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Temperament Melancholy

The Choleric-Sanguine combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary need is to get results. The secondary need is to be accepted socially. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation. The Choleric and Sanguine natural tendencies combine to produce a result-oriented person who needs to be around people socially some of the time. This combination naturally likes being the leader and is often an executive.

They give special gifts and celebrate special events. Loyalty is crucial to them. In general, with choleric people you know where you stand.

These people do not see dating as a fun experience in the same way that The Phlegmatic-melancholic type is great at managing people, as well as very. these Temperaments -Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. Watch out for these guys ladies and men, when it comes to dating. The melancholic places a high value on intimacy and romance. The melancholic will analyze the relationship, while the phlegmatic seems not to care.

They will let you know what they want and how they wish to proceed. If they think they could have future with you, they become very dedicated partners, sensitive to the slightest sign of rejection. Sanguinic Love. Because this is the most adventurous of four temperaments, Sanguines are most compatible with their own type. These people are looking for a play mate; someone who will go adventuring with them, be it in conversation, in bed, or all around the world.

They see dating as entertainment and love to go out and do novel things. In short, this means the relationship with a Sanguine person can be very exciting. Because they love pleasure of senses, they are likely to take you to all kinds of art and cultural events, movies, shows and exotic restaurants.

They are also highly sensitive to the world around them and you might even notice their attraction to complex designs and abstract art as well as their preference to sour, spicy and crunchy food.

They like intense and complicated music and the rhythmic side of them is even present in the way that they talk. Their extrovert nature and constant cravings for variety means that most Sanguine people have a lot of experience in dating and they can easily adjust to almost any courtship situation.

They are friendly and enthusiastic and have no desire to control you, so you will probably feel comfortable and at ease. These people are also generous and are likely to give gifts early in the relationship.

Sanguine people are good listeners and they will always ask you about yourself in order to engage you and to satisfy their curiosity.

A melancholic is sensitive, self-analytical, introspective and almost always serious. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your. This is convenient to the Melancholics – by dating and courting in this way Melancholic-phlegmatic people are confident and easy going. THE DIRECTOR | D-S (Choleric-Phlegmatic) THE STRATEGIST | D-C ( Choleric-Melancholy) . THE PERFORMER | I-C (Sanguine-Melancholy).

During the conversation many of them look directly at you as well as leaning forward, touching your hand, arm or leg, while listening intently. Most of them have no problem with moving from one topic to another and despite that Sanguine people find self-disclosure difficult, they will talk about themselves occasionally, more with jokes that seriousness but eventually, disclosure will come when they are comfortable.

These people like nonsense and incongruous humor and have no problems laughing at themselves in order to make other people laugh. They are good at bantering and witty exchanges and as people pleasers they strive to perform and entertain, focusing on surprises, which of course, they simply adore!

Sanguine people have a relaxed attitude towards sex. Sanguine women, however, are less permissive than sanguine men. For most sanguinessex is often a recreation, sometimes not even linked with loving or even really liking their partner. Secondary personality type plays an important role in how you love. They are likely to be more conventional in their courtship, like bringing flowers, being on time, as well as they will insist on knowing where do they stand in a relationship.

They are sensitive to the needs of their partners and have a big heart. They need a partner who will understand their need for independence and these men and women are the most sexual of all types, including other sanguine types.

Generally sanguine people take time before they commit, but once they do they can be truly thrilling and passionate lovers. Phlegmatic Love. The Phlegmatic lover is the most sensitive of four temperaments. When they are with their potential partners, phlegmatic people seek for common intellectual and emotional ground, which will serve as a bridge from heart to heart.

Because they reveal their feelings right in the beginning, they can be deeply hurt by rejection and these people do not see dating as a fun experience in the same way that Sanguine people do. Dating for them is always seeking for marriage or long-term committed relationship and they have a tendency to look for bonding, nurturing and attachment with a potential partner or date.

In fact, when dating, they truly give themselves and it has been known for them at times, to get so tired emotionally that they stop dating for a period of time. They will avoid conflicts, they will do major adjustments and sacrifices — all for the sake of this cherished bond. Between all four temperaments, this is the most romantic one.

They fall in love most frequently and romance is critical to them; they plan romantic evenings and weekends well in advance. They will send you romantic cards; give you hugs and confess their love in hope that you will answer with the same. Sex also has to be romantic and if they engage it at all they expect that a meaningful relationship will develop.

To them sex and love are interconnected — the exact opposite of typical sanguine approach. Because phlegmatic people have rich fantasy life, they tend to idealize their partners. Your secondary personality type plays a powerful role in how you love:. Generally, all phlegmatic types value marriage and it is their ultimate goal in relationship. Melancholic Love.

They see their love partners as assistants; their love preferences are based on common sense and compatibility. They should be predictable; adhering to the traditions and loyal to family. Melancholics take dating seriously:. In short, these people enjoy the traditions associated with dating and a relationship. You will never suffer depression. He talks too much and hates being shut down, so do well to give him the listening ear and the necessary laugh, he loves seeing people laugh and making people laugh.

He is the most romantic. Pretty good with teasing words and sweet words. Obviously, because they are cool people. Sanguines are outgoing, and would love to hang with the partner, a melancholic partner will need this, as a getaway from moodiness and depression.

Do not complain that he is unkept in his dressing, sanguines are not out for looking good, yet people love them. When they are wrong they would apologize, although in a funny way.

Phlegmatic and Melancholic Compatibility

I do not have much to correct about the Sanguine people, other than their tendency to be unstable in relationships… If they could make a decision which could be difficult to stay true to one, then it would be good. Gifts: may work well with them, due to their difficulties making a choice, making it for them will be appreciated. Sans play too much with everything, so their partner must be a play mate. Just be aware while marrying a sanguine, they are disorganized and disoriented, be ready to do a lot of service on their behalf.

Well, I have done practically and theoretically a lot in terms of Human management sinceyet up to now I just like to keep my distance from Choleric personalities.

They think they are the best, reliable and perfectly fit for everything and would like or better put Love to be in charge of everything and everyone. A Choleric will turn on you if you waste time talking than doing. Contrary to the MEL, they are result conscious not detail conscious.

Choleric people approach dating in the same manner they . Phlegmatic- melancholic type is great at managing people, as well as very. When dating, temperaments can be more important than the place you meet and the clothes Sanguine; Choleric; Melancholic; Phlegmatic. Personality compatibility is how two different, or the same, temperaments and personalities will get along together within a loving relationship. In the Phlegmatic-Melancholic pair, this Melancholic trait provides a sense of security for the Phlegmatic partner, resulting in a.

Save the process for someone else, get the job done. The end justifies the means, even if the means will require human sacrifice. He is bossy, self confident, self reliant, proud, could be rude and arrogant and damn! He hates sluggish people obviously Phlegmatics. Talk about something good? Cholerics are goal getters, at all cost and can even kill to have his way… Intimidating but visionary.

Love may be something a Choleric regards to be for the weak, he is not easily pleased due to high standards and can not show gratitude directly. He assumes you already know he is grateful. Except the type that is good with listening, very submissive and loyal to the core.

He hates oppositions, he wants it exactly the way he stated it no additions or subtraction, which he sees as you making him look like not knowing what he is doing and of course a partner like this wins his heart easily. Usually, a Choleric is not disorganized in anything, he knows what he wants in a partner and goes out for it.

Phlegmatic dating melancholic

He is not the emotional kind, well he could be but sees it as an expression of vulnerability so he chooses to be reticent with his emotions.

Then you and I will see him as the always serious and seldom smile kinda people. He will not apologize for what he does, his best way to impress the partner is buy a gift for her. He loves appreciations, he loves to be made to feel on top of your life. You are so amazing and great man. Talk about fidelity, Chlors are likely to be faithful than Sans though, he is more given to his work, vision and career than sleeping around or other unnecessary frivolities.

Service: He is a man of activities and would appreciate a partner who does not play around but rather works pretty hard. Like wash his clothes, cook his food and present it whenever needed. Loyalty and Respect: He commands this. Those two is enough. So physical touch especially sex is also appreciated. Sanguine and Melancholics are not the best match, a Phlegmatic is.

But, when the blend is Phleg, he can try to accommodate a Melancholic partner. Generally, Melancholies are hyper-introverts, has the ability to blend through personalities call them chameleons. They prefer a long detailed description of everything and read meaning to anything.

They work too much, love to give the best of best even though they never believe the obvious -they are the best. They are good debaters, Hope you have nothing else doing before trying to debate a Melancholy. They are touchy, highly sensitive and self conscious. They find it easy getting depressed especially by their own making.

Okay… You are giggling for either of two reasons: You just discovered that you are a Melancholy or know someone that is. Think about a faithful lover?

Think about a Melancholy. But, its pretty difficult getting a Melancholy in love, a little weakness you have can disqualify you. When in love, they give you an undoubted trust, but once you lose it… It never comes back.

The melancholic places a high value on intimacy and romance. The melancholic will analyze the relationship, while the phlegmatic seems not to care (though.

Too many explanations. They have insecurity and need Constant assurance of love from a partner. Be careful before they mark you unserious. They hate unseriousness. Love to a Melancholy is like solace.

Mood swing is normal Melancholic feeling of every MEL, it could happen periodically. Words of affirmation: Talk about encouraging words or just some sweet words like how beautiful or handsome or awesome they are in something and how you appreciate their love and care and talents, then you can keep the love with a Mel intact.

Physical touch: Not really sex, just some touches like, holding their hand or touch the jaw or even some tickle. Loves music and uses it as a getaway from real life. So, a Phleg likes skull candies Headphones.

Peace loving. Hates to strive or contend for anything and easily gives in just for peace sake. A Phleg can live and die with ever getting in to a fight. This is the key feature of everyone with a phlegmatic temperament. They are the spectators of life, highly sensitive and observant and reads meaning in to everything. A Phleg is not spontaneous to work, he only does when asked to.

A Phleg in a meeting has the best idea but never opens up until when asked for their opinion. Phleg could be the tortoise of life, slow, calm and dull but trust me they are very cunning, witty and as well cool. They love to play the background without complain. Weakness: Shy, fear, secretive highly reticent and indecisive.

They are not fixed, people or circumstances can bend them. They can easily submit their will under pressure, just for peace sake and that you may leave them to go back to their quiet life. Fastest Tip to spot a Phleg is their Dullness, quietness and love for serenity.

By now, you can spot in your mind some of your friends that a Phlegs or that you are a Phleg.

A little rundown on the hit points of the love life of people based on their personality dispositions:. Sanguine: feel loved when you give them attention, accepts and approves of their playful nature and talk-activities… Without having to judge or criticize them Destructively. When you appreciative of their boastings, encouraging and supportive of their visions without having to complain about their weaknesses.

Melancholy: When you are always there for them to listen to them, give them plenty assurance and praise them for their unique abilities. Tell them plenty plenty love words and write them unique poems and make them feel on top of the world. One of easiest people to Love effortlessly are Phlegs. They have so much love in them to give, they are like angels, they would never get in to issues with you because their ultimate priority is that you would be happy even if they are not just for peace to reign.

Phlegs have the highest tendency to Fold in their negative feelings and resentments against their partner, just for Peace sake. Phlegmatics have a long lasting relationship, not because it is the perfect relationship but, because of fear of hurting someone. They would rather pretend to be okay and keep tolerating every trash just for peace sake. They are indecisive, always worried about what people will say and less about what they want… Because of this the best partner for a Phleg is a Loving Choleric, well a ChlorSan to be specific.

Sweet words. They love petting too much, both the male and female. They are softies of course they would love all the sweet names and sweet things. Phlegs appreciates when you are always attending to their insecurities.

Personality and Temperament in Marriage and Dating

I promise to be there for you at all times when you need me.

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