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Dr. Pepper age?

Vintage Coke Bottle Finds - Some Tips On What To Look For

I know Coke's Fresca I'm with Leon in this camp. Those would look great on any shelf and would make many collectors drool to have them. The fact that no one even monitors this site anymore disturbs me so much I don't feel safe using it. Don't know about rarity, but those twist type caps were big around in my area anyway. I try to stick to actual Pepsi bottles in my collecting, and don't venture a lot into the other flavors that Pepsi-Cola owned. Remember Me?

A: The Dr Pepper soft drink was first served in Waco, Texas, in and marketed nationally in Your Dr Pepper bottle dates from between and Login to leave a comment.

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Pair of dr pepper bottles

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Accept and continue. Dr Pepper Bottle. I have a Dr.

Pepper clear glass bottle. It reads Dr. I didn't know this.

A co-worker of mine found a 6 1/2 ounce bottle during a Any help finding the date age and where it was mad would be helpful. Jun 30, Explore kendastamps's board "Dr Pepper bottle identification" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Dr pepper, Stuffed peppers and Bottle. I found this Dr. Pepper bottle today. Front says "Dr. Pepper" with the numbers 10, 2, Typically, the LGW dating formula is as follows.

I've got lots of plastic bottles of water. Not good. Have a fabulous day, Marti.

You'd think they'd be more focused on customer's so that they could read the expiration without a code. No soda in this house for several years now, it's too tempting. Do you know how to determine the expiration date on canned Dr.

Hubby, on the other hand, loves Dr Pepper. In fact, his entire family loves Dr Pepper. Last year, I bought several 2 liter bottles of each that were. For continuity, the bottles used by the Barq's Dr Pepper Bottling Co. were Dating: [mids] Both ounce examples I have seen were made in For over years, Dr Pepper has been a staple in American culture. Flash back through the decades with us as we recall our favorite moments with Dr Pepper.

On the bottom: M7 HX L3 The expiration date would be September 26, I'll update this with a new post and full explanation. Hope that helps.

I'm sorry edvil, nothing like that on the code sheet I was given. It sure looks like March 12,doesn't it?

Where are you located? I would guess that either Dr. Pepper has a different coding system just for your area, or the company in general is changing their date stamp.

I'll start watching here and see if I see anything similar. Hi Marti, Mach and Januaryare these for expiration date or manufacturing date?

Q: When I lived in the north woods, I came across a pile of half-buried old bottles along a loggers' road. One of them was a Dr Pepper bottle. There is no label on. This makes it very easy for us to date Dr Pepper objects! Below are some We have many bottles, crates and original signs. As for buying the. Dr Pepper was born right here in Central Texas - a fact most folks But do you know why the numbers 10, 2, and 4 appear on cans and bottles?.

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