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(PDF) Adolescent Compensated Dating in Hong Kong

Compensated dating scandal Doctor sentenced to 16 years for bedding teenage girls471

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In the s, her parents owned three apartments — two at the Mid-Levels and the other at Repulse Bay — as well as two luxury cars. Both her parents were serious gambling addicts. Soon after she was born, the chronic gambling started to take its toll and their wealth evaporated. Mum beat me up when she got upset. The only one able to stop her from beating me was my sister, because she beat me even worse, and that made my mum kind of sympathetic about me.

The houses and cars were taken away — but the gambling continued. Soon afterwards she started working to support her family. Mui Mui worked in the finance industry, but got laid off last year. He wanted to have sex with me without paying first. Then I remembered some experienced daters told me not to agree with anything until you get the money, so I rejected him.

Finally he got cranky and upset, and did nasty things with me before he walked out of the hotel room. Action speaks louder than words. From the findings of a survey conducted by the Demoractic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong DABmany girls look for and contact their clients through online game chat rooms.

To combat this indecent behavior, the police should have to check through the online game chat rooms or forums. They should also contact the webmaster to supervise if there are any activities related to compensated dating.

If so, the messages should be deleted and the one who posts the messages should be removed from the member list. People should not sacrifice their bodies to gain money as returns. Besides, teachers and social workers have to discuss the bad effects or undesirable results of compensated dating with teenagers comprehensively.

Apart from the government, teachers and social workers, parents also play an important role in curbing such unethical transactions. Sometimes, teenagers who are without parental care would go astray easily. They find no one to share their ups and downs with and resort to compensated dating or taking drugs. Parents should spend time talking with their children and have family day with them even if they are busy.

Although money is important, care and love are essential to every one. Parents should put their children on the top priority. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. We value your privacy. Download full-text PDF. Download citation. DOI: Jessica C. Although numerous studies have examined the prevalence, contributing factors, and consequences of compensated dating CD among young people, few empirical studies have investigated the process of engaging in CD.

This article intends to fill this research gap through semi-structured interviews with 30 young people who have experience in CD in Hong Kong.

Twelve decision-making points in four crime commission stages are identified in this study. The findings of the study will not only advance conceptual understanding of the choice, script, and dynamics of young people's path to CD but also provide suggestions for formulating stage-specific measures for situational crime prevention.

This empirical study is the first to investigate the process of this specific emerging offense in the Chinese community. Content uploaded by Jessica C. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Jessica C. Li on Feb 10, Content may be subject to copyright. The online version of this article can be found at:. What is This? Although numerous studies have examined the prevalence, contributing factors.

This article intends to fill this. The current study provides a step-by-step account. Twelve decision-making points in four crime commission stages are. The findings of the study will not only advance conceptual.

This empirical study is the first to investigate the process of this specific. Compensated dating CDor teen prostitution, is a global concern with many interna. Congress held in in Y okohama, Japan, alerted governments and non-government.

Such awareness has. Although prior literature has investigated contributing factors to CD or teen prostitu. Ho,little is known about the decision-making process of young people engag. Knowledge about the decisions and actions of.

This study intends to fill this gap in the literature by applying the crime script. The article is structured as follows. First, research on CD and the conceptual. Second, the. Finally, the limitations of the study; the implica. In Japanese, enjo. In Hong Kong, a female teenager involved.

Some years ago, an expatriate news editor asked what the difference was between prostitution and “compensated dating” during an editorial. Let's discuss the causes that girls go on compensated dating first. The main reason is to earn money. Many teenage girls who engage in compensated dates are. The compensated dating industry is what makes sex work in Hong Kong unique. Meanwhile, Sandy – who has been doing compensated dating since . Havoc I caused is 'unforgivable': Hong Kong's Carrie Lam says she.

The term yuen jao is also popular in T aiwan, where it describes. In the United States, this phenomenon is com. CD is some. W akabayashi found that enjo-kosai may consist of various. In most CD cases, sex services are provided afterward. In this study, CD. Taiwan, and Hong Kong. A survey conducted among 5, junior and senior high school students in.

Tokyo in indicated that 4. In a survey. Chen, A survey conducted by the author of this paper and her. CD is generally viewed as illegal and immoral in many societies, and previous. American teenagers engaged in sex work face an increased risk of. Taiwanese girls involved in CD have lower self-esteem than ordinary girls and even.

Li, Moreoverheroin, crack, and.

Although numerous studies have examined the prevalence, contributing factors, and consequences of compensated dating (CD) among young. We sought to study the prevalence of the compensated dating (CD) . as the primary reason that juvenile prostitutes remain in the prostitution. Findings (2): Reason why the teenagers offered compensated dating. purchasing brand name bags (87%). receive luxurious gifts from the.

Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, have been found to be prevalent. Individuals below 18 years are protected. Ordinance, Cap. Both selling and buying sex are morally unacceptable in. Chinese citizens, especially those who. Stack, Under this social context, purchasing sex from underage individuals is. A man who engages in unlawful sexual intercourse with a. In addition, pimps are punished with a maximum penalty.

Despite the strict. Techniques for SCP are viable options. Formulating effective situational interventions to alter risks, efforts, and rewards. The crime script is a step-by-step account. Cornish borrowed the concept of scripts from cognitive psychology to develop. Indeed, the term. The crime script approach system. This approach has been used to understand a range of crimes.

Applications include. For formulating a crime-specific intervention plan to prevent adolescents from engag. SCP deals with various offenses, such as child sexual abuse. Each of. The first SCP category aims to increase the effort required to commit a crime in sev.

The third SCP category is designed to discourage people. The fourth SCP strategy hopes to reduce the provocations of crime.

Y oung. The last SCP strategy aims to reduce an indi. T echniques for this strategy include. This study is based on the crime script approach and assumes that engaging in CD.

Rather, CD is a process that consists of a series of individual.

A full. However, the nature of crimes, offender characteristics, and the social con. The attitude and behavior of law enforcement agents, citizens, and community leaders. The current study hopes to contrib. This study attempts to enrich understanding of an underinvestigated topic with thick. The qualitative method, which. Thick data. This study aims to use the crime script approach to understand the process of CD from. Specifically, this study intends to. The second goal. A convenience sample was obtained through the assistance of 13 social work service.

Interviewees were paid. Thirty face-to-face interviews were con. A larger sample would have yielded a deeper. Nevertheless, the sample size.

At the time of the interviews, 1 1 out of the 30 respondents had completed senior. Of the interviewees, 16 were unemployed and10 were employed.

T wo interviewees. Four girls in this study eventually became pimps who introduced their friends. One became a customer of prostitution.

The respondents of this study. The first two scenarios involve a.

Compensated dating can cause physical harm. There is a high risk of being assaulted by customers or contracting diseases. Remember: three. Compensated dating, which involves girls being paid to go on dates that often involve In this letter, I would like to state the causes of compensated dating and . When people talk about 'compensated dating' in Hong Kong, they usually . Viewing unemployment as another reason why women resort to.

A team of trained interviewers conducted the interviews in the offices of social work. Prior to the interviews. Respondents were. The interviews were semi. The interviews were conducted. The interviewers used a one-page interview guide see the. When neces. All interviews were audio recorded and transcribed in Chinese. Quotes in this article. The researcher specifically developed the coding framework by creating. These themes are as follows:. A research staff member coded the scripts of the 30 cases using the NVivo software.

The researcher then confirmed and analyzed the data and generated conclusions. The retrieved qualitative data indicated that adolescents had their own script when. Such a script fell under the four aforementioned stages see Figure 1.

At each stage, adolescents had particular goals, calculations, and culminating actions.

Compensated dating in Hong Kong

Other than goals and actions, how people became motivated or ready to. People are motivated to commit a crime after perceiving its benefit.

Previous studies have investigated the motives of juveniles for engaging in. Stating preference of date and time of activity when. Expressing preference of location of activity where. Assessing background of potential client social chat. Engaging in social or sexual activity sold.

Aftermath Commission Preparation. Figure 1.

Dating for quick cash

Compensated dating script among adolescents. Table 1. Pre Desire 1. Acquiring motive. Instrumental e. Relational e. Psychological e. Controlling access to indecent online materials.

Neutralizing peer pressure, especially from boyfriend or. Disrupting market online policing of specious websites. Determination 3. Setting baseline and rules what. Conducting sex education in hot spots of commercial sex. Enhancing guardianship e.

Posting reminders e. Improving management e. During Doing 7. Uploading pictures, entering chat or forum. Setting up formal surveillance measures e. Alerting conscience e.

Compensated dating cause

Post Desistance To quit or not. Encouraging reflective learning regret and reflection. These motives include meeting the financial need of street life T yler. Instrumental motives. Respondents most often referred to money and material goods as. Sixteen out of the 30 respondents claimed to have this motive. Girls accompanying a stranger, not necessarily for sex but for a cell phone, are. C He already asked me to be his girl even before I received a cell phone.

CD seems to be the only feasible source of income for those individuals below the. One girl described her need to maintain a materialistic lifestyle:. C I am not even How can I get a job? C Because I want to buy clothes, cell phones, new gadgets, and many other. Surprisingly, the desire of young people to lead a materialistic lifestyle is motivated. The current study uncovered that parents can be.

The following conversation is an example:. Interviewer: When your mom found out that someone had been admiring you and.

C Nothing special. Relational motives. Four respondents claimed that involvement in CD results from an.

A year-old girl C attributed her. Several loan companies. I said I would try to get around. I have asked my friends. My sister could not also find a way to help.

Involvement in CD is perceived as a good chance to increase the social exposure of. One girl C articulated how she benefited from this kind of involvement:. Everyone has different characters. Li Psychological motives. Nine respondents claimed that their engagement in CD was nei. This study supports that a present. One girl. C felt proud that men found her physically attractive:. Not everyone cares about sex only.

I think there. Another girl C dealt with her loneliness through her involvement in CD. My actual reason for participat. Clients could give me comfort. However, I still felt a.

I want to try this and know this. I hope to. Physical motives. Three respondents attributed their engagement in CD to their physical. One male respondent C offered a very straightforward answer regarding. One girl C admitted that she had. Her involvement helps her ful.

These responses suggest that CD is purposive. Money, the most frequently cited. Aside from material needs, a sense of security or achievement and social. After deciding to engage in CD, young people answer the question of whether to plan. Whether offenders plan to commit criminal acts is debatable.

By contrast. Nevertheless, no empirical work has considered. In the present study, the respondents indicated a. Most of the respondents 25 out 30 claimed to apply. One girl C refused to be naked when. She described an encounter as follows:. I said no.

Four thousand and I still said no. I considered the offer. Not even my boyfriend sees me. Without a doubt, negotiation skills are a kind of cognitive resource. Preference for clients who. Sixteen respondents had preferences in terms of the age. Interviewer: Who would you choose to conduct business with? Interviewer: So, a teenager—those younger than C Because some of them are too old. They look ugly. C Y es. Age and appearance. Interviewer: Do you have a standard when it comes to age?

C Y es, around 13 to 17 years old. The boys in this study mostly entertained male customers. One boy C C I am not sure. One was a foreigner and the other was Singaporean. Interviewer: Y ou could recognize the foreigner. How about the Singaporean? C He spoke Mandarin. I could tell from the accent. C I could not tell. Maybe around 30 or above. Preference for date and time of activity when.

Although the working hours in CD are. One girl C I had to look after my brother. Sometimes I let the client stay at my home. I could handle. In this. Another girl C chose to work during school hours:.

????? ??? No.6. An Examination of the Causes and. Consequences of Compensated Dating. (Enjo-Kosai)in Contemporary. Japanese Society.

I needed to pretend in front of my family that I was going to school. I wore my uniform. I usually checked online the. I could meet them then. Some clients. Preference for location of activity where.

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