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I am speaking of horses that have special medical needs, special diets and are generally unrideable. Occasionally, you may luck into something. That is a rare exception. I know that sanctuaries are bursting at the seams. I know that rescues should focus on horses that have a viable chance at adoption else they become defunct. There are no free retirement pastures and hands waiting to spoil your horse.

A few years ago I learned of a horse whose owner had abandoned him and left him to die on property that she had vacated. He was a regal American Saddlebred that was near death from starvation. I went home and got my horse trailer and came back and loaded him up. One of the neighbors wanted to know what I was doing and I told him I was taking the horse for its own good.

If he wanted to contact the authorities fine and I gave him my name and address. We nursed him back to a good weight, he was in his mid-thirties and the last couple of years of his life was good. Plenty of food, good clean water and shelter. He was unrideable but a great old guy.

thor: if i were dating you, well, let's just say horses wouldn't be called horses anymore bruce: hey, what the actual, genuine fuck does this mean. if i were dating you. well, heh. let's just say horses wouldn't be called 'horses' anymore, hey what the fuck does this mean ? yewberryeater im shaking what does. utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share.

I wish I could afford to do this more, but since then I lost my job and have been classified as disabled. Well spoken, my friend, and I will pass this article out to new owners. But what I really wanted to say was…grow a spine and do the right thing. Thank you.

Amen, if people only understood the horrible times these horses have when they end up in sales and slaughter. Article was hard to read and I understand it is necessary to know. Another subject, but still the same objectives.

Leaving your animal anywhere for care is questionablle, even in the best of circumstances. So please take note of this serious problem. Great story. I have 4 horses and love them. My 1st horse owned is a OTTB from a rescue and we picked each other.

She has issued but I will always see she is taken care of.

Another Mustang I have has trust issues we are working on. And finally a Freisian cross I have had since his birth almost 5 years ago. I chose to work with these four and plan on having the for the rest of there lives. I pray nothing happens to myself so they are taken care of for life. So my point is I respect the rescues and have adopted good and not so good horses.

But I am a horse family now and they will always be family as long as I have a say in it.

Lil Skies - Red Roses ft. Landon Cube (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

More horse owners like you will make a better world for horses. I completely agree with this article. I made him a promise the day he came home that he would end his days with me.

He is happy to be my best friend, my soul mate and my inspiration and I am v privileged to have him in my life. He wants for nothing and never will. I think part of the problem is that many people see a horse as a machine, bought to do a job and I despair when I come across this mindset. One only needs to look at the horses hooves to see that their not been well-looked after. Do people still not know, these ads are often trolled by dogfighters looking for bait.

If i were dating you horses wouldnt be called horses anymore meaning

I will not give them away for someone to sell and make money. My horses have been with me all their lives and they are My old guy is 32 Blind in one eye partially blind in the other and he eats a bag of equine Sr a week. It makes me really sad when I see these adds and the same goes for so many dogs.

See above article. Plus potential injury or illness costs. In a lot of cases, they are just disposable. People spend that much on trivial crap.

This is exactly what I think. I could never rehouse or sell my perfect 30 year old kids horse that I had all his life. I would have him put down and bury him. I recently had this conversation with a friend of mine, and I recommended the same thing. It just breaks my heart. It is not fair to call slaughter an unkind death.

Death is death. Humane euthanasia has been deemed unkind for humans to undergo, why is it kind for your horse? Do you know how slaughterhouses slaughter horses? If they are based on cattle slaughterhouse lines- which I am not sure, but I am a horse lover and slaughterhouse advocate so I am up to the challenge of doing the research- they are ridiculously humane in how they carry out the procedure. We have forced them to be humane in order to remain open.

The horses sought out human companionship because they were unable to care for themselves. They have never truly learned to fend for themselves. I watched them run out of the woods towards any human, car, whatever and be hit like deer. People thought this was an acceptable alternative to a slaughterhouse since these animals were young and viable.

THAT is an unkind death. Why is a slaughterhouse frowned upon?

The Old, Lame or Blind horse you “Love” but can’t keep anymore deserves better, just so you know

You are going to kill your horse anyway, and then be charged a disposal fee. Other cultures, other countries eat horse meat.

Thus, your horse is recycled and gets to give back to the world. It is the circle of life in full motion.

People should not be ashamed to make the also responsible decision to send a horse to a slaughterhouse. Whether you put the needle in and lay your horse down or however they do it at the slaughterhouse, the end result is the same- you are ending their life prematurely.

You are choosing their fate. In a perfect world, we can all make it a fairy tale ending. Maybe the end result is the same but how about the journey to the end. Stuck in a dry lot with flies covering you. Fighting for food because there are so many in a pen?

So why do you keep talking about a subject you have not personally researched? Horses sent to slaughter suffer a terrifying truck journey crammed in with too many others. Broken legs and fallen trampled horses are common.

They hear and smell fright and death while waiting there turn. Foreign slaughter houses are anything but humane. The emotional aspect of letting a horse go are not at all evident in your email? How come?

I don't know for sure since English is my second language, I never use the phrase or even heard of it, probably something similar but not the. if i were dating you. well, heh. let's just say horses wouldn't be called 'horses' anymore. hey what the fuck does this mean. from Tumblr. Anonymous said if i were dating you. well, heh. let's just say horses wouldn't be called 'horses' anymore yewberryeater hey what the fuck does.

Jasmine Francisco,Are you serious? Your arguments are ridiculous. And many horses are slaughtered in the same way as cattle, which is wrong due to a horses physiology,etc. There are no slaughterhouses for horses in the US. There is absolutely nothing remotely ok or humane with any part of horse slaughter…from the transport to the method of slaughter. Sending a horse to slaughter is not only barbaric, but is beyond abusive. Telling people to get off their high horse is insane in this instant.

Please never get a horse, or any other animal for that matter. Also, please do some basic research on horse slaughter.

Please educate yourself. Slaughter is never the right answer. That is supposed to be illegal. I will never condemn a horse to the death afforded them at slaughter. I cherish my seniors. I hope there is a special hell for people who dump senior animals and humans.

Thank you so much for posting this. Love this article!!! These horses that find so called homes are often betrayed and sent to slaughter. I was blessed to have a BLM Mustang from the time she was 10 months old to the day I had to euthanize her at 36 years old. We must all have plans for our old faithful friends!!! Thanks gain for this article!!! This needed to be said!!! While I appreciate your point of view, I think it is a bit one-sided and closed minded.

Now, however, I am one of the many who has fallen on hard times. I have been chronically ill and getting worse; I have had multiple knee, shoulder, and back injuries; AND I have been out of work for a while now. The longer I am unemployed, the harder finding a job gets. I live in a rural area where there is very little work. I cannot work from home because I cannot get hard-wired, high-speed internet service. I have had a few short term contract jobs, but those are few and far between.

Sometimes, I am in so much pain that I cannot even walk down to the barn to take care of the horses. She's gonna ride him so much horses become obsolete.

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if i were dating you horses wouldn't be called horses anymore meaning. If i were dating you. well, heh. let's just say horses wouldn't be called 'horses' anymore. hey what the fuck does this mean im shaking what does this mean. jisung: if i were dating you. well, heh. let's just say horses wouldn't be called " horses" anymore. chenle: hey what does this mean Yeah honestly it had a very sexual meaning and these are minors we are talking about.

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