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Is it weird for a Freshman to date a 8th grader? -

8th grader vs. 8th grader

No this year im in7th grade and im date a 9th grader. And if you feel uncomfortable, then ask make sure with your date that nothing bad is going to happen. If there is a three year age difference it shouldn't be that bad. A lot of adults are separated by a few years. But if an 8th grader should date a 5th grader keep things appropriate.

Okay - what idiot gave us all thumbs - down!? Source s :. Add a comment. My cousin is going into college and she is currently dating a guy 2 years older than she is. So no it isn't weird, it's OK. I was in 8th grade dating a 11th grader Age doesn't matter. This person's just a year younger than you.

If you really like this person,then date the 8th grader. Source s : i dated a 10th grader this last year. It doesn't matter I was in 9th grade last year and there were plenty of 9th grade girls dating 10th grade boys.

Source s : me.

8th grade dating 9th grader

You are young so do whatever you want. Later in life you will have to worry about so much more.

8th grader exposing 6th grader

Pagination 1. Existing questions. Related Questions 9th grader dating a 8th grader Do you think its weird for a 8th grader to be dating a 7th grader and a 9th grader to date an 8th grader? Is it weird for a 9th grader to date a 7th grader? More questions.

Is it okay for a 9th grader to date an 8th grader? Answer Questions Why is my friend acting like this? Which do you value most love or fairness?

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Robinson Middle School Rising 9th Graders Date. Time. Event. Description. Thursday,. January 4. Learning. Seminar 1 February 8. They can't spell, they think they can DATE in 7th grade (Some think they're in LOVE. How funny is that?) (Judging by all the 8th graders.) I'm nothing like that. There is a likely possibility for a psychologically/sexually more developed 9th grade boy, dating a psychologically/sexually less developed 8th.

Rating Newest Oldest. She dated a guy in seventh for three months a record for her.

He was actually thirteen so we were all old for our grades. But then it turned out he was immature and right after they broke up he asked out TWO other best friends of ours. He admitted he was going for the rebound because he had to get over her. So sorry for telling you all this stuff you didn't need to know, but the bottom line is this guy may be different but he probably isn't.

Guys mature slower than girls, so I recommend dating up a grade or two I wouldn't go any higher than a sophmore or junior, sophmore is perfect. Just really take some time to make sure this guy is mature. One more piece of advice- You need to really be careful because you've never dated anyone before. He could manipulate your lack of experience. Keep all these things in mind, but he could be a great guy. Just get to know him first! And as for dating in lower grades being socially acceptable, it got my friend a lot of attention when she started dating a younger guy I don't know if you want everyone all in your business.

I'm just warning you because she really hated how everyone judged her so much for it. But don't let that stop you from dating a great guy! Good luck! Source s :.

Is it okay for a 9th grader to date an 8th grader?

Add a comment. It is absolutely fine! I dated a guy younger then me. It shouldn't be awkward.

Is it ok for an 8th grader to date a 9th grader? Actually, its okay. Age or Grade really doesnt matter as long as youre loving each other. OMG - I'll be in 9th grade and I like an 8th grader!! I think it is perfectly fine!! I mean it's just a year!! When you guys are older, it's not weird for a. To make a long story short, my cousin is dating my friend. Now let me So members of the Escapist, I want to know how you feel about relationships between high school seniors and 8th graders. Or other Ninth is freshman.

Once you get used to it. Just give it a shot.

If its too awkward then you don't have to stay with him. Oh, and he definitely likes you! Source s : Meeeeee:. Enjoy your life!!

My best friend and I are fourteen too, but we're only in eighth grade. She dated a guy in seventh for three months (a record for her). He was. Since our 6th graders are like 3 feet tall with 8th graders being A friend of mine had a sixth grade girlfriend in the 9th grade and it was fine. An 8th grade guy is dating a 6th guy guy at my school, and while I don't care that yr olds are usually 9th graders (freshmen in hs) . NTA- that would be weird to me too tbh. an eighth grader is in a very different part of.

Dont get caught up in relationships this early! As long as u both like each other:. I guess but I would never do this Lol. Existing questions.

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