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This form includes a space to write in detail about how you met, and all the other things that happened between then and your wedding. My husband typed up our story and attached a separate paper for that part because it was too long to write in the allotted space.

Japanese Form. Your Japanese spouse can get this document from the city office in which their family is registered.

Your name should also be on it, assuming that you filed your marriage in Japan. This may not be necessary, but I also submitted my Japanese marriage certificate.

They consistently found that patients who had suffered TBI exhibited low empathy scores. In fact the incidence of low empathy scores was twice that of control subjects. Full paper is here.

In a related studythey also found TBI patients were also impaired in their ability to recognize the emotions of people in pictures or video. These problems appeared to be specific for emotions and empathy and were not associated with more general cognitive deficits such as information processing.

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