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Blood Type Personality in Japan: What It Says about You

ARE Japanese REALLY STILL OBSESSED about blood types? Japanese girls and boys give their opinions

And I'm not alone. In Japan, blood types are considered an important indicator of a person's personality. If you're planning on visiting Japan or interacting with Japanese people , read on. Understanding Japan's obsession with blood types can help you make new friends and fit in with Japanese groups. Plus, you'll find out where these beliefs came from and why it has such a hold on the Japanese consciousness. Japan's interest in blood types comes from the idea that a person's blood helps define their personality. There are personality traits for each blood type.

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According to blood type personality theory, type O's are selfish warriors, Speed dating in Japan can even focus on blood type—potentially. It is a good idea to know your blood type. While most Japanese know their blood type, many foreigners do not (and Japanese are frequently. In Japan, it is widely believed that blood type determines personality. Dating sites, and indeed the population at large, use blood types to.

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ARE Japanese REALLY STILL OBSESSED about blood types? Japanese girls and boys give their opinions

One-Minute World News. News Front Page. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. Many Japanese believe blood type determines personality.

At the interview for my first job they asked me about my blood type. Blood type can have an effect on professional as well as personal life. If you can hide behind blood types you can then tell someone indirectly what you think about them.

Taro Aso was proud to identify himself as a type A while in office. Ghost town.

Did you know Japanese people believe your blood type determines your to know someone very well instantly, in particular, on a blind date. If you don't know what your blood type is, then you better find out, because Blood types in Japan are seen as a stereotype--that is, if you're blood type A, . Learn About Japan's Unique Dating Culture from a Japanese Writer in her Twenties. But in Japan, whether someone is A, B, O or AB is a topic of everyday conversation. There is a widespread belief that blood type determines personality, with implications for life, work and love. It is a scene repeated in cities across the world but this speed dating session in.

The guerilla plant. Walking away. Type Os are also a great match for Type Bs because they are very easy to get along with and are very flexible. Their friendly, agreeable nature works harmoniously with Type Bs social personality.

Type ABs are also a good match for Type Bs because their rationality is a good counterbalance to Type Bs more free spirited nature.

As stated earlier, these two blood types are a bad match because Blood Type As cannot handle Type Bs unpredictable lifestyle. Type As crave stability in their relationships and Type Bs detest being tied down.

Their paths were always facing opposite directions. AB Types are the least greedy when it comes to matters of finance or love. This nature makes them very selfless when in a relationship. When it comes to dating, ABs are very adaptable to their partners and are very sensitive and loving.

Unfortunately, their indecisive nature makes it very difficult for ABs to commit in a relationship. What better match for an AB than a fellow AB? Type ABs are very flexible and easy-going.

Their calm attitude and strong moral consciousness allows them to be on the same page and makes for a cohesive relationship. While these two blood types can make amazing friends, as lovers, not so much.

However, if they could look past that, they could be great partners.

Blood type japan dating

Type Os are very agreeable, friendly people. Not only are they sociable, but they are also extremely ambitious and generous. For example, they are shy like A types, but also are outgoing like type B. Blood type AB is the rarest in Japan and many other places in the world, tooso they are hard to find. You might be wondering which blood types get along with each other. Compatibility can differ depending on how the stereotypes are interpreted, so let's dig into how relationships work in the Japanese blood type personality theory.

They cover each other's weaknesses, but the differences may stress them out. Type B is uncomfortable with A's doting. The kindness feels intrusive. AB is part A and part B. Type A wouldn't get along with an AB who is too strong on the B side meaning they're self-centered. However, they can build a stable relationship, if the person is an A-ish AB.

Blood type personality theory

A good pairing! But if they don't, this pairing could be the worst.

Many Japanese dating sites encourage you to show your blood type on your profile, so it makes perfect sense that.

These two naturally respect each other's wishes. They'll have a good relationship as long as they don't get in each other's way. They can understand the other's complex and unique personality more than anyone else, so the relationship can get intense. Blood type relationship pairings don't have to be romantic.

But when they are, boy oh boy, watch out! A marriage consultancy agency in Tokyo called Celebrity gathered statistics of successful blood type marriages based on their database of professional matches.

They reveal the matches that are the most likely to result in marriage:. Do you know any couples who fit these pairs? If so, you might get a wedding invite pretty soon. For more details, check out their page about personalities and tendencies for each blood type. There's a whole heap of books, movies, dating services, resources, and chocolate that revolve around this obsession with blood types. As a modern nation rooted in science and technology, you might expect old-fashioned, non-scientific beliefs about blood types to get left behind in Japan.

Well, you'd be wrong. Japanese people, especially women, talk about blood type personality theory quite a bit in their daily lives, and it's one of the most common topics at goukonnomikaiand other social gatherings.

Some people are so fanatical that they won't date anyone they're incompatible with blood-wise. And that's just scratching the surface. Many people love to read, so naturally there are a lot of blood-type-related books. The series was a huge success, and total sales of the series reached nearly million copies.

It's so popular that there are even accompanying mobile apps and DVDs. But why stop at relationships? Why not let your blood dictate your meals, too? The author, Fumiyasu Nakashima, is a chiropractor and author of many health-related books and articles. His blood type diet theory stretches back through history and ties each blood type to specific groups of prehistoric people.

For example, blood type A is linked with agricultural people, so their ideal diet is mainly vegetables and rice. There are also blood-type-themed movies, shows, and anime. Blood types help to emphasize the characters' personalities. Plus there's a lot of romance tied in with blood types, so that works perfectly in stories. It was broadcasted from Feb 23 - 26, on Fuji TV. Every episode features a certain topic, like love, careers, or day-to-day life, showing the different ways each blood type reacts to specific situations.

Many Japanese dating sites encourage you to show your blood type on your profile, so it makes perfect sense that there would be dating services that revolve specifically around that concept. The site has a lot of testimonials from satisfied participants who were successfully matched with partners based on blood. If you're having relationship trouble, go get a blood test and then check out this site. ABOBA is a series of blood type condoms.

You pick the condom based on your partner's blood type, which helps… you know, blood. This product also includes brief relationship advice based on your blood pairing. The package is covered in humorous words that make jokes about blood type personalities. There are 10 variations for each blood type.

Non-Japanese people can donate blood too, but the service is only offered in Japanese and there are some restrictions for foreigners, so be advised. You'll get to know your blood type, while experiencing the Akiba subculture.

Ever been on a date and found yourself confused because they asked In Korean and Japanese culture, it is believed that blood types can tell. It may be a surprise to many westerners but many dating agencies in Japan encourage subscribers to list their blood type on their online. A pseudoscientific belief exists in Japan and South Korea, that a person's ABO blood type is .. Dating by blood type in Japan; ^ Nuwer, Rachel. "You are what.

There's also free wi-fi, manga, magazines, snacks, and drinks to enjoy while you wait. Get your nerd blood tested, you nerd.

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