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The reason for the small and compact chassis of the original design was that Dr Z had a habit of finding and repurposing tubes, parts, and transformers anywhere he could find them. While doing so, he came across a few old Hammond reverb units that had been discontinued and thought he could find use for them. He used these original chassis and transformers to build a unique tube guitar amp that had its own voice. After selling a few hundred units he realized that it was time to contact some local manufacturers to have exclusive parts made for this design. He kept some aspects of the Hammond units like the materials used for the output transformer and the use of a global negative feedback loop the same, and tweaked the rest of the circuitry, including the phase inverter and the EQ network, to give it an exclusive and distinct sound. The success of this amp allowed the company to grow and establish its core principles: making distinctive designs, with simple features, at an affordable price. The 25th Anniversary Carmen Ghia has the exact same tonal quality as the regular Carmen Ghia but in a much smaller box.

You just get more or less volume. Full bias modulating output tube tremolo is on board as well.

Output tube tremolo gives you a depth not heard with pedals or opticoupler circuits. You get deep pulsating swells of tremolo from the JAZ. Whether you desire slow and mellow or faster Bo Didley sounds you can dial it in with ease via the speed and depth controls.

The front panel features controls for volume, full EQ, master, speed, depth, and reverb. The reverb and tremolo can be turned on and off via the supplied 2 button footswitch. Adding the Z Brake Lite to a combo gives you the ultimate 1 amp rig. Z Amplification is proud to release its most powerful Guitar amp to date, the Delta It follows in the line of Dr.

The Delta 88 will take its place on top the Dr. The Delta 88 has a broad balanced power band, it was designed to output 32 watts of the fullest, sustaining, 3 dimensional clean tones this side of a watt Plexi.

The cleaner settings are perfect for single speaker cab, smaller club usage along with a nice overdrive pedal. This will allow you to take control of a smaller stage, with a compact sized amp setup. With power to spare, all you have to do is reach back and turn up as you need it.

The output power grows to a peak 88 watts at full clip. It reaches this level in smooth linear steps. Never does the tone get harsh or biting.

Dating dr z amps

Using the Delta 88 with multiple speaker cabs will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing. Durability is built into the Delta 88 design. Michael should know he has used them all. The Delta 88 is a fully tested, finalized design which carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner.

It was good on its own. The Evolution of the Mazerati. All cathode biased amps generate the bias voltage from one resistor, so the average of the four tubes is summed together to form the bias voltage.

Maintain at least 3 feet of distance around all sides of amplifier. Do not block any Thank you for purchasing a Dr Z Amp. This amplifier was designed to give you years of playing and sonic enjoyment. We are . Place, date. I have been using a DR Z Carmen Ghia for the last 4 years. Sold off my JTMRI to get it. It has a sound that is a blend of Marshall and Vox. versatile amplifier that has become my most popular design to date.” – Dr. Z Originally designed as a “grab-and-go” studio and small club amp, the MAZ

The split load setup uses two larger valued resistors to split the set of outputs and generates a more accurate bias voltage. Now both halves of the output rise to a more balanced symmetry, giving a balanced tone with increased sustain. The next step was to upgrade the power transformer by a factor of three.

This increased the bandwidth of the amp, firmed up the low-end response, and gave the amp a perfect string to string balance with totally opened up the tone of the amp. After that, I increased the Global Negative Feedback for a touch more clean headroom. The Mazerati uses tru Global Feedback, which is injected into the first preamp tube.

The Carmen Ghia was the first design released by Dr Z and one that helped . Dr . Z Amplification is proud to release its most powerful Guitar amp to date, the. Note: All repairs on used Z amps will incur a $70 minimum bench charge. *For Z-Drive repairs please fill out THIS FORM and submit it to Purchase Date*. Product registration and proof of purchase must be on file with Dr. Z Amps Inc. Purchase Date*. Dealer Name*. Where did you find out about Dr. Z Amps?.

Finally, I increased the power supply filtering to eliminate any hint of Ghost Notes, and to increase the dynamic response. Note: as of Fallthis amp is no longer in production. It has been replaced by the Prescription Extra Strength.

EL84 Boutique Amp Shootout: Dr. Z Maz 18, Suhr Badger & Morgan AC20

Z amps for years to come. Players across the country have sung its praises, critics have gushed, and the word has spread. The Prescription is a British-voiced amplifier with its own distinct personality. The tone of this amp screams rock and roll when cranked, but when clean, its bell-like tone and piano-like clarity on the low notes gives excellent articulation on complex chords. The Prescription is complex and rich in harmonics, and gives incredible touch sensitivity and string-to-finger feel.

Note: Production of this amp was suspended in April The is our first channel-switching guitar amplifier.

Dubbed thethe amp combines two proven amp designs in one channel switching amp head. Jump from singing high-gain leads to punchy driving rhythm tones with the click of a footswitch. Finishing the look is an amethyst jewel light, and a blue LED channel indicator. Legacy Models. Prescription Jr. I think Z's are some of the best amps going today period! However, be warned Z amps, all of them no matter what the wattage are made for playing out and playing loud Like Matchless amps they are not bedroom friendly If you just read a post by The Guy Who Invented Fire please understand that opinions change, mind sets change and as players our ears mature With that in mind, today I may or may not agree with the post you just read!

I think of them as gigging man's amps - not too ostentatious, but not garden-variety either. Like a Super Duty F - on one hand it's just a truck, but on the other hand, you know it wud'nt cheap. Originally Posted by the guy who invented fire. I think it was a few years back that I saw Brad Paisley my wife made me do it.

I think he was playing through a Z, it was a good tone, not my kind of tone, but very good.

Originally Posted by LesStrat. Of course, I lack the requisite intellectual capacity to engage in a theoretical discourse regarding the sociological and ethical implications of the absurd and incongruous concept of personal ownership of firearms and the ridiculous supposition that humans are capable of responsibly using said weapons.

I want one I also have considerable experience with the EZG and Remedy. The Maz is an amazing amp, warm, chimey, nice vintage gain and super flexible. The Remedy is a rocker through in through. All are loud and take to pedals beautifully. One of the best purchases I ever made was a Brake Lite attenuator for the Maz. It's good up to 45 watts and can attenuate down 12db without coloring the tone. There is a minor amount of squash at maz attenuation.

Do you get the feeling that I dig the Z's? Originally Posted by Binnerscot. Originally Posted by Jakob Dylan.

Dr. Z Serial Codes A I started to serialize amps in I used the letter A to signify , so A - XXXX would be an amp built in I used the letter A to signify , so A - XXXX would be an amp built in P - XXXXX would be an amp built in DR.Z A - Join Date: Nov ; Location: CT; Posts: 15, Dr. Z amps, all of them no matter what the wattage are made for playing out and playing.

It's a little gross to put yourself in every song. I mean, how interesting do people really think you are?

Paris Hilton's psychiatrist Now that's gotta be an easy job. Kinda like being an auto mechanic in an Amish community. There's a particular direct and lively feel Dr.

Z amps have that you can't hear in the sound clips. Like your fingers are wired into the speaker. It's quite addictive.

Dr. Z Serial Numbers

I heard someone play one 18 watt version last week and thought it was the best tone I'd heard in a while. Originally Posted by CapoFirstFret. You sound like you don't appreciate Brad Paisley's playing? I'm personally a big fan of his playing as are many many other guitarists. The guy may be different than Van Halen, but I'd put his playing as as good or better any day.

He did not catch on the world like ole Eddie did!

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