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Dating in College: Expectations vs. Reality . Her Campus

College is full of thrills: parties, friends, internships, and, of course, dating. College dating is different for everyone. Before arriving at school, many people imagine what it would be like to have a romantic, nighttime stroll around campus. As a college student, I rarely hear of people going on dates with people they meet out of the blue. Most college students use the infamous app Tinder, or maybe even the rising app Friendsy, to find possible romantic partners. No shy glances or flirty smiles are needed to start a chat with somebody; all it takes is a mutual right swipe. Does this make dating any less special, though?

Many TV shows portrayed dating and relationships as a huge, unavoidable aspect of college life, though in reality, my friends and I rarely even thought about it.

College dating is such a roller coaster ride. But some of us may have different perceptions or expectations verses what it's really like to date in college. Oct 3, - Dating After College: Expectations Vs. Reality. By Natalie Morin Cancel. k. Expectation: Everyone you meet will be a mature adult. Apr 7, - Dating in College: Expectations vs. Reality. College should be every single girl's dreamódating at the perfect age when you have no curfew and few responsibilities, which means plenty of time to socialize and meet up with the cutie who literally lives two floors down from you.

The rise of dating apps further perpetuated my expectations about college: mostly just casual hook-ups. Through those apps, my friends and I have found fellow concert go-ers and even study buddies. Surprisingly, not everyone on Tinder wants to Netflix and chill.

Perhaps I should just click here to visit swirlr. Compared to high school, college relationships definitely have their pros. You probably went to high school with the exact same people for all 4 years.

Even though your classes changed every year, you cycled through the same few hundred or so kids, semester after semester. Chances are, your college has a much bigger population than your high school.

Oct 10, - No more frat guys or immature college girls. You're going to meet Your Post-Grad Dating Expectations Vs. The Sad Reality. By Ashley Fern. College experiences are viewed in a completely different way before and after you attend. The reality of dating in college is never quite what you expect. Jun 24, - College dating is such a roller coaster ride. But some of us may have different perceptions or expectations verses what it's really like to date in.

In my first semester of college, I met new people nearly every single day through my dorm, classes, extracurriculars, and even the dining hall. As a friendly reminder: whatever or whomever you choose to do in college, be sure to stay safe.

In the traditional sense, this means using protection and getting tested find out more in another The Prospect article here. In another sense, this means knowing and trusting your partner, especially when sexual assault is on the rise in college campuses across the US.

No comments yet. Expectation: Watching the sun set in the quad and telling your date that you never expected to fall so hard for him. Expectation: Meeting new guys every week because there are literally thousands of eligible bachelors around you and college is the ultimate breeding ground for meaningful relationships.

Jan 26, - My expectations for college dating culture came from the media. Thanks to those embarrassingly-obsessive MTV teen dramas, college seemed. Oct 27, - College is the most magical place on earth, second to Disney of course. up the magic too much to have your expectations crushed by reality.

Reality: Recycling old hook-ups and reconsidering guys you rejected last year because, as a single girl in college, your standards are inversely proportionate to your seniority. Dating is all about trial and error lots of errorso take advantage of the major opportunities you have while surrounded by other college students who are thirsty for love or maybe just thirsty.

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Reality: Going to Chipotle twice as often and saying yes to guac whenever he pays for you.

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