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Fei Cheng Wu Rao: China's Hottest Dating Show

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Chinese dating shows which feature groups of men or women competing, via shows of talent and war of words majorly, for potential lovers such as If You Are the One can be entertaining to watch, but what happens when parents get involved in the action? Well the answer seems to be that you become a new ratings success as New Chinese Dating Time , a TV dating competition that has parents choose potential spouses for their children, has topped the national TV ratings in China for the past three weeks in a row since it debuted on Jiangsu Satellite Television in late March. During the show, a potential candidate takes the stage and answers questions from six groups of parents whose children watch the proceedings on a screen in another detached room. While the children can call their parents by phone to talk about what they think of the current candidate, the choice of whether to arrange for a date is ultimately up to the parents. If a parent isn't satisfied with the current candidate, they can "opt out" of the round with a press of a button, leaving the other parents to continue to fight over him or her.

Ugly, or otherwise unappealing, guys are often rejected by most or all of the women quite quickly. But if the man is especially dreamy, women can also choose to activate a "blast light" that shows their strong interest in him.

Once the bachelor has finished being introduced, if there are more than two lights on, he must walk up to the podiums and turn lights off for the women he isn't interested in until only two are left.

37 Times a Chinese Dating Show Got Too Real. Dating can be hard. Some singles in China felt like they had exhausted all other options. Dating in China - Dating anywhere, you are bound to find some cultural One of the best ways to show your love and affection in Chinese. Chinese dating shows which feature groups of men or women has topped the national TV ratings in China for the past three weeks in a row.

Then, he gets to ask those two women questions. After that, he can choose to date one of them or make an offer to date whatever girl he chose at the beginning, even if she turned her light off.

Over the past 8 years, China dating show If You Are The One has been all over the world, hosting participants from Australia, UK, France, Canada, Korea, New. According to Shi Cheng News, the dating show frequently has participants from countries other than China, such as Australia, the United States. In the first half of , it shattered records in China, with some 50 million tuning into a single episode, and is now the highest-rated show for.

However, this is considered a risky move as she may still reject his offer. The producers generally choose men who are interesting in one way or another, and the often frank and humorous banter between these guests and host Meng Fei is quite amusing.

For a while after its debut, the show made no attempt to hide some of its contestants' mercenary attitudes towards dating.

The show featured young people talking extremely bluntly about what they wanted in a potential mate and what they didn't, and some of them were quite cruel.

The "BMW" incident and a number of other high-profile stunts on the show, many of which revolved around the male contestants' wealth or lack thereof eventually led to government intervention.

Authorities were concerned that the Chinese dating show was promoting the wrong values, and its producers were instructed to de-emphasize money and sex in the show's discussions and tone down the insults and cruelty.

Government authorities also added a psychology teacher as another host to ensure that things wouldn't veer too far off track. Since then, Fei Cheng Wu Rao has been tamer, but that hasn't curbed its popularity much as it remains China's top dating game show.

With men and women often on even financial footing, If You Are the On e almost accidentally subverts the tropes of western dating game shows. The set-up alone — 24 women facing one man — is a good visual for modern dating in China. If You Are the One demonstrates the difficulty of finding a female date in ways that are pretty baffling to the western eye.

Male contestants prefer to study books about girls and crunch the numbers in order determine their chances of success. But the best parts are when the window into Chinese dating culture reveals more universal truths.

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Others, having set out on the path to true love, become re-routed onto one of self-discovery. I agree. Girls have become more certain of what they want and realize what kind of person they are. Especially when we stay here longer.

This reality television show 'If You Are the One's' Meng Fei raises the stakes on finding love for young hopefuls in China. Fei Cheng Wu Rao is a Chinese dating game show hosted by Meng Fei. Loosely based on the If You Are the One has been a ratings success in China and is now the highest-rated show for Jiangsu TV. Episodes are also widely distributed . Fei Cheng Wu Rao is a televised Chinese dating show on Jiangsu Satellite Television, one of China's most popular TV networks.

They talk about you but in fact defame themselves… when we return to our daily lives, we are who we are. VICE Elsewhere.

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