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"13 Reasons Why" Season 3 Recapped and the Questions We Have for Season 4 . Teen Vogue

hannah and clay (jessica's party) (scene 1) - 13 reasons why S01

Trigger Warning: This post contains language about sexual assault, suicidal ideation, gun violence, and substance use that some readers may find disturbing. The series, adapted from the book by Jay Asher, follows a group of students at Liberty High School as they grapple with issues including suicide, sexual assault, substance abuse, bullying, and more following the death of a classmate. Even before the premiere of season 3, 13RW had already announced a major plot point for the new season: that Bryce is dead, but nobody is sure who killed him. She is Kenyan by way of London. Word spreads that, after the recent homecoming football game with Bryce playing for his new school, Hillcrest Bryce disappeared. Clay is questioned by police because he sent Bryce a threatening text just before. Word spreads that Bryce's body was found in the river.

Social media doesn't factor into Hannah's bullying.

Does hannah and clay hook up

Sites like Facebook and Twitter certainly existed when Asher published the novel inbut they had yet to become all-consuming forces in the lives of teenagers like they are now. There are references to Clay's cell phone, but the photos of Hannah that Justin and Tyler spread through the school via group text in the series are only word-of-mouth gossip in the book.

Rumors by themselves are definitely damaging, but actually seeing the images of Hannah passed around so cruelly adds a new layer of pain to her bullying.

Clay doesn't have hallucinations about Hannah. Some of the more shocking scenes in the show happen when Clay has visions of Hannah bleeding out in the middle of the gym and at the school dance, and it's mentioned in passing that he used to take duloxetine to treat an anxiety disorder which is why he can only handle listening to one tape at a time.

This never happens in the book.

Differences between the book and Netflix Series

The high school students are tamer, so to speak. Parties full of underage drinkers happen in the book as do the horrifying rape scenesbut the show doesn't hold back from showing other realities of being a teenager today: smoking pot, having sex, driving drunk, cursing, etc. Clay injures himself in another way.

There are references to Clay's cell phone, but the photos of Hannah that Parties full of underage drinkers happen in the book (as do the horrifying rape ever have a legitimate conversation until the night of the party when they hook up . What did Clay do that makes him a suspect in Bryce's death? In the pilot, we see him receive a box of tapes from Hannah following her Eventually, they make their way up to Jessica's bedroom presumably to hook up. Clay. This Was The Most Shocking Hookup Of 13 Reasons Why didn't tell the whole story nor did they reveal every relationship Hannah had before her death. The revelation breaks Clay (Dylan Minnette): he was away at his grandparent's.

Distraught and distracted by the tapes, Clay slams his bike into a car in the first episode, cutting his head wide open. He's just as unlucky in Asher's novel, except he gets a nasty slice on his hand from a fence.

13 reasons why s02 e01 - Clay has sex with Skype 2

Courtney Crimsen is still the worst, but in a different way. Instead of getting drunk and making out during a game of Truth or Dare, however, the two give each other a back massage in front of the guy watching them.

Courtney, who isn't gay in the book, then spreads nasty rumors about Hannah being a slut in an attempt to raise her street cred at school.

The order of the tapes is different. In the show, Clay is the 11th person to receive the tapes and chooses to skip number 12 Bryce, a rapist who would probably destroy the tapes if he got them and give them to the last person on the list instead, Mr. The resolution is less clear in the novel, since Clay is ninth on the list, and simply mails them off to the next person in the list.

There also aren't any scenes of his classmates conspiring to keep the tapes from being discovered. Clay never confronts Bryce or records his confession. Because the order of the tapes is different in the book and none of the kids are trying to stop Clay from listening to all of them, Clay doesn't try to bring Bryce to justice for his actions. He never records his confession of raping Hannah, or gives "side 14" to Mr.

There isn't a lawsuit. The Bakers only appear in the book very briefly, and their lawsuit against the school doesn't exist. The only time they come up is when someone mentions that they've closed their shoe store which is replaced by a pharmacy in the show in the wake of their daughter's suicide.

Clay's parents are barely in it. When Clay first starts listening to the tapes at the beginning of the book, his mom comes in to check on him and they have quick conversations throughout the night. In the show, his parents are in every episode and what feels like every other scenemostly because his mom is the lawyer tasked with defending the school district against the Bakers' lawsuit. Hannah's suicide is done differently.

It's a huge departure from Asher's original portrayal of her death, which is referenced only when Clay says she "swallowed a handful of pills.

Clay and Hannah aren't exactly friends.

He was genuinely concerned about her and was confused and did question her I feel like it's kinda messed up of Hannah to even insinuate blame to Clay. Clay was one of the only people Hannah could really be friends with despite the rumors. Although, Clay did mess up a few times, once when he told her that. Clay Jensen takes a while to listen to the tapes Hannah Baker left in to the same room and attempting to hook up before Jessica fell asleep.

He pines after her for nearly the entire season, and is confused when she pushes him away after their heated makeout session at Jessica's party. The kiss still happens in the original story, but the lead up to it is different. They work at the movie theater together for one Summer, but Hannah says on the tapes that she wishes they could've been closer and gotten to know each other better.

Who's Hooked Up On 13 Reasons Why? Clay leaves thinking he did something wrong, which Hannah's tape for him reveals he didn't she. Season 1 focused on the death by suicide of student Hannah Baker . In a flashback to the night of the dance, Clay, Tyler, and Tony Padilla Although Alex and Jessica had been dating, Jessica and Justin are hooking up again. Bryce says no and that he knows of the Spring Fling secret and will keep it. She clarifies in that tape that Clay didn't actually do anything wrong, and that she of the flashbacks/tapes, Hannah and Clay grew closer, and nearly hooked up.

The two don't actually ever have a legitimate conversation until the night of the party when they hook up. The Monet's crew has a different motto. In the book, a nice cheerleader named Jenny Kurtz chats with Hannah during the Dollar Valentine fundraiser, and is later responsible for knocking over the stop sign that causes Jeff to die.

I never would. I would've ruined you. By the time we get this far in the first season, we've seen the trials and tribulations Hannah has had to deal with, especially at the hand of other male classmates of hers. First, there's Justin who circulated an underwear photo of her, then there's the time she witnesses Bryce raping her best friend Jessica, and the time Bryce rapes her.

And while we're expecting Hannah to divulge some incriminating detail about Clay's role in her suicide, what she ends up doing is walking us through the events of the party where Jessica was raped. She reveals that she only went to this party for Clay, and we watch as the two young lovebirds flirt with each other.

Eventually, they make their way up to Jessica's bedroom presumably to hook up. Clay kisses Hannah, and while Hannah is consenting to being touched by Clay, she flashes back to all the times she's been touched without consent and freaks out, throwing Clay off her body.

I thought it was OK," he said, confused, apologizing repeatedly. However, she clearly asked him to leave, which is why Clay isn't a true "why" in her suicide case.

And while Clay struggles with the fact that he wasn't present enough for Hannah in the moments leading up to her suicide, he clearly identifies Bryce Walker as a bully and predator who should be held accountable for some of the heinous acts Hannah's tapes reveal he committed. Season 2 watches Clay lead the charge to bring Bryce to justice, and while Clay and Bryce initially started off as acquaintances, they become enemies after Clay finds out everything Bryce has done.

This causes him to beat Bryce up in order to coerce him into confessing to his rapes on tape.

But while lawyers drop the prosecution of Bryce for his actions during Hannah's trial, Clay is determined to bring Bryce down.

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