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This different type of family intrigued audiences and all the romantic possibilities between Tony and Angela did so as well. Tony was a widowed and retired baseball player. Of course this premise would be a bit silly to entertain these days — would you put an ad on Craigslist? It was an expensive decision, but Angela Bower was a high-powered and highly-paid ad executive. Angela was a great role model for young girls to watch. She was a strong, smart, single mom who was able to take care of herself.

See Also. Where to Watch. Available to Stream Watch on. Add to Watchlist Added. Back To: Episode Guide. Season 1, Episode 8 Truth in Dating. First Aired: December 4, Both Tony and Angela think their jobs turn off prospective dates, so when Tony is mistaken for a man of wealth and Angela for a secretary, neither is anxious to set the record straight. Ben Cooper Manager. Diane Robin Rosie.

Victoria Bass Wanda Benedict. Earl Boen Jim Peterson. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Popular Shows 1. Game of Thrones 2. Underground 3. Empire 4. NCIS 5.

Jane the Virgin 6. Grey's Anatomy 7. The Blacklist. Popular Movies 1. Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 2. A Quiet Place 3. Rampage 4. Super Troopers 2 5. She starts out on Tony's team and soon ends up playing against Tony when he asks her to do the impossible Angela is doing a series of pasta commercials for a client.

She believes she has found the perfect person for the part, but to Angela's dismay, the client chooses a shy, blond photographer who didn't want the job but takes because she needs cash. The episode was a backdoor pilot for a possible spin-off series, but did not sell. It has been two years since Tony and Samantha came to Connecticut, and Angela is planning a special dinner. What started out as dinner for 5 ends up with Tony in the hospital.

Once sedatedhe mutters "I love you" to Angela. Overworked Angela goes to Mexico with the family, but when Angela's business loses an important accountTony fails to give Angela the message. When Angela comes home, she goes to the agency to learn that they lost the account.

After sassing to her boss and telling him to chill, Angela loses her job. Angela tries desperately to find a new job but not one of her old friends or partners has one for her. The only job she can find is one of a low paid copy writer. Eventually, Tony and Mona convince her to open her own agency. Marci applies for the elite school Montague. Sam also wants to do so and finds an advocate in Angela, a Montague Academy graduate.

But Tony doesn't like the idea of Sam visiting a school so far away. Angela's new business is struggling, thanks in part to the new president of her former agency, who is employing some dirty tricks to steal her clientele.

Mona tries to boost business by chauffeuring clients in a private limousine. Samantha unsuccessfully tries to hide from Tony the hickey her boyfriend gave her. He tries to warn her about how teenage boys can be manipulative with girls, and she later finds that her boyfriend is saying some of the same things Tony warned her about.

Samantha's friend's father is getting married. While at the wedding, Tony and Angela both secretly fantasize about getting married to the other. Jonathan, because he takes life too serious, should do something else than always studying. He decides to take up gymnasticswith Tony teaching him.

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During a competition, he falls due to his overzealousness and breaks his shoulder, which Angela really isn't happy about. For the weekend, Angela goes to Maine with her boyfriend Geoffrey.

Tony now alone at home - the kids are on a school trip to Washington, D. However, due to heavy snowfallAngela and Geoffrey couldn't make it to Maine and return unexpectedly. Sam has had a big argument with Bonnie. Tony wants to see them both together again, but Sam will only agree if he makes it up with his old nemesis from high school, Mickey.

Therefore Tony invites Mickey - who in the meantime has become a priest. But when Tony annoys and teases him too much, Mickey strikes a blow. Samantha and her boyfriend Todd each try out for their basketball teams at school. When Samantha makes her team, but Todd doesn't, his ego is crushed, and he is not interested in going to watch her team play. His disappointment makes Samantha consider dropping off her team. Meanwhile, Tony and Angela have a heated competition in a game of miniature golf.

Ferguson he has none. Angela, who has listened, now wants to get one for Tony. The dealer Angela has asked calls Tony shortly afterwards and offers him a lot of money, which he really could need to buy Angela a Christmas present. They end up standing under the mistletoe and have to kiss with Geoffrey watching. On a snowy day, the family reminisces about their situations before coming together: Tony made the decision to leave Brooklyn after he felt Samantha had been involved in too many fights.

Angela was dissatisfied with her current housekeeper, and wanted to find a new one. Tony met Mona, who assured him he would get the job.

This is a clip show. Jonathan starts seeing a girl named Jenny, but she is more interested in Tony. Feeling betrayed, Jonathan is determined on taking revenge on Tony. Lawrence H. While everyone is planning a surprise party for Tony, Tony starts suspecting his late wife had an affair during their marriage. When Angela accidentally destroys her latest boyfriend Geoffrey's new expensive car, he immediately breaks off their relationship. However, he later regrets his decision and contacts Tony to help him win Angela back.

Samantha is excited when Ray CharlesAngela's latest client, wants to use a song Sam's boyfriend Chad wrote especially for her.

That is, until she catches Chad cheating on her. With high expectations, Tony enters a boxing competition for charity, with Angela as his intimidating coach. Little does he know how professional the other contestants are. Angela feels Geoffrey will propose to her and starts to doubt about whether she will accept or not.

Mona and Tony both feel she deserves better. Recently released from jailNick comes for a visit and brings copies of his newly published cookbookwhich he penned while imprisoned.

Tony and Angela soon discover that the material in the book is plagiarized. Angela's new ad campaign has a youthful edge to it, and she begins to feel her years older. To make matters worse, Tony dates a much younger woman.

To combat her feelings of inadequacy, she opts for a young and hip ad presentation. Angela makes a list of wild things she wanted to do while in high schooland decides she will do them now. Tony and Mona help her fulfill her goals, but Tony becomes concerned when she dates the high school wild man, a motorcyclist named Jake "The Snake" McGuire. The date doesn't turn out Angela plans, so Tony comes to rescue her and they end up kissing in his van. Tony has met Fiona at the dentist 's and gotten her a job as secretary at Angela's agency.

The tidy-minded perfectionist Fiona is Angela's dream, but also Mona's nightmare. After an argument between Mona and Angela, Fiona quits because she doesn't want to stand in the way of them both. But Mona quits, too.

Truth in dating whos the boss

Mona goes to visit her brother who bought an old hotel using her money, and discovers that the place is a money pit. This episode was filmed as a backdoor pilot for a spin-off series of the same name, which never got off the ground. When Mona moves to New York, Tony takes over her apartment. While trying to convince his friends from the old neighborhood and himself that he's still the wild man he once was, Tony discovers that he's happier in his domestic role with Angela and the kids.

The whole family heads to Brooklyn for a street fair. Tony runs into his old friend Frankie, the only girl in the neighborhood that would not go out with him in high school.

At the street fair, Tony is auctioned off for his housekeeping services to make money for the neighborhood. While Tony is cleaning, Frankie proposes to Tony. Angela is upset about this proposal and goes to see a therapistwho asks if she loves Tony and Angela says that she is in love with him and he makes her happier than any other person. Sam makes a date with a year-old college studentwithout telling Tony. Tony bleeds Sam's friend Julia for what she knows about Sam's plans.

With Tony Danza, Judith Light, Alyssa Milano, Danny Pintauro. Tony is dating a woman who thinks he's very rich while Angela is seeing a guy who thinks she's a . Truth in Dating · 9. Sports Buddies · Requiem · Samantha's Growing Up · Paint Your Wagon · Protecting the President · Guess Who's Coming. Season 1, Episode 8 Truth in Dating. First Aired: December 4, Both Tony and Angela think their jobs turn off prospective dates, so when Tony is mistaken.

He interrupts her study-date at the college libraryand makes a big scene, humiliating Sam. Angela and Tony play matchmaker with two shy friends of theirs, who hit it off and agree to get married. The wedding is set to take place at Angela's house, but guests are distracted by a hockey game on TVcausing the wedding plans to be altered. Jonathan's school tells Angela that he should skip the 6th grade and go to the 7th grade. The boys in the junior high are making his life miserable and stealing his lunchso Jonathan changes his image to make friends and finds one that is a little bit punk.

Angela is called to the principal's office because Jonathan and his friend have been terrorizing the school. The principal tells Angela that she has expectations for Jonathan that are too high for a child that just skipped a grade, she wants him to be popular and have a lot of friends, and he is just trying to please her.

Jonathan chooses to stay in 7th grade, even though Angela would let him go back to 6th. Sam is upset over being dateless for the dance. Tony leaves to the supermarket and there meets an environmentally conscious and sweet boy named Jesse Nash, cheerfully working the produce section. Convinced this is the boy for Sam, he brings the boy home, only to find Sam has already rounded up an emergency date. Curteous, Jesse says he doesn't mind, but as he is attracted to Sam, he doesn't want her going out with another boy, and deviously, using his uncanny persuasiveness and environmentally evoked guilt, he manipulates Sam's date into not taking her to the dance.

Furious, Sam demands Jesse leave, whilst Jesse is only amused. The next day when Jesse comes over to see her, much to her annoyance, Sam refuses to see him but Tony insists she be polite. Still bemused Jesses insists she need calm down, and suggests some Yoga-inspired deep breathing. In her moment of calm Jesse is able to kiss her, sparking a long lasting romance on the show.

In a publicity stunt to encourage children to read, Tony lives on a billboard for 48 hours. The ensuing media attention lands him a very attractive job offer. Sam is invited by her grandfather to visit him in Florida.

But on her way there, Nick dies. Sam initially tries to pay no attention to this, but Nick's death left big marks on her. Tony gets no help when Angela decides to help out with the housework after putting Tony in a wheelchair with a sprained ankle and a broken leg. Rossini is devastated after her husband has left her. Tony pitches in to help her run their fish marketbut the work, coupled with the search for a capable new employeesoon becomes too much for Tony.

Sam and Jesse are out delivering lasagna to the elderly when Jesse lets Sam drive the van and they get hit by another car. Angela and Tony try to get the boys' license taken away for hitting Sam, because Tony does not know that it was Sam driving the car who does not have a license.

One of Angela's clients played by Leslie Nielsen is more interested in Mona than in Angela's presentation. Their romance appears to be going well, but just before they are to take a cruise together, he calls and cancels the trip and the relationship with no explanation.

Tony and Angela decide to investigate and are surprised at what they learn. Tony gets a job at the coolest place in the mall and hires Sam as a waitress, but when Tony kicks out the coolest boys, he loses all the customers and the owner asks Sam to fire Tony. Mona is off to a murder mystery weekend. A woman named Kelly, whose husband recently died and has a daughter named Melissa, moves into the neighborhood.

Kelly is a sports nut and she invites Tony to a few sporting events, but Tony has no feelings for her. Angela ends up getting roped into babysitting when Samantha gets invited to a U2 concert in the middle of her duties.

When Angela is babysitting, Melissa tells her that her dad called one day and her mother would not let her talk to him, and the next day they moved.

Angela and Tony start to suspect that Kelly might have stolen Melissa from him. Kelly divorced her husband, and it was a very rough custody battle during which she gave up her parental rightsbut she decided that she could not live without her and stole her back.

Tony's family comes to visit from Italyand Angela tries really hard to impress them. Tony's Aunt Rosa says that he is stupid for never being with Angela and that they should get married. Tony's cousin Maritzio proposes to Angela.

Samantha accepts when Jesse asks her to go steady. However, she soon feels that her dedication to him is taking away from spending time with the other guy in her life: Tony. Tony's old singing group comes to Connecticut to ask him to sing one more time with them, for charity.

When Tony hears Angela sing, he asks the group to let her sing with them, but they say no. In an attempt to spark Samantha's interest in pursuing higher education, Tony gets bitten by the academic bug himself, and decides to become a college student. But he begins to have doubts as to whether he is up to the challenge. While Jesse is away, Sam's friend, Mason, is staying at the Bowers' house. After spending an evening with him, Sam kisses him, and then worries about confessing to Jesse when he returns.

The housekeepers in the neighborhood go on strike. Tony doesn't approve of Sam being a model. Max proposes marriage to Mona, but she turns him down, claiming she likes things the way they are.

But Max doesn't give up—he makes a number of attempts to change Mona's mind. She finally does say yes, but only after Max's ex-wife surprises him with a visit.

Angela worries that Mona's change of decision is for the wrong reason. Jesse asks Sam to go with him to the prom. Angela takes cares of Sam and overdoes it because she wants Sam having the prom night she herself never had. But after all the interferences, Sam refuses to go. Angela is talking in her sleep and is calling out Tony's name. Angela's sleep talking is waking everyone up, and when everyone is gathered outside her door, she says that she is in love with Tony.

Tony and Angela run into a girl he knew from the old neighborhood.

She is now married to an arrogant, extremely competitive man, who challenges Tony to a serious game of pool. Sam gets her license and Tony gives her own set of keys to his van. Meanwhile, Bonnie's father buys her a brand new car, which she wastes no time in wrecking.

Tony then buys Sam a used car, but the car looks like a boat : huge, yellow and has red lights attached all around it. Sam is embarrassed by the car, as the other kids at school are teasing her about it but she is afraid to tell her father. The car gets stolen when Sam parks it far from the school. Angela finds out about how Sam really feels about her car and tells her to speak with Tony.

She doesn't, and when a policeman Garrett Morris comes to the house claiming to have found the car, Sam must now explain to her father the real reason why the car was stolen. Tony takes a speech class with a very tough instructor, who makes Tony realize that his normal way of speaking is wrong in many ways. After adopting proper diction, Tony soon begins to realize that the course has changed more than just his vocabulary. Tony decides to join a fraternitybut when Angela gets drunk and mouths off to the deanthe fraternity loses their money.

Angela and the gang are cleaning out the attic. Angela accidentally throws out some old Yoo-Hoo bottle capsthinking they were garbage.

But to Tony, they are a cherised memento of his late grandfather. Tony explains that he really didn't like his grandfather at first when he came to help his dad soon after his mother had died, but when he taught Tony how to tap dance with those bottle caps, he began to have a better relationship with him. Tony also relates a few years later that because he had gotten into trouble with the police for stealing a street sign, his grandfather had to miss his U.

Now Tony wants to do something special for his grandfather, so he goes and sees a judge, asking him if he could posthumously swear in his grandfather, with Tony taking his place. The judge agrees, and Tony's grandfather finally becomes a U. He and Angela start working very late each night to get some of their ideas off the ground. Tony begins to get jealous and suspects Jack of trying to take the agency away from Angela.

They have a big presentation in the morning and have decided to work through the night in a hotel room at the Plaza hotel in order to get ready for it.

Tony uses the pretense of delivering Angela's notebook to check up on them, and he finds a reassuring surprise. Eric Gilliland. Sam is excited that her boyfriend, Jesse Scott Bloomwill be returning home from his boat trip and will be stopping by to visit her. Mona is going on another date with Max. When Jesse finally sees Sam, he tells her that he met someone else during his trip and that he will be breaking up with Sam. At the same time, Mona is dumped by Max. Both ladies are hurt and angry and can't stop thinking about their men, but after a night out, they lean on each other for comfort and consolation.

Bonnie wants Sam to join her for a weekend at a cabin in Vermont, but Tony forbids Sam to go when he learns there will be minimal adult supervision. Sam sneaks out and goes anyway. This episode is a clip show of previous episodes. The wife of Mona's brother has died. But before she can go to heaven, she must make Mona reconcile with her brother, and Tony is picked out as the mediator.

Mason teaches Tony's class and pays special attention to him. Rossini's young uncle Al falls for Sam, but Tony doesn't approve. Angela's client publishes a senior citizens magazine. Mona steps into the ad meeting and suggests the editors update the magazine by using more hip and modern articles, as well as advertising that caters to their more mature demographics. Mona then poses for the revamped magazine's new cover in sexy lingerie.

During the same time at the house when Mona is showing the proofs, Jonathan is trying to get elected school treasurer and during his campaign meeting, some of the students from his school see the photo. The next day, Jonathan comes home with a black eye because he was fighting with the other kids who were calling Mona a bimbo.

He is so angry that he tells Mona that she has messed everything up for him and never wants to see her again. Angela and Tony go into business at a craft fair selling tie-dyed T-shirts. Differences of sales techniques soon have them splitting their merchandise and competing against each other.

Tony goes to an 'Old Timer'-meeting of the St.

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Louis Cardinalsaccompanied by Angela. There Tony meets also his old friend Betty. But to prevent flirtation attempts, he introduces Angela as his wife. When things don't turn out as planned, Angela kicks Tony out of their room.

After a long night, Angela kisses Tony after she finds out the truth. Sam accompanies Tony on a ski trip. Tony spends most of his time with an attractive ski instructor, and Sam begins to feel ignored. Meanwhile, at home, Angela and Mona suffer from a bad case of the flu, leaving Jonathan to be man of the house.

Daniel Palladino. After Mona finds out that Angela hired an escort to take her to an awards ceremony, she convinces Tony to ask her out on a date to build up her confidence. Tony and Mona crashes a party attended by Frank Sinatra. When Sam comes home drunk, Tony tries to stop drinking to show her that you don't have to drink to have fun. The neighbors' antics disenchant Tony and Angela. As a school project, Sam visits a modeling school run by Angela's friend.

While there, she meets Charlie, a friend of hers from the old neighborhood, who is living there. Charlie is unhappy with her life there, and is considering running away. This episode served as the basis for a short-lived spin-off series, Living Dolls. Angela hires a shy contractor to put a skylight in the kitchen.

He takes an immediate liking to Mona, who agrees to go out with him. When he learns that he is not the only man in Mona's life, he abandons the skylight job. Tony accuses Mona of having no respect for men's feelings. Tony sets up a work partnership program with some of the other parents in the community. The kids at the high school get a week off of school and they get to go shadow and work with members of the community.

Samantha chooses Tony, and Bonnie is paired with Angela.

Bonnie is doing very well and even gets to incorporate an idea she had into the files at Angela's office, and Samantha is hating it. Samantha starts to get jealous of Bonnie spending so much time with Angela, so Samantha trades Bonnie jobs in exchange for use of her leather jacket.

While Samantha is at the office, the day is much more hectic than the day that Bonnie had and Sam wants to switch jobs again. She finally confesses to Angela that she thought that she liked Bonnie better, but Angela tells her that she does like Bonnie, but she loves Sam. Samantha tells Angela that she loves her like a mother.

Tony has a new passion: golfing. Angela wins a country club membership for Tony, where he meets the owner of the biggest nationwide sporting goods store, who's currently giving away a big account. And of course, Angela's after this account, too. Angela's old college sweetheart comes back into town. It turns out that they were married in Las Vegas when they were in college. Brian went to Mexico to have it annulled, but it was not legalized.

While Brian is in town to have Angela sign the new papers so he can get married to his fiance Rhoda, he falls back in love with her.

Sam is struggling at school with chemistry, while her friend is having difficulty with French. Just before the exam, he gets desperate and talks Sam into giving him the answers. Tony punishes her for doing this, but things get worse when, to thank her for helping him, Sam's friend gives her a crib sheet to use on her chemistry test.

She decides not to use it, but still gets caught with it. It is Tony's birthday and his car is dying, so he goes out and finds a Jeep that he really likes. Angela ends up buying Tony the car for his birthday, but Tony refuses to accept it. Angela tells Tony that the gift is as much for him as for her. She needs him to have a reliable car, and they decide to split the payments When Tony tries to sell the old van, he can't bring himself to sell it because it has too many memories.

The family heads to Jamaica on vacation. When they get to the island, Samantha wants to be cut loose and be able to have her own time, and Jonathan is out with a girl that does not speak any English. Mona is, as always, trolling for guys.

Angela is trying to have the island experience, and goes skinny dipping but almost drowns. Tony gets mad that Angela is having more fun than he is. They both get involved in a dancing competition and they start to have fun together again. Angela lets Tony know that the best times in her life are with him and then they end up making out.

Tony tells Angela that he has thought about them getting married. Sam's friend Charlie gets her into trouble when she convinces her to skip school. When Tony catches them, he calls Charlie's mother and she tells him to keep her. Angela feels out of place in Tony's old haunts. She later has a dream where she is pregnant and is married to Tony. Samantha goes with Tony to the university bookstore and meets a handsome grad student.

He invites her to his book reading, and she starts reading Wuthering Heights. Samantha falls for the grad student and starts picturing a life with him.

She tell Angela about her feelings and Angela tells her to talk to Tony. Tony invites the grad student over to check him out, and it turns out that he is married.

Tony breaks a date, then learns she's his teacher. And when Tony gets a C on his paper, he thinks it's because he broke the date with her. When Angela decides to combine her company with someone else's, her partner tells her she has to fire Mona.

Sam manages a rock groupbut when Tony helps the band get a gig, she gets angry and tells him to let her do stuff on her own. Sam and Jonathan are fighting more and more, and Angela thinks that it is a classic case of sibling rivalry. Tony and Angela decide to take the family to see a therapist. The therapist has the family role-play each other; Tony is Angela, and Jonathan is Sam. The therapist tell the family that Sam and Jonathan are acting like regular siblings and are perfectly normal.

While the family is with the therapist, Tony misses his history exam and freaks out, so the therapist recommends having more therapy to prevent burnout. Tony's therapist has him join the "supermom burnout" group, where he learns that he needs to take time for himself. When Angela lies about having an affair with Tony to fit in with the cool girls at the health club, they become the talk of the health club.

Teaching assistant Tony finds a career goal after teaching a third grader how to multiply. When Jonathan gets stuck with the accordion in the school band, Tony calls an old friend to give him lessons. David Nathaniel Titcher. But when Mona meets a smooth-talking man, she starts gambling and uses Angela's necklace and car to cover gambling debts. This prompts Angela to challenge him to a game of poker in hopes of winning them back.

Sam is offered the chance to graduate early, but gives up the chance because she's scared Tony will be all alone after she leaves. Tony believes he has killed his arrogant tennis partner Fred on the courts after he makes an unwanted pass at Angela. Fred's twin brother Ed then shows up and when he also makes a pass at Angela, Tony throws him out of the house and challenges him to a tennis match. Angela needs to invest her money so she decides to buy a house that is up for sale in the neighborhood.

Tony is the superintendent of the property and will take care of all of the repairs for the renters. Angela and Tony decide on a renter that is an older man, then Angela leaves for her business trip and Tony meets Michelle and rents her the house.

Angela comes home from her business trip and is mad that Tony gave the house to a pretty model and lowered the rent. When she moves in, her rent check bounces and Angela tells Tony to kick her out, but Tony says that Angela is just jealous of Michelle.

In order to spend time with her boyfriend, Sam sets his grandfather up with Mona, when they meet they realize they were engaged 40 years ago and she broke it off when she saw him flirting with another woman, however she hides a secret of her own.

Adam I. Tony becomes a volleyball coach and he advises everyone but Angela. Tony and Angela are chaperones on Sam's spring break vacation to Ft. Two guys hit on Sam and Bonnie, and Sam suspects the boys plan to move too fast. When Sam tries to warn Bonnie, Bonnie accuses her of being too motherly, and they end up fighting. Meanwhile, back at home, Mona helps Jonathan find a date. A client of Angela's, a baseball player, upsets Tony when he demonstrates that he is only in baseball for the money and the fame.

Tony wonders whatever happened to pride in the game. After researching her family tree, Sam discovers that her great-grandfather, assumed to be deceased, is still alive in Italy. He is flown to Connecticut to meet the family, but Tony soon discovers that the man is not who they believe he is. It's a Friday night and everyone is busy but Tony and Angela. They decide to go out and make some friends at the country club. They meet a couple who works together, has known each other for six years and can't keep their hands off of each other.

The man ends up proposing to her with Tony and Angela at the table. Tony and Angela's new friends come over for a night out and when Tony goes into the kitchen to help Jane polish a frame, Brad grabs Angela and starts to kiss her.

When they go out to dinner, Jane grabs Tony's butt while they are dancing. Tony and Angela decide that their new friends are crazy and to never see them again. But, after a stressful date, Angela shows Tony how Brad kissed her. Mona was careless in the apartment and it has extensive smoke damage, and while she is waiting for repairs to get done, she moves in with Angela. Angela brings up that maybe she would like to go and live in a semi-retirement community, but Mona will not have it and says that Angela is just trying to get a tax write-off, Angela calls her an ingrate.

Mona has to have surgery on her gallbladder and Angela thinks that it is her fault. Mona tells Angela that she wants to stay at the house because then she can be near her little girl. Sam has her heart on attending Tate University, but Tony insists she keep an open mind, so the two take a road trip to visit some schools. Sam eventually gets a letter from Tate requesting an interview, but things don't go as she hopes.

Al has graduated beauty school, and Tony helps him set up a salon in Brooklyn. Al's behavior towards the customers upsets them, and when Tony explains that Al will never make it unless he changes his ways, Al decides to close the shop. Mona fills out the census when she is bored and makes a few things up. A census worker comes to set the record straight.

The episode is a series of flashbacksincluding Tony walking in on Angela getting out the tub, Tony telling Angela he loves her before he goes in for surgery, and when Angela said that she loved Tony in her sleep.

Tony is studying for his final in Art History, so he and his study group rent a motel room to study all night. He ends up alone with one of his blonde and beautiful classmates in the motel room, and he ends up making out with her and maybe more. Angela finds out about their night and is hurt.

The Who's the Boss Club · Who's the Boss Wall · Who's the Boss Updates · Who's the Boss Images · Who's the Boss Videos · Who's the Boss Articles · Who's the. The following is an episode list for the ABC sitcom Who's the Boss?. The series stars Tony The next day, Tony gets a date with a college professor who turns out to be After a long night, Angela kisses Tony after she finds out the truth. Who's the Boss brought families into the home of a single working mother whose life was being changed byhaving a live in housekeeper and.

She asks Tony if it is over, and he says that he does not know. They end up talking about their relationship and how they don't know exactly where it is leading but they should see other people while they figure things out.

Tony Singletary. Angela is out on a date with Peter, who choked on a piece of pork. A man named Christopher was there and saved his life. Angela is smitten with Christopher and asks him to go to an awards dinner with her.

Everyone in the family seems to love Christopher, but Tony cannot catch a glimpse of him. Christopher gets Jonathan a girlfriend and helps Sam to learn the flute.

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