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Yes not a problem finding and being asked on dates, not to sound arrogant lol, but the problem is keeping a rship longer than 3 month mark.

r/dubai: A sub for residents, expats, visitors and people interested in Dubai. Almost anything goes! Keep conversation respectful. Debate is . So, how hard is to ask local girls out (with the hair hidden, but with whole face seen). I don't wanna get deported for stupid things, so can. Quick poll! How many dates do you go on with the same person before you make a move?.

Like any changes as such? To the OP, those type of guys are hard to find nowadays. And unfortunately the ones who are there either don't find a girl like you or get into relationships with girls who are not the type they want. Out of curiosity where are you finding these "not actual men"?


Because half the time guys complain about not being able to find a decent girl or maintain a relationship, they picked up some drunk chick at a club and expect to find the love of their life, I'm not judging lifestyles and personal choices though, but don't go to the capital of hook up culture and expect more than a hook up.

Work on yourself, develop your hobbies, have passions and get really good at certain things and eventually someone who shares the interest will come around the corner Again, I know nothing about you, maybe you've got a ton of hobbies this is just a very nonspecific answer to a nonspecific question. Being alone isn't a problem, and being in a relationship isn't a necessity, it's a luxury, once you adopt that mindset, you'll find your actual man.

Just chill out man. And I never implied you have a problem getting attention from men or getting a man. I have female and male friends who have been the cause of almost all of the breakups they've experienced, in one way or another, but didn't and still don't realize that they were the cause and not the other person.

Just a thought, please don't think that I'm assuming you're the cause. Either way best of luck!

No no you could be right, I have analysed myself a lot. I understand how easy it is to fall into that trap. I myself have given my ex es more chances than they deserved and kept trying to find justifications for their behavior even going as far as to blaming myself when it was not at all my fault. While the guys you've dated may be good people, maybe age plays a factor in their mindset? I have no idea how old you are or the ages your exes have been, but this is something to consider as well.

Just work on your screening process for guys. And give it time. I'm sure you'll meet a great one eventually.

Good luck! It's a free dating app. Free messaging. You just have to sort through a few idiots but there are good people amongst the idiots. Well, this Sub in not the place where you will find your date or whatever you looking for neither any good relationship advice.

Dating in Dubai is a waste of time and effort. Work on something else rather than finding a relationship here. Relationships come by itself when the time is right. I think people like you need a relationship in order to survive here.

I rather have a long distance relationship with someone not in dubai. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. From your "strong tinger game? Should I be worried about this comment?

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Trust me none of the women on here are not interesting. Been on a few tinder dates this month and they all frankly sucked.

The most interesting one I had was a few months back with this one Turkish gal and she was fun. Can I just put forward an unsolicited piece of advice? As women, my friends and I have had this discussion several times. A lady who doesn't even offer is probably going to be trouble.

It's not about feminism or anything, it's just plain manners. Like idk know you.

r/dubai: A sub for residents, expats, visitors and people interested in Dubai. ( very rarely) actual women looking to date men, who we weren't attracted to at all, . Hi guys, so dating for a guy in Dubai is getting depressing! Not a problem getting a date, problem is sustaining a relationship that passes the two month mark!. Hi guys, so dating for a girl in Dubai is getting depressing! Not a problem getting a date, problem is sustaining a relationship that passes the two month mark!.

You're absolutely right. But also understand if a girl expects you to pay right from the time you've met up with her. That's trouble. You're a gentleman for paying, but always register that a good human would offer, even it's one of those faux-fights dad's have over who's going to pay. My luck in Dubai seems to suck as a year-old. No decent gals to date. You're still young - at 20 everyone is busy studying, starting their careers and trying to keep decent friends and make newer ones.

Apologies if this come off a bit as a rant. I am a 29 year old Indian woman who has lived in Dubai for over 8 years and yet I have had trouble. r/dubai: A sub for residents, expats, visitors and people interested in Dubai. Almost Good day, it seems like nobody here is intersted in dating. Everyone I know. A subreddit for those who live in, used to live in, or want to visit Dubai. We do have a few rules! Follow Reddiquette - All users within /r/dubai.

Everyone is and should be self absorbed at that age. You'll have plenty of time to find a girl once you are a little settled yourself. Having a girlfriend shouldn't be your goal, having a decent life and finding someone with the same values should be. Get to know people first and dating will happen organically through that. You sound very lonely, and people will pick up on that. Being lonely or not in the right headspace will attract the wrong relationships to you.

I think you can smell lonely a mile away but I am working on that.

Thanks for the advice. I sorta agree.

Me and my ex usually had this rule where I pay for one date and she pays for the next one and so on. That's wonderful. Good on both of you. It's crazy how much pressure men here have to be ballin' in their mid twenties or early thirties.

It's not okay and the women who expect that are usually trouble. Also try to not sound like a teenager when you type. His post is a parody my man. Some girl made that post and he just changed all the male pronouns with female ones. But you are commenting on OP's post which to the uninformed reader gives the impression that you thought OP was being serious and thus you are addressing op.

Or maybe you are playing 4-d chess and made a parody of a comment that was present in the original post by the girl herself. I went on a date with an English girl, who strangely showed up wearing an Abaya. After we ate, she asked if we can swing by the Pharmacy next door because it was her time of the month Ok no problem. As we are walking through the pharmacy, I got a little distracted with an important telephone call, although I noticed she was asking for some beauty products Didn't pay much attention.

Pharmacist says "your total is " I paid and said to myself well I'll consider that a one and only time. She called me the same night and asked for a mobile credit top up I blocked her number and never spoke to her again. I have an american friend who works as a teacher here to tells me her entire building or Irish and English women go on dates entirely for shopping, expensive restaurants and bars.

Their end goal is to see how far a guy will pay without getting any. You should've gone like, "O shit just a second I gotta call this guy back" and ran away.

To be honest I was extremely preoccupied with the telephone call and paid without much attention. Only after she called and asked for a top up i realised the situation hahaha. Can confirm most girls I've met are boring af and spend all day gossiping. Very few are funny and actually interesting. A loooooot of exceptions exist.

What you're seeing at a downtown cafe is one moment from someone's life. I'm the sit-around-with-friends-for-hours-over-sheesha kinda girl, but I'm also an avid reader and I work with domestic violence abuse victims in Dubai.

How are you going to know any of that by just observing me sitting with friends lol.

I know. I am just talking about women on my social media. I grew up here. I work a job i don't walk around the day in cafes or whatever so I don't even see this shit. You're right, most women aren't like that here.

But I also know a lot of girls that behave that way on purpose, because most men here are attracted to it. Show me a guy who's actually interested in conversation and getting to know you, then show me a girl who's the same, and I guarantee you they'll never meet haha. Excellent perspective. I don't think the perception of men here is that they're "easy", it's that there's more men making unwanted advances than men who just hold a nice conversation and ask you out.

I believe if you really like someone, don't give up until that person says no. Be patient and there may be a reward eventually. I tried that route. Not worth it. Feels like being a second option. The last girl I did that; checked with her for over 2 months thinking she probably would change her mind if I be persistent.

She never said yes or no ; just gave excuses that she is busy. Just fucking say NO!

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