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Should You Date Your Opposite?

My husband and I had been friends for two years before we started dating, and we dated almost another two years before getting married. In all of that time together, we thought we were so much alike. We liked the same music, the same hobbies, we had the same friends, the same beliefs…. Two nights into our honeymoon, we came face to face with our differences. He liked to stay up all night and I liked to go to bed early. He wanted to go outside and be active but I wanted to stay in and watch a movie. Do opposites attract, 2 important dating tips, The Joe Show

The story of Lindsey and Alex ends well, as the two eventually married and are happy together. But, without boundaries in dating, the problem could have resolved in very different ways, which we see in countless new relationships and marriages.

For instance:.

Opposites attract christian dating

Loss of Freedom. Confusion of Responsibilities. Parent-Child Struggles. These are not the hallmarks of a great relationship.

Yet, these are the dangers that can happen when oppositeness rules. Had Lindsey not been a growing-type person, she may have remained conflict-avoidant, always looking to Alex to do that which she was afraid or unwilling to do.

While we are to go to others for help in areas, exhibiting boundaries in dating means we are still to take ownership of our lives.

5 Things to Know About Dating Your Opposite

If you find yourself continually needing to go to your dates for things you should be doing yourself, you may be refusing to take ownership and grow in your own life. It is much better to go to non-dating relationships in order to mature and grow with the tutelage of others who have what you are working on possessing.

What does a relationship look like in which two people are opposite, but both are taking ownership of their lives? These are a few indications:. Each person is dealing with his own problems as his. Both members love and appreciate the gifts and abilities of the other person.

Opposites Attract -- and Drive Each Other Nuts!

Each member is actively involved in pursuing spiritual completion and growth in his areas of weakness, not content to let the other do the work in that area. God created us to be dependent on himself and others.

But, dependency has an ultimate purpose: growth. We are to take in the love, comfort, and instruction of others in order to grow. Opposites often depend on each other. That is not a problem, as long as that dependency spurs each member on to spiritual and emotional maturity and completeness. Learn more about how to build the best dating relationship with Boundaries in Dating.

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We've all heard it over and over again. "If you want to find a great relationship, look for an opposite." Is that really the best approach? How can. 5 Things No One Really Tells You About Christian Dating We've all heard the old adage “opposites attract,” and many couples prove the truth. Some may even say we're proof that opposites attract. I wonder about this. Looking back, I don't remember dating Jeff and thinking, “Boy, now.

Click the Button Below. John Townsend Dr. Henry Cloud. This page eBook features must-read excerpts from all seven Boundaries books designed to help you: Set limits in a loving way.

Make marriage a haven of caring and respect. Define appropriate consequences with your kids. Restore broken relationships to a healthy dynamic. He scored off the charts; my score was so low it landed somewhere on the floor. In fact, during an incredible marriage retreat we attended last year, we learned the leaders and their spouses were each polar opposites.

They shared how God has used their differences to sharpen them, transform their wills, help them learn to sacrifice and give to each other. Their fruitful ministry together was proof of how God used their different strengths to reach out to others.

I mean, what ever happened to fireworks? I have several friends who fell in love with the help of Internet matchmaking services and know a few who even got married.

Maybe those services are missing something. But be prepared for challenges, too. Then watch and see how your different strengths will help you experience true joy and depth in your love and in serving others. Hey, just ask a neighbor for help. Kara Schwab loves being a freelance writer and mommy. Relationships Dating. Kara Schwab December 9, At an angle. Or, your right? On three! I thought we were going over there.

Opposites Attract . If God used marriage as a type of Christ's church, should we destroy it for the sake of issues that have nothing to do with. Without wise boundaries in dating, the danger of going for an opposite-type person is attracted to one another, especially when they're opposites in personality. . may receive commercial email communications from HarperCollins Christian. Opposites Attract -- and Drive Each Other Nuts!, by - Christian Marriage advice and help. Find biblical, helpful Christian resources relating to.

Just shove it? He likes to watch golf on TV. I find that as interesting as plucking my eyebrows. He likes to save money. I like to save money while impulse shopping the sale rack. I read all the time.

My husband and I had been friends for two years before we started dating, and we dated almost another two years before getting married. Everyone's heard 'Opposites Attract,' but how true is it? More importantly, how does this notion figure within a Godly context of dating?. The old adage that “opposites attract” was really true for us. We have discovered that the many opposites that attracted us to each other when we were dating.

He reads all the sports scores off the Internet. He vows to join the NRA in traffic. I view napping as a hobby.

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