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8 Tips for Savvy Single Ladies to Stay Safe with Online Dating

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One of the most difficult things to attain in this world is the need to have someone to call your own. In many cases you will have to kiss many frogs before you find the man of your dreams, in some cases the man of a woman's dream will remain a figment of her imagination. You must date before you can have a chance at living happily ever after. You should not dread the prospect of going out on dates if you know how to be date-savvy. Being date-savvy requires, first of all, a positive attitude towards dating. Don't treat dating as just another job, or a chore you have to get over with. Dating is and can be fun if you give it a chance.

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Clearly, the 'date as interview' paradigm purports judgment, which does not and cannot lend itself to feelings of intimacy and pleasure which is what a date is supposed to do!

Yes, dating should be fun. The date-as-interview technique is a real bummer for the person being questioned. For example, I know a woman whose date maintained that he could not proceed with the relationship unless the following questions were answered to his satisfaction.

True story. The following were his questions:. He was Mr. Extreme Interviewer Guy the one with an inflexible checklist who, by the way, will never find the perfect woman because the perfect woman does not exist. So, this nice lady went home thoroughly depressed, poured herself a glass of wine probably several and called her ex-boyfriend who is still available, but whom she doesn't even like anymore.

Dating needn't be a miserable experience. To be successful in dating, men and women really have to ease up a little and practice some patience. Obviously, we don't want to welcome trouble by dating any insensitive person who comes along. Rather, once we've decided to date someone we think is worthwhile, we must give the dating experience a chance to grow by allowing some time and space for the person we are curious about to reveal themselvesat a reasonable pace.

It is important that dating couples learn to let go of preconceived notions about "The Perfect Date. Another misconception about dating is that we must only date someone we are pretty sure we can eventually marry. At what point during dinner do we determine such a thing? First, we must learn to lighten up and have fun with our dates--as if we are just friends. Simple concept, but it works because it removes much of the sexual pressure between individuals. Besides, there is plenty of time down the road to determine whether our date may one day become our lover or our spouse.

Our immediate goal should be simple: To learn a bit more about the person we are dating without making them feel as if they have to pass a test. At any rate, when asked, most people try to give "correct" answers to questions which are not necessarily truthful answers. In fact, there is no way most people will give "wrong" answers if they can help it. It's practically un-American. In other words, just because someone asks a direct question, doesn't mean they're going to give an honest answer.

Thus, asking interview questions defeats the purpose of getting to know the real person, when all is said and done. The fact is, the few brave souls who are willing to reveal the whole truth and nothing but the truth also happen to be the one's who almost never get a second date.

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Do yourself a favor. Don't go there. Nevertheless, we still have to communicate and the only way we stand a fighting chance to date well is to realize three things:. It's not a bad idea to take a cue from the Zen Masters, by living in the present. Yes, Americans are fond of instant gratification and we want the future now, but love doesn't work that way. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Romance must have time to flourish like a beautiful, healthy plant.

Savvy Dating 101: How to Enjoy First Dates

Having said that, we still need to figure out some things about the person we have chosen to date. A good way to do just that is by asking unusual and interesting questions, not job interview questions.

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E-Harmony, a respected online dating site, is smart about suggesting good questions for first dates. Here are some of them:. Pleasurable dating must unfold naturally and proceed in stages if we are to allow romance a chance to thrive. In the beginning, keep the conversation on the light side. Any talk of sex, finances, and politics can and should wait. There really is no rush to dig into these topics on a first date.

After all, people are all a little complicated and only time will allow a romantic narrative to unfold into something marvelousmaybe even into something as wonderful as lasting love.

Therefore, it is very important that we stop projecting into the future and in having inflexible expectations about how our dating partners must behave. That being said, if your date isn't showing proper respect and manners, or is even acting like a total jerk, then you have every right to walk away or call them out on their behavior.

If you ask good questions, you're going to get revealing answers. That's the way it works. If your conversation leads you to believe your date really isn't for you at all, that's OK. There are other fish in the sea.

On the other hand, if your communication has revealed to you that you and your date have some wonderful things in common, then you have a decision to make. Is a second date in order? If you're not sure, sleep on it. But if there is a chance for something special, don't wait too long to make up your mind.

Being date-savvy requires, first of all, a positive attitude towards dating. Don't treat dating as just another job, or a chore you have to get over with. Dating is and. She Dates Savvy is the premier online dating coach firm providing the digital dating solutions to your online headaches. Don't just date, date savvy!. Justia Trademarks Categories Education and entertainment SAVVY DATING GAME - Trademark Details. - Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities. - Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.

It really is possible that love is just a phone call away. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. I can just picture it, Nell. But sometimes a girl just has to get the heck out of DodgePronto! Your friend was one of them. I came back with a funny story! I laughed so hard! Indeed, "too much pressure can ruin everything" when it comes to dating. Thank you for your added observations.

I love your logic, Au fait. Sounds like a good plan. Generally speaking, if one will just let time take its course without trying to force things unnaturally, one will learn what they want to know without seeming like a drill sergeant determined to complete the interrogation in one night. As you say, one should concentrate on having a good time and the answers and everything else will flow naturally with time. I should think a second date would be determined by whether the first one was enjoyable.

Too much pressure can ruin anything, so relax and concentrate on having a good time so that if the other person turns out to be excellent friend material but not spouse or 'other' material, you will at least have had an enjoyable experience. Your advice is well written. Hi Cam. Are you referring to the topic of interviewing your date? Well, in any event, I am glad you found the information familiar and useful. Thank you for stopping by.

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By the way, it appears you have quite a few interesting articles. I'll be back for more visits. Yes, this sounds very familiar. You've provided some helpful insights. I like the questions you suggested. I find it helpful to smash the fake atmosphere of a first date by bringing up that very topic. The worst thing I could do is to misrepresent the real me. I don't want to spend the rest of my life trying to be what I told her I was on our first date if that really isn't me. Great topic, and hub.

I got into the habit of giving out cards as I meet so many women who claim to be interested when they hear me at piano gigs and want piano lessons or some kind of "follow up". If I phoned them all it really would be a waste of time as there are too many.

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In my experience if I "call them first" the success rate is much lower than if I let them call. My last long term relationship started by her calling me etc. If "she "makes the first call then I definitely pursue with several calls and invitations. The current lady I mentioned did not work out, but I got the feeling I am one of the "next cabs off the rank" and that she may be in a relationship she wants out of. To me that is a potentially dangerous situation.

She seems like a good person. Even after realizing it wasn't happening I noticed she took enormous trouble to decorate my brunch plate with over the top patterns. Strange but true. As much as I dislike the Country song "the Gambler" you really do have to know when to fold or run. I never received notification of your question, but I see now that you wrote me two weeks ago.

This happened once before. So strange!! Anyway, the answer to your question depends upon how important instant attraction and chemistry are to you?

I have a feeling it is very important If that is the case, do not follow up. You would be wasting her time and yours.

When it comes to dating, it's a mad tech world. We asked dating experts to share their favorite rules for texting while seeing a new guy. Learn the dos and don'ts. 8 tips to help savvy, single ladies have the best chance at experiencing safe, fun, & successful online dating experience & avoid dangers of. Ever noticed how dating, American style, often feels like a job interview? Two people sit across from one another at a predetermined site and.

In my experience, men need to feel lust for a woman or forget it! The getting to know her and respecting her generally comes right after that. Also, maybe it's a European thing, but no way would I call a man who simply handed over his card with the expectation that I make the next move because He Doesn't Want To Waste His Time. That's just not cool and not "hot. Well, Okay, I did call a man once after he gave me a notealmost as an experiment. I even wrote about it here on HP.

It was a disaster!! Hope this helps. If you ask another question, hopefully it won't take two weeks to find it. Amen, well we can always agree to disagree; but I can't dispute your experience or knowledge Perhaps there is some research on that.

Think about how many of your matches on other dating apps end as soon as you both swipe right on each other purely based on attractiveness. It stalls right at that point for the vast majority of people. Savvy takes away the stressfulness of serious dating apps. With Savvy, the dating game, the conversation begins with intriguing questions and witty responses.

A rapport is established before you see each other's pictures. It is a game that sparks the conversation and you have the freedom to take it wherever you want. US Class Codes. Class Status Code. Class Status Date.

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