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PJ's smitten: I'm batty about Michael . Woman's Day

Celebrity Bust In - ZM's PJ Harding

Historically radio stations think we need to make it this big secret thing, and try to wow and surprise everyone, whereas we were just happy to build it up and build the show". Making sure his contract was up with the guys across the road. People love Jase and PJ, so it was only natural to keep them on air in a different capacity, rather than put on a temporary show for six months while we waited for Clint to become available", he added. We've waited a fairly long time. Five months. Been here doing nothing, getting paid for it.
Jase & PJ originally banded together like an arranged marriage in and have gone from awkward acquaintances to awkward, Jase & PJ's Date Refund.

Their chemistry is obvious to everyone around them, but what makes the couple click? Everything has moved really quickly, but it feels right. Meanwhile, both he and PJ grudgingly admit they have a certain someone to thank for their happiness.

Now he gets jealous that I spend all my time with her and not him.

PJ and her ex Aussie Romance reunite for the most awkward date ever Jase introduced Michael to PJ and it was love at first sight!. In case you missed it, here's PJ's audition for First Dates NZ. , Views. Jase & PJ · August 13, ·. Here it is PJ's audition for the TV show 'First. blindfolded first date, with a stunt Las Vegas wedding under their belts, ZM radio host Polly “PJ” Harding's relationship with Michael Batty has.

Career As per my last email: Survey reveals the six most passive-aggressive phrases used in work emails Now To Love Yesterday am. Royals 12 of the cutest photos of royals on their first day of school Now To Love Sep 05, Career I'm 66 and I'm heading to Hollywood to chase an acting career! New Zealand Woman's Weekly Sep 05, Body Why iron is an essential mineral for your body and mind Woman's Day Sep 05, So, when his best mate and fellow radio personality Michael Batty flew in from the Sunshine Coast, Hawkins realised the psychic might be on to something and it was time to play matchmaker.

It was a match made in radio heaven as Hawkins introduced Harding to Batty live on air.

Pj zm dating

The burgeoning romance had podcast written all over it. A blindfold chicken nibble date, Batty spending nights on Harvey's sofa, a rose ceremony where Batty had to choose between his mate and Harding and, of course, their farewell at the airport, where Batty and Harding shared a long pash goodbye.

Harding is a dark brunette Kiwi beauty and Batty a tall, lanky Aussie surfer dude, who wouldn't look out of place in a boy band. But have Harding 24 and Batty 27 really clicked?

Since her lingering goodbye at Auckland Airport, Harding has been across to the Sunshine Coast and says she's had an amazing time getting to know Batty. We are an item, I even spoke to his mother by phone," says Harding.

He is funny, charming, polite and kind and at the weekend we got our revenge on Jase, who was having a mates' get-together in Sydney on Saturday night.

I am happy for them, but on Saturday night they only had eyes for each other. I don't think it will be long before Michael makes a move to be with PJ over here, she will be his sunshine.

Whilst PJ insists that her and "Doug" are just dating, Jase is convinced that they' re in a relationship and it seems others back him up. Jase & PJ is an Australian breakfast radio show hosted by Jason Hawkins and Polly 'PJ' Harding on KIIS in Melbourne. The show is syndicated in the. Former ZM drive hosts Jase Hawkins and Polly "PJ" Harding always knew their time in the 4pm-7pm slot was limited. With new hosts having taken over the drive show this week, ZM Content Director Ross Flahive confirmed that Hawkins and Harding's presence on weekdays was only ever.

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ZMTV - Jase & PJ Take ZM Off The Air

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