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Twin Flame Dating Someone Else: What You Should Do

What To Do When Your Twin Flame Is With Someone

Our Twin Flames are our other halves. They are our heart, our blood, our soul. The bond is unbreakable. They are like another version of ourselves — same energy, same vibration, same big smile, same twirling mind, same joy, same flaws and even addictions. The Twin Flame journey is a healing journey for both halves.

Focus instead on what you want to put forth into the Universe. Male Twin Flames use relationships with 3rd party partners as a way to run and hide and they are often very aware of the fact that the relationship with the twin is much deeper and intenser than the one they are hiding in. Female twins also run but in a different way, because they feel rejected by their twin they can run into a relationship with someone else for various reasons but all of them having to do with in some way easing the pain of the rejection.

By Sophie Gregoire, 01/26/Our Twin Flames are our other halves. However this love truly lands and happens in the physical – not. Sometimes, things are not restricted to your twin flame dating someone else; they could even be married. Now the problem arises for that one twin who has. The twin flame connection is not sex based or romantic love based for that on and not give up; She doesn't meet anyone new; Even if she does try to date.

Instead of facing the pain in whichever way it has been triggered and healing it, they use the relationship with someone else to soften the blow and proving to themselves that they ARE attractive, feminine, lovableor [ fill in any other kind of wounding ]. This leads to the wounds staying intact and being triggered over and over again.

Another great practical joke the Universe can pull on us is presenting us the Twin Flame clone, which is as the word implies another version of your twin except, that you are well aware that the original is the better version. When you are the one running or perhaps also running, chances are you will run right into the arms of your Twin Flame clone.

They will maybe talk the same way, feel the same way, etc. She thought she was going crazy. The interesting thing was and this was before I fully committed to my twin, was that a friend of mine had just met her husband and things went so smoothly between them that I literally asked the Universe if my twin was not meant for me, to then bring me the husband that was for me.

WHAT IF MY TWIN FLAME IS WITH ANOTHER?? (the solution is HERE and NOW) - Jeff and Shaleia

I figured I could be holding on too much to my twin and not be open enough to the Universe bringing me someone better for example. Immediately I got this friend request from the Twin Flame clone, only to get a full rerun of my Twin Flame story.

Dating someone other than twin flame

I knew then and there that if there was anyone I would have such patience with, it would be with my Twin Flame and no one else. The thing is with Twin Flames that even though this is the strongest connection ever, with an immense sexual pull between the twin pair — a lot of Twin Flames have not or are not having sex with each other.

The reason for this being, that being sexually intimate with your twin is the most intense sex there is to begin with, but it also accelerates the purging and healing process. Some twin pairs can clear this way, but for most this is just too intense and it increases the Twin Flame drama.

But introducing energies from outside the twin relationship, can also bring difficulties along.

Whether you are having sex with your twin or not, the healing and purging that comes along with the Twin Flame experience also raises your vibrational frequency, sleeping with others while on the Twin Flame journey just brings more new stuff to clear out. Especially for women, because we are the receiving party in sexual engagement. Your actions will not match the desires of your heart, which makes it hard to manifest them.

Even if your twin is seeing someone else, that can change in a twinkling of an eye.

r/twinflames: A safe place for twin flames to discuss their journeys. feeling my twin flame does. its just not the same. does anyone know what i'm talking about?.

Remember, nothing is what it seems to be on the Twin Flame journey. The relationships the Divine masculine twin flees into after he has met his Divine feminine are often not strong foundationed love relationships, built to last a lifetime.

When Your Twin Flame Is Dating Someone Else

Florence Scovel Shinn already wrote about this in What we believe, also subconsciously will manifest in our reality. With love usually comes terrific fear.

Nearly every women comes into the world with a mythical woman in the back of her mind who is to rob her of her love.

So long as she visualizes interference, it will come. It is usually very difficult for a woman to see herself loved by the man she loves, so these affirmations are to impress the truth of the situation upon her subconscious mind, for in reality there is only oneness.

The light of the Christ within now wipes out all fear, doubt, anger and resentment. I see only perfection and draw to me my own. Divine Love, through me, now dissolves all seeming obstacles and makes clear, easy and successful my way. I love everyone and everyone loves me. My apparent enemy becomes my friend, a golden link in the chain of my good. I am at peace with myself and with the whole world. The flood gates of my good now open.

Now when the Divine feminine feels rejected and flees into a relationship with someone else what often happens is that she transfers her feelings for her twin onto this new person and gets all confused, because now it feels as if this might actually be her twin…. The thing is once you have met your twin and your heart has been activated, all your relationships change. Anyone new coming in will be viewed from the new activated heart point of view, which your twin activated.

I know it is hard not to take things personally, but unless you are mistaking an abusive relationship for a Twin Flame connection everything your twin does is not to hurt you but to help you become aware of your own wounding.

It is my personal observation that many people will search for someone to fill a hole, a sense of not being complete unless they have someone. Why stick around and wait for someone who clearly DOES NOT seem to want to why Twin Flames are not just another 'boy meets girl' (or any other variation). What To Do If Your Twin Flame Is Dating Someone Else by World's As intense as the connection is between them, twin flames may not.

When you fail to see this or discard your twin because it is not the picture perfect romance, you expected it to be… Chances are you will over- romanticize anyone coming in after your twin or even feel that this new person might be your REAL twin instead. It does feel awkward knowing that anyone I do end up with won't be the person I love most though. Try being married and with your soul mate for 11 years, children, home owner, established life, and then having your twin show up out of no where one day.

There is a reason for everything. This is real and there is real work we agreed to do before we incarnated to earth. And showing up only to leave and get married to another or walk away and refuse the connection is hard for me to understand as being part of the journey. One Twin is obviously awake first and knows and can feel their other half. That is the beginning. Once Twins have been connected only separation, due to one not being able to fully understand, but only for them to work on themselves, NOT run off and date or marry another, but for themselves and to work on what they need to in order to continue what was started.

I refuse to believe anyone meets there twin and then turns around and ignores the intense connection and begins their own life with another. I say this because I am married and at first felt my twin was really here to take my husband, but despite what I went through and the insecurities that came, NEVER once did I want her gone. Never once did I want her to go away and leave my family alone, and I was afraid like no other my husband was going to leave me for her or some stupid shit, but with all that fear and all the insecurities and crap I went through, never once did I want her gone.

This was my awakening to our connection and it was intense and painful and filled with all the things I needed to go through in order to understand what was happening so i could accept who she was and our connection. It is serious spiritual work not to be taking lightly. I also believe some Twins might not be destined for union or a relationship in this life time but still have spiritual work to do and once they accomplish what they incarnated to earth for may agree themselves to continue their lives apart but with out the pain from it or longing for each other.

Did you just answer, NO?! If that is the case then how could your twin have the depth they have with you with someone else? They feel the exact same way about you. Why is he not with me? Your twin is not with someone else because that person IS better than you — they are with someone else to help trigger all the wounding inside of you that makes you BELIEVE that someone else could be more interesting, attractive, better in bed, a more suitable wife, etc.

7 reasons to stop dating and become exclusive with your Twin Flame (even when you are not together)

This is because they have to live with someone who is deeply in love with someone else and no matter how much your twin tries to hide it, their partner can feel it. You know how in a relationship you can tell when your partner is lying? When you are in love with someone else, it always affects any other romantic relationship you try to have with other people.

But even if they do have sex, have you ever had sex with someone who is having sex with you because they feel obligated?

It feels awful for both parties. Like everything in life all is interconnected, so if a relationship is over mentally and emotionally — it will be over physically as well. Sex expert Kim Anami even goes as far as claiming that relationship issues directly affect how attracted or repulsed we feel to our partners genitals.

If you have ever been in a relationship that is ripping apart at the seams, you know how uncomfortable that state is — but you also know how difficult it can be to leave a relationship that is dead because of external reasons. When your twin is in a committed relationship with someone else, you need to give them the opportunity to live up to the man or woman they want to be.

There is literally nothing that you can say or do including ultimatums that will have your twin choose you. When the time is right they will leave on their own, when they are ready. Again not sleeping with them helps you to be more emotionally detached, which you will need anyway if you want to come into Twin Flame Union. You doubt the 5D signs and syncs. You doubt your inner guidance and basically you doubt your sanity.

When your Twin Flame dating others is paradoxically a sign of how stirred up, things we may not have realized were in us until a person got. When your Twin Flame is Married or Dating Someone Else Sometimes, a little after meeting, some twin flames form a relationship with someone else. "You wear that mask and do this for me and I will remain happy and not ask questions. Here are Some Signs Not to Date Others Yet When you 1 Get irritated with your twin flame for currently being with someone else, and you.

The funny thing is that Divine Masculines are often acutely aware of the fact that you deserve much more or better than the way they treat you. Their odd behavior only serves one purpose and that is to mirror you your own wounding. Those are not the kind of situations that Twin Flames encounter, those are more common in normal 3D karmic and even soul mate relationships.

I always ask my clients about sex in their relationship with their twin, because it does trigger so much — many of my clients have NEVER had sex with their twin at all. They have never had fights. As frustrating as this behavior maybe, it will not be abusive. So you basically only have two options stay in the regular mindset of what we say LOVE looks like, the old 3D romantic love template and try to fit this Twin Flame experience in there which will just keep you hurt and stuck and fully disempowered — doubting your own sanity.

Or you can shift your perspective and allow this connection to bring you where you are meant to be, fully anchored in a new perception of reality and in a so much more better space than when you met your twin.

It can all happen in the blink of an eye. Whether your twin comes back or not, following the program will help you come back to balance and understand the deeper meaning of the process your twin served as a catalyst of. On top of that you get to be a part of an AMAZING International community filled with beautiful, intelligent, awesome people who love to share this journey with you.

People who do get the 5D signs and syncs, because they experience them as well. People who know what the Twin Flame journey is like and who understand what you are going through, because they are going through it as well.

What better way to accelerate your shift into 5D, then by surrounding yourself with people making this shift in their own life? Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well. I found The Twin Flame Tribe after the most intense relationship of my life ended in a confusing manner that I could not understand. I'm amazed with what I've learned and how much I've grown and changed in just 2 months.

The program Sabriye created has been so helpful to me. I no longer feel like I'm alone and crazy.

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