A Scorpio? Yes ma'am. And not one shred of guilt. That is such a huge thing for me to say. The emotional connection was, for lack of a better term, the most tender and loving I have ever experienced. I never wanted to romance someone so bad in my life. When I would just see her walking toward me I would feel an overwhelming - let me repeat, overwhelming sense of happiness and joy. The sex? Didn't happen until month two.

I told I was not about that. She res isted me for a while, but my emotional response to her and hers to me was just beyond description. How was the sex? I still have clear, vivid visuals of her almost 4 months later in my mind that cause me to, well, you know.

This beautiful creature although this woman is an 8 physically, she's a 15 emotionally and communicatively is my soulmate, I knew it the first time we embraced. We are literally ONE. But she sleeps with a pig - her husband, who is emotionally non-existent and abusive. Yes there are circumstances preventing our getting together, at least for now.

I am so deeply in love with this woman my soul is ready to leave this body now because it doesn't think I can be with her any more. Sometimes I have emotional outbursts when I am alone and I can tell you the sounds coming from me are from my soul and are sounds I have never heard. It's all I can do to pretend I am still my usual self and get through the day. That's the secretive part of Scorpio. We hide things very well usually. This is killing me. Are you ready for all that?

If not, don't waste his time. He's not willing to waste his. He sounds like he's been burned more than once. He'll only resent you for it forever. Of course, again, I speak from my tender, intuitive, loving, sexy, forgiving Scorpio perspective.

But after we spoke, it just felt different. Months passed and seems like she still feeling me as much as I been thinkin about her. Right now im going through everything I have to, to get to her because something about her I cant resist and have to experience for myself.

I think we were made for eachother. Well I am the saddest girl in the world at the moment, I have been dating a Scorpio man for a couple of months, which has not been easy, I broke it off with him but still really liked him, we got back together on the weekend and he went all out to impress me, we had fantastic sexthen I drunkenly abused him - he walked out of my life right there and them - can I ever get him back, I like him so much I want to die without him.

I am 21 years old Cancer woman and I met my first love who is a Scorpio man when I was 13 years old and no matter how hard we try to avoid each other we cant. I'm a Cancer girl used to date a Scorpio guy, we had such a great connection and he was my best friend.

It wasn't just ab out the sex because we'd spent hours just talking and laughing. I know in my heart that he is my soulmate but we're no longer together, we started fighting because of his drinking problem. I miss him so much it's driving me crazy. I was recently with a Taurean guy and he didn't make me feel the way my Scorpio did. I will do whatever it takes to get back together with my Scorpio because no one will ever take his place.

I just hope and pray that he stops drinking. He is the love of my life. I'm with a Scorpio man now or should I say will be.

We're in a very long distance relationship, he's stationed in Germany and has been for 9 months. We speak on the phone whenever he's available and I know already I love him with all my heart. We never had sex, and although I've heard it will be unimaginable, for some reason, I don't even want to do that.

I just want to be near him. Is this crazy or what. He says my being upset with him is very hard for him to take but he has no intention of giving up on what he knows is love.

I want this man so badly, I can bearly keep the tears from my eyes just thinking about him. It's all I can do to keep my cool and beg him not to breathe without me near his side.

How this happened to me is beyond, but it did happen. He seems to know exactly what I need and says he wants to give me all I want.

But,in this case I don't want anything but him.

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