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Undertale OST: 026 - Dating Tense!

Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Master Release. Soundtrack , Modern Classical , Chiptune. So Heats!! One True Love Oh! Add Review astralplain March 30, Report. Reply Notify me Helpful.

I have not listened to the bonus 7" yet but I will give thoughts on that once I've given it a spin. I will start by saying the jacket looks good, although the printing is abit low quality as was part of its parent's jacket. Since I haven't found any other similar complaints, I'm assuming this has to do with my equipment, however Side B plays fine.

My 7" came slightly scuffed but sounds almost as good as the album, same deal with the original Dogsong 7" where each track loops several times. I'll update again if I can get it to play Side A fine.

It was my particular turntable not liking the one side for some reason. A few of my favorites were not able to fit on this release. As the two worst sounding records I have are both from them my expectations were set low for this release but without too much bias I started with appreciating the cover. It really looks great on all accounts with the texts shiny finish. A perfect reflection of the game itself, unlike Journey and The last guardian, the other 2 in my collection.

The vinyl too is gorgeous in its simplicity. On top of it you get some great extras like inserts and a poster, generous and rare indeed for this company. Moving on to the music itself which of course is the critical part, but also a hard area to judge.

I never truly heard these songs on a high quality setup and source before so what I judge it on is mostly my understanding of the music and as I have heard it before. In the beginning I was pleasently surprised at how good it actually was. My expectations might not have been sky high but the surface noise was kept low and music high.

Undertale is a high quality rip of "Dating Tense!" from Undertale. The song begins with a slightly slower "Dating Tense!", then at "Turn Down for What" by DJ. Print and download in PDF or MIDI The Dating Symphony. From the game ' Undertale'. OINN: 4d2, 2d1, 0, 2d1 - 4, 2, 3, 2 - hrp, str(10/8/6/5/4). Komunita sluzby Steam: Undertale. Moppy (software to play music on floppy drives) by Sammy1Am Get the software.

I do believe this is the loudest Iam8bit release and mostly so in a good way. Loudness can be a sign of compression and distortion but here it more so serves to cover the surface noise which already is at an all time low.

Its not until you get further in on the record where it starts to increase and the trademark Iam8bit pops and noise kicks in Mostly on side A and C for my copy, the rest are fine.

Still not terribly bad but enough as a complaint for the quieter songs. I believe the mastering handles high end sounds really well, like many modern day issues. But it lacks a little once you get to the lower end, especially on the more complex orchestrations. Its taken back a bit, in dynamics and volume and doesnt sound as sharp as the simpler tracks where the high end and bass really shine.

With some exceptions like "ASGORE" and "Your best nightmare" which have great sound separation and dynamics despite using a lot of instruments. As a tendency the 8bit songs, not talking about the company but the music style, tend to have a more well mastered sound.

All in all its the best I have heard from them so far despite having to raise the volume for some busier tracks. If all complex songs were more vibrant and dynamic Id be more than happy to give this a 4 star rating but that coupled with the inner groove noise level just makes it too hard to justify. Its a 3. As a package its not bad, well worth it for a fan to get. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful.

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Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. VG Soundtrack Collection by monkeyams. Original Cover - Tribute Cover by ksdfjsldfj. Albums that I've listened to by Garkenful. I've Remixed You by Iceferno. My Coloured Vinyl by cooljoeblock. Random CDs I want for some reason. New Albums Purchased in by cooljoeblock. Once Upon A Time. Start Menu. Your Best Friend. Fallen Down. Unnecessary Tension. Enemy Approaching. Ghost Fight. Home Music Box. Nyeh Heh Heh! Mysterious Place.

Snowdin Town. Dating Start! Dating Tense! Dating Fight!

Danger Mystery. Quiet Water. Pathetic House. You guess this could be purgatory Maybe the world of the living. And that darker shape your eyes are just beginning to pick up on You guess it looks kind of like A tunnel? Maybe it leads to Hell. You flop back on the bed of petals for the moment, soaking in the faux sunlight. You could get lost. You could never see this light again. Eventually, though, you know you have to move on. So, pushing yourself up by shaking knees, you stumble towards the darkness and quickly became disoriented.

It takes you a while, edging cautiously forward, eyes dazzled by the earlier light and utterly useless, groping at air in the hopes that your fingertips will find the opposite wall before your face.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Check out Dating Tense! (Undertale) [Piano Version] by Game Soundtrack Cat on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on. Stream UNDERTALE: Dating Tense! [Recreation] by UNDERTALE OST: Recreated from desktop or your mobile device.

Cursing lightly, you feel your way around the edge of the tunnel and begin following it, feeling more secure until you run out and bumble your way into another wall a few feet away. You repeat the process, trailing a hand over that wall as you spot another patch of light up ahead. Just pure, green grass. A tiny bit of hope kindles in your breast.

Maybe you can follow a trail of light all the way up and out to safety! Too faint to be a rumble, you suppose. More of a reverberation and a tiny pop. It looks exactly like the flowers you just saw, only this one is larger, more battered and has a goddamn face. It looks Its smile is wider than it should be, and its stem tilts in a cowering pose.

It seems to be trying to appear friendly, despite the nervous shifting of its eyes. Flowey the Flower! His face looks You blink, refocusing on his expression.

You realize you dwarf him in size. Unfortunately, the sudden movement makes him wince. You start to reach out, but You decide to keep still and listen. S-someone ought to teach you how things work around here! I guess, little old me will have to do! Can you help me get to the surface? And, uh If anything he seems even more anxious.

Way to be non-threatening, Name. He even leans forward a bit in his panic, and you get your first good look at him with petals splayed out.

His petals are covered with dark blotches and small tears and rips decorate the edges. His leaves are in a similar condition. Even his stem looks pinched, leaving faint green bruises and cuts that were all but invisible in the shade beneath his head.

In all honesty, the flowers you landed on looked better. The poor dear. Who could have done that to him? Is that my? S-see that thing, hovering between us just now? He takes a deep breath while you continue to panic, reaching out to the thing floating in front of you.

Yes, that thing is your SOUL, the very culmination of your being. When you get into a battle with a monster Then what they will actually be attacking is your SOUL, so you need to be ready.

Monsters will attack you by Look, we really need to Even he looks surprised at the outburst. You swallow hard. Are you Can we get on with this? It stands for LOVE! You look at Flowey. How can a flower even do that? Magic, probably. These are Friendliness Pellets. This is how monsters share their LOVE with each other! The pellets start to move, spinning through the air towards you.

You step aside. Then he grimaces. You missed!

Dating Tense!

You want to move towards the pellets! Your very best friend!

Dating Tense! (Undertale) [Piano Version], a song by Game Soundtrack Cat on Spotify. Dating Tense! by Toby Fox, released 15 September credits. from UNDERTALE Soundtrack, released September 15, Papyrus looking at the protagonist's clothing, then popping the question Dating Tense! is the 26th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays during tense.

Because as soon as you start to move, a ring of pellets You turn back to Flowey. Somehow, your fear fades to a dull, numb throb at the back of your mind. You hold his gaze as steadily and as calmly as you can, and speak.

He looks torn, and his petals are He seems to be debating something in his head. He slumps. He seems Maybe you can use that.

Undertale OST: Dating Tense! 10 Hours HQ

Talk your way out of this. Can I meet them? If there are other monsters around, and they And I really gotta get back. Please stop. Too close. You suck in your stomach, trying to take up less space. But just before they can touch you You hesitantly release the breath you were holding. You exhale in relief, and kneel carefully in front of the weeping flower. You pat Flowey on the head. He looks up. Both of you are silent.

Undertale dating tense

You stay that way for quite a while. Then his leaves twitch, and curl into little fists. He pulls away from you, and disappears underground. He glares at you, though the effect is ruined by the tear streaks on his face. You shudder. A clean death. You think they would be so kind? You grin sheepishly at him and spread out your hands helplessly.

Dating Tense! (Undertale) [Piano Version]

From there, you should be able to access the rest of the Underground. The exit is on the other side. It sounds like this caretaker has already been by here once already, so if you hurry, maybe You step carefully away from the light, and wait for your eyes to adjust this time. Triangles and wings? Must be a symbolic thing. The stone of the pillars supporting the arch over the doorway are cold to the touch, and a little gritty. You take a deep breath, and step through. The tunnel is shorter than you think, and you quickly find yourself stepping out into your first real room.

In front of you is your first path, a shade lighter from the stone it was carved from, leading up to what looks like A leaf-embroidered square?

Toby Fox – Undertale Soundtrack. Undertale Soundtrack album cover. Edit Master Release Dating Tense! Dating Fight! Premonition, . Learn how to play Undertale – Dating Tense on violin for free using our animated scrolling tablature to quickly learn the music. Use this tutorial. Chords for Undertale OST - Dating Tense! Extended.: Ab, A, B, B7. Chordify is your #1 platform for chords. Grab your guitar, ukulele or piano and jam along in no.

You heave it experimentally at the circle. It disappears. There are traps here. Trap noted. Although a few stray leaves are lying around. It looks like You try to touch it. You feel energized somehow, and from this position, looking up, the Ruins loom above you.

There are two staircases leading up to another door, this one without pillars and flanked by windows and two thick mats of vine. You plod up to them, cursing all the way. As it is, the eerie silence is starting to get to you.

Your footsteps sound so loud here in the stillness, and you half expect something to pop out of the shadows any second now.

Added by: Shane Evans Date Added: File URL is by: ( ShinkoNetCavy) Game System: Windows Game Name: Undertale Song Title: Dating Tense!. Stream Dating Tense! - Undertale by SiIvagunner Uploads from desktop or your mobile device. Dating Tense! is the 26th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays during tense moments in the read more». Play This Song. 1.

Trying to shake the thoughts, you wonder how these leaves got here with no tree in sight. The stray leaves Very, very recently. You hurry through the new door with much less deliberation. Inside is a much smaller room, with a closed purple door with that same symbol on it And no door handle.

Beside it is a plaque, and on its other side is a lever, placed in front of some raised platforms. Two on a path, and four that are not. This looks like A puzzle? I can handle puzzles. You briefly consider pushing on the door, just in case it really is that easy. You opt for the fun option!

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