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James Hardy suicide: Death of Indiana star, NFLer still puzzles .

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The remains came to rest in a tangle of logs, swept there by the mud-brown river surging toward flood levels in the wake of spring rains. On June 7, , the smell of decay from the Maumee drew a worker from a nearby water filtration plant. First, word came from the Fort Wayne, Ind. Then whispers. It was James.

And significant injuries often ignite its fallout, says Britton Brewer, a professor of psychology at Springfield Mass. College, steering athletes toward darker thoughts and moods like those Hardy demonstrated after his ACL tear and subsequent physical struggles.

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Unless athletes with these identity problems can find fulfillment in other endeavors, says Brewer, they are more susceptible to depression—or worse—when they step out of the limelight. The issues can be particularly pronounced among those who are genetically predisposed for mental health problems.

He had severed ties with Stuckey and Norfleet over petty squabbles and made only occasional trips home to see his son. The defeat Hoeppner had sensed on the phone proved a harbinger. The arriving officers ended up firing a taser at Hardy, but he pulled the wires from his body and fled. Two cops chased him down and arrested him—during the scuffle the officers sustained injuries that required treatment. Hardy broke his silence with Norfleet, calling him from lockup.

He claimed that the reports in the media were false, that police had abused him in the tussle. Norfleet called Parker, who said Hardy had been speaking in gibberish. Reality had begun to elude him. In November, after a psychological evaluation, Hardy was remanded to Patton State Hospital, a forensic psychiatric treatment center 60 miles east of L.

Hardy was to be confined at Patton no longer than three years and eight months, minus time served. Summerville estimates her son remained there roughly one year; Tucker recalls it being only a matter of months. Either way, when Hardy eventually returned to Indiana in his outward appearance finally reflected the turmoil within. An untamed beard hid a once stone-cut jawline and wild hair framed his face.

How Did We Let James Hardy Slip Through the Cracks?

His body, that magnificent vessel, had begun to soften and waste away. But often, instead of a chat, Little James would stare at a blank screen for half an hour before sending texts to his father, imploring him to log on.

On the occasions they did connect, the year-old boy discerned differences in his dad, but he looked past those problems, happy for the moments spent speaking with his idol. Maybe, his mother told him, they could spend time together again, provided Hardy kept his requisite therapy sessions. Hardy rarely showed up for these sessions.

On Jan. In a text, Hardy asked who was teaching Little James how to play basketball. He avoided public interactions in the city where seemingly everyone knew his face and name. Tucker says his friend loathed the continued queries about where he was playing ball.

When he said his career was over, jaws dropped and conversations stopped short. People expecting a deity got only a man. He trimmed back his long hair and beard and began frequenting a YMCA on the south side. But after a few sessions—his dribbling sloppy and jump shot off—it was clear: James Hardy would not find what he sought. He asked friends for leads, reached out to youth organizations, contacted local schools.

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Does anyone need a coach? But here, in the city that once named a day after him, James Hardy finally heard no, again and again. On another, he asked his uncle about the existence of an alternate dimension, then pointed a pistol at his own temple and threatened to pull the trigger. When police arrived, Hardy denied having any mental disorders but admitted he was seeing a psychiatrist to address his depression.

He said flashbacks of being attacked by police officers in L. Finally, inevitably, the living situation at East Butler Street boiled over. Both refused. During a crucial three-hour call in late May, Hardy told Tucker he would apologize to Norfleet for disparaging him then shutting him out, that he meant none of it. We all gonna make it. Hardy went to pick up a used, gray Chevy Malibu in Ohio to replace his Range Rover—a pedestrian car for a pedestrian life—and assured Tucker he would see him in a few days.

Instead, police found Hardy in that Malibu on May 25 after passersby reported seeing him circling a block, harassing schoolgirls at a bus stop. Officers warned Hardy to stay away but let the jittery man they encountered go. According to the police report, she told officers that her son suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression, and that he had bandages around his neck from a failed hanging attempt one day earlier.

No physician has ever publicly verified these diagnoses; Summerville now denies that she cited these diagnoses to police. Summerville pointed the officers down the street, fearing they would discover her once-celebrated son hanging in the pink house with green trim.

They found the unit unoccupied, a half-dozen trash bags filled with personal effects scattered across the back porch. Years-old letters of encouragement from Jane Hoeppner sat among his belongings.

In the days before his disappearance it seems Hardy tried to fulfill the promises he made during that long talk with Tucker. Today he laments not answering.

Keith Edmonds traded texts with Hardy, player asking coach if they could reconvene, but Edmonds was headed to Cincinnati for an AAU tournament. They made plans to talk when he returned. When Edmonds finally called, no one answered. Norfleet received texts, too: an apology, a vow to repair the damage done by a bruised ego and a deteriorating mind.

Little James spent June 8 riding roller coasters at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, while his mother watched from afar, eventually turning off her phone as a deluge of messages flashed across the screen. It took six weeks before the coroner released the cause of death: asphyxia due to drowning.

Nolan says Hardy underwent a thorough physical examination, including a brain evaluation, at the Cleveland Clinic before he passed away, but, citing privacy laws, the hospital cannot confirm if he visited or what tests were rendered, if any. Why would he go through all that effort, only to end his life? And Stuckey, despite years of distance, refuses to believe the man who led the life he envied most would have willingly ended it.

Nolan, though, has no difficulty processing the notion that James Hardy tossed himself to the mercy of a raging river. Nolan took on those financial responsibilities herself and oversaw the planning. Though her relationship with Hardy had been darkened by other women and a phone call to police, she wanted to give him a ceremony worthy of his name—and one last day of relevance in Fort Wayne.

More than that, though, she says she did it for James IV. Today he goes occasionally, as needed—holidays and birthdays have proven particularly painful. Mother and son frequent Concordia Cemetery Gardens, tucked between cul-de-sacs and a narrow basin dotted with geese, and mother keeps her distance, leaving the boy alone so he can say what he must. Each day, Little James looks a bit more like the black-and-white photo of his father etched into the tombstone.

Only 13 years old, he already wears a size 13 shoe. Maybe Norfleet will help mold that spindly frame into one that can deliver on impossible dreams. He aches for another chance.

Toya Wright Sends Her Condolences To Ex James Hardy’s Family

James Hardy III left pieces of himself behind, enduring bits cultivated on courts and fields. Stuckey hung on to basketballs from their time together in high school. As Elmhurst High sat vacant sincelooters slunk through its abandoned hallways, ceiling tiles missing, to gather the prizes that Hardy had long ago earned.

A litany of trophies and plaques and photos—for team sectional and regional appearances and for finishing state runners-up; for all-city player of the year and all-state in two sports—had once rested behind glass cases and hung on gym walls.

And while many of those treasures were plundered as the pale brick building sat neglected for years, Norfleet managed to collect a few of the remaining relics, tucking them away in his garage. The owners of a neighboring quarry purchased the old Elmhurst High site last August. Demolition began this spring, and the surrounding 27 acres will soon be cleared to mine for limestone.

Despite efforts to save it, the cramped old gym that once heaved to life as Hardy glided down the court has collapsed in on itself.

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James Hardy (American football) relationship list. James Hardy (American football) dating history, , , list of James Hardy (American football). Dated this 5th day of September ISAS, Richard Porter. subsisting between us the undersigned, James Trivett and James Hardy, of the town of Nottingham, Silk . Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. James Hardy - together you More Baby Boomers Seek Cosmetic Procedures as They Re-Enter Dating Scene.

Please check your inbox to confirm your email address and start receiving newsletters. When the holder of every Indiana receiving record—the 41st pick in the NFL draft—turned up dead in a Fort Wayne river, friends and family faced some tough questions.

By Brian Burnsed. November 14, More Less. David E. Roosevelt Norfleet was Hardy's first cousin and, for a time, his guardian. Hollis Bennett. Hardy often sought help from his high school basketball coach, Keith Edmonds.

Back to Top. Email Address Enter valid email address Password. Not A Member? Sign Up Now. Email Address Enter valid email address. Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. James Percivell Hardy born December 1, is a retired American professional basketball player.

Hardy played the forward position in the NBA from to He played collegiately at the University of San Francisco. Connect any celebrity with James Hardy basketball to see how closely they are linked James Hardy basketball.

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Toya's ex-boyfriend, former NFL player James Hardy, III was found dead at the age of The wide receiver's body was discovered in a river. When James Hardy—the 41st pick in the NFL draft—turned up dead in a Fort Wayne river, friends and family faced some tough questions. Relationship history. James Hardy (basketball) relationship list. James Hardy ( basketball) dating history, , , list of James Hardy (basketball) relationships.

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