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Win a date with Sasuke Uchiha Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic . FanFiction

NaruSasu Fanfic: Chapter 6 The Birth?

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, if I did then the ending would have been completely different. Warning: SasuNaru, parody, Sakura bashing. This is something I wrote when I was young, way….. Though it is still a horrible story. I wrote this when I was young and stupid. Back when my grammar was that of a three year old, and it probably still is.

Without warning I herd the voice of the bitch herself, Sakura Haruno, "Sasuke is that you? She was a couple a seats behind us, I cursed under my breath, "fuck…" Sasuke then quickly scooted one seat away from me closer to the edge of the line of red theater chairs.

I sighed then rested my head on my hand staring blankly at the screen. She then moved over down to us she whispered to my boyfriend, "OMG baby I can't believe you came here alone. You know we both talked about watching this movie. I decided to come here alone to watch it…", Sasuke lied through his teeth. But of coarse this stupid moron believed everything he said. I rolled my eyes and just grumbled having my own pity party.

I walked out of the theater very disappointed. Sakura had walked by and ruined my romantic time on our anniversary none the less.

OLD STORY MISTAKES ARE GONE. I, Naruto and Sasuke are dating behind Sakura's back. Includes Sakura bashing so if you. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Naruto U., Sasuke U. - Chapters: 4 . You and I pretend to be dating, O say a month from now. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, and Rock Lee play a game of truth Ino sighed "That Sasuke and I have been dating for a couple of.

God I hated her, but I hated that Sasuke had texted me during the movie saying that now we can't have dates here on Saturdays since Sakura decided that they should do this all the time.

That was just fucking great not only is our anniversary ruined but now we can't even go to our regular dating spot! Sakura always ruins everything, I don't see why she is needed not like Sasuke's dad actually cared what goes on in his dating life besides knowing that his son likes girls!

~*~ SasuNaru - Agreement ~*~

God I was frustrated, I could pull all my hair out and punch a fucking brick wall. After a few minutes Sasuke and Sakura had finally walked out of the building.

I walked a little closer to ease drop. Sasuke gave her a fake smile and nodded for a response. She sighed happily then notices Sasuke had something, I couldn't see what it was but Sakura soon fixed that pulling it out.

Naruto is in love with his boy friend Sasuke, but the problem is is that he I was so excited I have been planning the whole date since it was so. Naruto enters a contest on a whim to win a week long date with the famous super gorgeous Sasuke Uchiha. Despite his boss's warnings the. For JenNaji. This is set around in fanfiction time, where Sasuke is still in the village and Tsunade is the new Hokage.

It was an orange box rapped up in a red ribbon…two of my most favorite color s put together. Sakura quickly opened the present and saw it was a custom made ruby hair pin carved to look like a swirl. I grabbed my chest almost broke down in tears…. Sasuke knows I wear hair pins all the time because my bangs gets in my face…. It was sweet…but it was sadly stolen by that pink hair bitch… She looked in the back of the hair pin then suddenly said, "U-Uzumaki?

Sasuke sighed once more then faked a smile, "It means swirl…as in you make my head spin every time I look at your beautiful face…" she smiled and hugged him kissing Sasuke deeply. He broke the kiss as he broke it she then said, "Lets go out for dinner" she said cheerfully.

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Naruto U., Sasuke U. - Words: She was the only that knew that he was dating the blonde, and her. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Naruto U., Sasuke U. . If Sakura couldn't get a date from Sasuke, then there was no way that. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Naruto U., Sasuke U. The raven remembered what had happened, and why they had started 'dating'.

He sighed but nodded, Sasuke walked to his car unlocking it. He saw me standing there watching him, he gave me and apologetic look then went into the car and drove away. I squeezed my hand into a fist. I was beyond mad I was furious! I couldn't believe Sasuke had ditched me on our anniversary to go on a little date with his stupid fake girlfriend! I walked into the house slamming the door shut. My father was reading a book while my mom was playing a videogame with my brother. They all froze seeing how angry I was, I then stomped into the kitchen grabbing a ramen cup and warming up the water.

My brother then asked while staring my way, "Didn't you go out to dinner with Sasuke? I shouted waiting for the water, "No! Because sakura was there and it's always about Sakura! Sakura Sakura Sakura! We can't go because of Sakura! I'm sorry Sakura called me! Oh sorry I can't I have plans with Sakura! I then grabbed my custom chopsticks and headed up stairs slamming the door behind me.

Naruto dating sasuke fanfiction

I lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling, "Another date ruined forever…. Its so frustrating" I covered my face with my hands now my thoughts flowing through my brain.

I grabbed my phone to see who it was. I ' m sorry Naru, I didn ' t mean for that to happen will you forgive me? I then closed the phone to angry to text back to that then turned off my phone so my phone wouldn't blow up with a bunch of stupid texts. I threw my cell on top of my laundry and I the grabbed my ramen and ate it alone hating life right now…. It was a Monday morning in Leaf High school, I was walking to school still full of steam from Saturday night.

A couple of my friends walked up to me one wrapped his arms around my shoulder and another walked by me pacing himself.

The one having his arms wrapped around me was my best friend Kiba. I have known him since kindergarten, at first we hated each other but when middle school came by we were best pales. The one that was pacing is my other best friend Lee, I met him in middle school he had challenge Sasuke into a duel and Sasuke got his ass kicked.

I was surprised, Sasuke was embarrassed and no to this day beside me, lee, and Sasuke knows about that embarrassing moment. Me and Lee swore we wouldn't tell anyone. Lee continued to pace beside me on my right side, "Yes friend, you're not looking too youthful today. I sighed continuing walking to class, "Well me and my girlfriend got into another fight…" they both didn't look surprise. The only reason they don't know is because they like every one else thinks were broken up.

I didn't tell them because Sasuke begged me not to so if I ever had trouble I would pretend I was having trouble with a girl going to a different school.

Kiba shook his head at our friend then spoke, "Dude I think you better end it with this chick if she keeps troubling you I have thought about breaking up with Sasuke, heck I even mentioned it to him but he nearly had a heart attack at the thought and wrapped his arms around me tight shaking his head.

We went on nonstop dates that week for him to convince me to change my mind. I loved Sasuke I really did but, the only problem was…well Sakura…" I'm tired of him giving his full attention to being with her when it should be on being with me instead. Then and Idea popped into my head, I smirked.

My friends stared at me confused; I pulled Kiba off of me then headed to one of Sasuke's classes. I smirked once more and walked towards them. Sasuke saw me walking towards him and he gave me ' are you fucking crazy ' look. I continued to walked and stopped in front of the group. Sakura glared up at me, "What do you want Moron!

Well what do you think should I continue with this new Yaoi Sasunaru story? You decide with how many reviews I get.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Naruto is in love with his boy friend Sasuke, but the problem is is that he needs to pretend to have a girlfriend. It wasn't until the end of the day that Sakura came running up to him, jumping happily, "Naruto! We got the money! Sai's gonna treat us for drinks! Sai groaned.

Naruto dating sasuke fanfiction

Her voice was something he did not want to hear. He turned to yell at her but stopped when he saw that Naruto was with her. Sakura and Naruto grinned, "We're gonna celebrate! And you're buying drinks. Sai wanted to say no, he really did but when he saw Naruto's face all he wanted to do was pamper the boy, "Fine…".

It hit on the edge, nowhere near the center and Naruto sweat dropped, "Man…I suck. Sai smiled then placed his hand on top of Naruto's and moved behind him, molding his back onto the boys making Naruto blush, "W-What are you…".

He moved his and Naruto's arm forward and launched another dart at the target, hitting it dead center, "There you go. Sai tried to will the blush away but it was hard when the person who was the object of your affections was praising you, "T-Thanks…". Sakura's eyes widened then lowered as she smiled sweetly, "Of course Naruto. You may not know it but you're a really lucky guy. I just know you'll win. A few minutes later Sai returned with a drink for him and Sakura and a ginger ale for Naruto.

They finished their drinks with meaningless chatter and they all got into Sai's car to be taken home. Sai headed towards Naruto's apartment, not wanting the boy to be out too long but slowed down when he saw a big crowd of people in front of Naruto's apartment.

Sasuke stood in his mansion currently making out with some unknown person who was actually a pretty damn good kisser. He always had people over to have sex with. He had his needs too. He pulled back from the girl and smacked her ass and she giggled, "See you around.

Sasuke watched her leave then scoffed, "Yeah right…" he then turned and walked over to his couch and sit down, trying to relax but know he would never be able. He didn't know why but it was nearly impossible for him to relax. Maybe it was because he was a superstar and never had a moment to himself or it could be the fact that everyone around him was superficial and only wanted his money.

Sasuke looked over to the TV when he heard a commercial came on advertising something about winning a date with Sasuke Uchiha. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Naruto enters a contest on a whim to win a week long date with the famous super gorgeous Sasuke Uchiha.

Despite his boss's warnings the small town boy might just end up falling for the super elite Uchiha but does Sasuke have other intentions? I can't believe it! Plus I doubt I would even win…" "Nonsense!

He sighed laughing then turned to the new customer walking through his aisle. Naruto's eyes widened he then started jumping with Sakura in unison. Sai chuckled as he watched the boy, "Naruto-" "Sh! You're so good Sai! Sai tried to will the blush away but it was hard when the person who was the object of your affections was praising you, "T-Thanks…" Naruto smiled then turned and walked back to the table where Sakura was waiting.

Sai cleared his throat, "Why don't I go get us drinks? Sakura turned to Naruto and smiled, "What is it?

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