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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - Boss: Excellus (Hard Mode)

It was released in Japan in December , and worldwide in June Taking place in modern-day Tokyo and featuring real-life locations such as Shibuya and Harajuku , the game centers around evil beings known as Mirages who seek to harvest an energy known as Performa from humans and are responsible for several disappearances. The story follows a group of teenagers who become allied with friendly Mirages, based on characters from the Fire Emblem series, and merge with them to become Mirage Masters. Under the guise of the Fortuna Entertainment talent agency , the Mirage Masters fight to protect innocent people from the Mirages and find out who is behind the attacks. Although initially reluctant due to their workload, Atlus agreed to the collaboration, and much of the early work went into deciding what genre of game it was going to be and how best to incorporate both series while creating an original game.

Nintendo and Atlus are allowed to do what they want with their property though and fans are allowed to express their dissatisfaction. A number of fans have also banded together to release a patch for the game called Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Reincarnationwhich seeks to reintroduce content changed or removed from the game.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore sings again on Switch next year

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions ?FE is a crossover role-playing video game developed by Atlus .. One of the problems that needed to be overcome was the form of the initial proposal, .. An English version was announced at E3 , with the release date being revealed in a Nintendo Direct presentation in March Series?: ?Shin Megami Tensei?; ?Fire Emblem. 2 days ago - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, the anime-as-hell Wii U crossover it has a few problems, these are sandwiched between “moments of pure joy. Jul 4, - Dating Disaster is a request found during Chapter 5 for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. A Stood-Up Boy is in the middle floor of the audience at.

Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. Register Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Accept Read More. There is no way to track your progress in sidequests, other than asking the NPC asking for help they are marked on your map in green to remind you of your progress.

Whenever you are able to complete a request, they will be marked in purple on your map.

There is one play record for completing each request for the first time. By convention, each request is numbered from 1 to 50, following the order in which the play records appear when viewing them from the Fortuna trophy wall.

This is not the order in which they are available. The first seven requests in this lists are standalone requests that do not have any particular link to each other. Ask the child where you can find the coloring book, and the child will tell you that it is in Shibuya.

Tokyo mirage sessions dating difficulties

Go to the magazine rack next to Tokuseido, and one of the magazines will be the magazine needed. Return to Toubo Rooftop to complete the request. Return to the NPC offering the request to complete the request. Both of these can be purchased at Hee-Ho Mart.

After this request is complete, the "Biovitahydroxy Crepe" will be available at Crepes Dia, and will always be one of the three crepes available for purchase until it is purchased the first time, after which it will be amongst the three that are randomly offered. This item temporarily boosts luck for Touma and Kiria.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019 - Nintendo Switch

After getting the request from Mr. Return to Mr. Dougen to complete the request. Ask the child where each of the items are. Collect the item, and return to the child each time. Alternately, go to theand take the right-hand side crosswalk. After you accept the request, the NPC will give you yen. Go to the Doc's Camera in Shibuya, where you will discover that the item he is asking you to buy is sold out.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – Request Guide

Return to the NPC, and he will give you another yen and an order to buy the item at any cost. Go back to Shibuya, and talk to the one NPC that has an extra. He is initially offering yen for the extra, but you can haggle him down to his final offer yen after declining twice.

Buy it from him at any priceand return to Daiba Studio to complete the request. Talk to the NPC after completing Touma's third sidequest, Eleonora's third sidequest, and Yashiro's second sidequest to finish the request. Once you have exited and re-entered the right side monitor room, you will be alerted to three new programs, with the faces of Touma, Eleonora, and Yashiro, that replace three of the numbers.

These doors are fixed, and will lead to new corridors containing treasures and maps that will help you complete the map of Illusory Daiba Studio.

Aug 14, - To initiate request, speak to the man wearing a green and white jacket in Shibuya Station. Stood-Up Boy: Shoot, the movie's gonna start soon! Jul 20, - For Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on the Wii U, Request Guide by kelvSYC. Dating Difficulties Harajuku - Near Anzu Store Tokyo Reward. May 6, - As one of the best JRPGs in years, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is trapped on the Wii U and that needs to change.

In each of these requests, Itsuki brings her one of Tsubasa's works, and Tsubasa's works inspire her to do the same. These requests must be completed in order, and completing one is a prerequisite for unlocking the next one.

If you complete both requests, you will find that Moeka has managed to attract his attention, and the two are out on a date at Daitama Observatory.

Jul 10, - Subscribe for more! ? Hello everyone and welcome to my walkthrough/ let's play of Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE for the. Aug 12, - Dating Difficulties. Dating Difficulties is a request found during Chapter 3 of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Go to Shibuya Station and talk to the Stood-Up Boy to start this quest. He's looking for a girl named Momoko, someone who makes art. Jun 29, - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has been the subject of discussion, due to that common sense that causes no problems in any of the countries.

Return to Moeka to complete the sidequest. Talk to Moeka again for more specifics, then go to the Fortuna Office and check out the magazine rack. The next two requests deal with the waitress at Cafe Seiren, who is looking for items for a new offering there. The waitress offering the request will be asking for 3 Maca Leaves. These can be found as random enemy drops, or can be won from the vending machine in Harajuku. This drink will always be one of the three drinks available until it is purchased for the first time, after which it will be amongst the three that are randomly offered.

Herban Legends Tea temporarily boosts luck for the men. The waitress offering the request will be asking for three Soma Droplets. These can be found as random drops, or you can farm Beginner arena for them. Once this request is completed, Moon Raga should be available in Cafe Seiren's drinks menu. Moon Raga temporarily boosts luck for the women.

The next two requests deal with Itsuki's kouhai junior underclassman who is being mentored by ItsukiItta Arima, who is looking for a job. Go to the sign in front of Cafe Seiren, where they are saying that they are hiring.

Return to Itta to complete the request. Talk to the waitress outside of Crepes Dia and try out their experimental crepe, and then go to Dona Dona Burger to try out their experimental burger this costs yen. All three will be always amongst the three available items from their respective stores, until they are purchased for the first time, after which it will be amongst the three items that are randomly offered.

All three items will temporarily boost Yashiro's luck by two stages. The next two requests deal with a couple that can't seem to find each other. The general idea behind both of these requests is that the male NPC will be offering the request. After accepting the request, you will be tasked to find the female NPC.

When you have found the female NPC, make a note of where they will be headed to, then return to the male NPC, who will move to where the female NPC was not where she will be. Enter the Idolasphere and rescue the female NPC she is just past the entrance. If you complete both requests, you will find the two of them in the epilogue on opposite ends of Harajuku, once again unable to find each other.

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