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10 Things About Dealing with a Language Barrier in a Relationship

Can You Date Someone Who Doesn't Speak Your Language?

There sure are communication problems in every relationship at some point. Even Daenerys and Khal Drogo had their issues before she learned to communicate in Dothraki. And image having a multilingual relationship! That must be 10 times tougher! Jokes aside or not , life is meant to be lived. If your love is as strong as the legendary Nokia , no language barrier can destroy it.
I would say, you shouldn't date someone if there is no common language to communicate with. Life is not just about physical attraction.

When you both speak the same language these pitfalls can be hard to avoid - especially when he prods you with overly-personal questions on your first few dates. Fortunately, you don't have to feign a thick foreign accent to reap the benefits of a language barrier in love. Give these few tips a try:. Those of us bloggers in particular! But just as printing too much money can diminish the value of the dollar, so can speaking too effusively diminish the value of what is said.

But with a language barrier you learn that silence is better than forced He could be out there dating someone who speaks his own language. But when you're dating cross-culturally, discussions about. This is what it's like to date across the language barrier .. “It's exciting to try to explain and share something and introduce someone else to it,” says Eleni. How to Date Across a Language Barrier. If you have ever tried to communicate with someone who did not know your language, then you know.

Edward R. Murrow would be the last man to dismiss the importance of communication, yet even he recognized its limits when he observed: "People say conversation is a lost art; how often have I wished it were. News U.

HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. All rights reserved. Counterintuitive, I'll grant you, but consider the benefits of constrained communication:. No man-terrifying "relationship talks. Exotic charm of endearments uttered in a foreign tongue.

Enunciate your words clearly, and try to language that is a little more simple and clear. You also might consider going on a date in a location that is quieter and more relaxed. Find new ways to be romantic. Having a language barrier does not have to automatically eliminate the romance from those first few dates, no matter how challenging it might seem at first. There are ways to be romantic without using any words at all.

Simply giving your date flowers, opening doors for them, or putting your arm around them can exude romance without saying a word at all. Use body language to let your date know you are enjoying yourself and their company.

Dating someone with a language barrier

Dating and relationships are often viewed differently in different cultures, too. Make sure you understand how your date views romantic relationships, so you can both be on the same page. Understand colloquialisms and slang. When learning a new language, we usually learn the formal version of that language. Slang and colloquialisms are present in every language, and you will likely learn these more from native speakers than from a textbook.

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Slang is a way to forge commonality between different people who speak the same language. By learning a few slang terms here and there, you will be able to communicate in a more relaxed, informal way with your date. Learn your role in the relationship. Even if you are just beginning to date, you and your partner might have different ideas as to what role each of you will play in the relationship, due to your differing cultures. Be as clear as possible when communicating your ideas.

Ask questions.

If the language barrier is making it too difficult to do so, you can rely more on research you do on your own. Use language-learning software and textbooks.

What is the BIGGEST problem when dating someone from another country?

You might think you can just rely on your date to help get you by and teach you the basics, but your best bet for learning a new language will be textbooks and software designed to help you learn. There are a great many books and software options for you to choose from. There are many online-based programs you can use, both free and for a fee. Consider how much time you will want to dedicate to learning the language before you make a big purchase.

Read your favorite novels in the language you want to learn. It might seem silly to try to read a book in a different language, but reading is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Reading a book allows you to see the language in action, rather than just word-by-word. Books will teach you all different aspects of the language, including grammar, sentence structure, and style.

Avoid using your date as a constant translator. If you constantly ask your date how to say things in their language, they might start to feel a bit bored or even more like a tutor than a romantic partner. Try to avoid alienating them by consistently asking them to translate for you. Try to brush up on the basics ahead of time, and use your time together to try to establish your relationship. Use a dictionary. Maybe she wants to learn your native language, so you end up doing some sort of language exchange.

But again, do you want to be a teacher? Does she want to be a student? If she wants to learn your language, then how can you learn hers? Are you two going to compete? Is it clear what your expectations are? How many times can you call late at night with a language question?

What It's Like Dating Across The Language Barrier

Now, this can be seen as a good thing, as your relationship will force both of you to develop patience with one another. But on another note, you could drive each other crazy. If you constantly ask questions and constantly make mistakes, it may be tough on your partner. Babysitters get paid for a reason. You may not agree with some of these points.

You may be dating someone in your target language right now and have zero issues. Please remember, not every situation is the same. Sure, dating someone in your target language may come with many advantages, but it can also be uncomfortable if you are not clear and honest.

Here is what I learned dating someone that did not speak my language. Late last summer, I made the move across the ocean from Peterborough, Ontario to. Despite the challenges of building a relationship across a language barrier, dating “without borders” is on the rise. According to a study by Eurostat, nearly 9 % of. Dating is fun, but what happens when there's a language barrier involved? Back to the fun side of dating someone who doesn't speak your.

So, keep that in mind. Your turn: Have you dated someone in your target language? Let us know what happened in the comments. And finally One of the best ways to learn a new language is with podcasts. Read more about how to use podcasts to learn a language.

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6 Struggles Of Dating Someone With A Language Barrier When you're dating with a language barrier, you have a weak spot in the most. The Rules Redux: Language Barrier Love And The Surprising Advantages of Dating Someone You Can't Understand. Is communication the. The good, the bad and the ugly of dating someone who speaks a language that you want to learn. The language barrier was an issue. Then she dumped me.

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This has been a very interesting project! I started back in September, with three months to intensively learn the language while in Brazil, and then spent January and February travelling through Egypt ultimately not doing more than a couple of hours intentional work on my Arabic level, although getting lots of practiceand if you check out the above completely unedited, and unscripted conversation, you can hear what my Arabic sounds like! Unlike in my other videos, where I was focusing much more on an interesting message that the native speaker could share with the world, this time I did most of the talking, but had a very special guest interview me - the first person I ever spoke Arabic with!

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