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TVC: How To Become A Professional Matchmaker

Show less Ask a Question Related Articles References. Matchmaking is a growing business where money is waiting to be made. If you have a keen eye for people's behavior and interests, you may be able to pair them up with the love of their life, truly helping them become happier. If your idea of a perfect job involves an intense amount of time chatting about dating, this could be the career for you.

You don't need to send them off on a romantic getaway quite yet. Be ready to play therapist. Playing matchmaker isn't just about making matches; it's also about listening to your clients wants and needs and often issues. You'll have to hear about the last crazy ex, the commitment phobia they might be growing into, the fact that there are "no good men" or "no good women" out there, etc. Part of your job will be to convince them that they're worthy of love, they'll find it, and they'll be able to hold onto it.

In a way, you give them hope. This can actually help your matchmaking abilities, too. Who the people are on paper matters only as much as who the people are in their own minds. Come up with a way to profile your clients. You'll need a way to manage every client you have, from their name and phone number down to what food they enjoy most.

You can start a database, get a third party to manage this data for you, or come up with your own way to stay organized. Whatever it is, you need a way to keep every person's file readily accessible at the drop of a hat. This won't be such an issue when you only have a few clients to handle. But when they start coming in droves, you'll need a way to make sure your job doesn't literally drive you crazy. It's good to have multiple copies of everything, too, just in case something goes wrong.

Consider getting your matchmaking license by enrolling in a course or program. Matchmaking is a growing field, and many professionals are taking advantage of their expertise and turning to teaching the ropes. Make sure it's a reputable program, though. There are plenty of courses out there that are complete bunk and are just looking to take your money.

Do your research before you pay anyone anything. This isn't mandatory, but it is recommended. A good course will also delve into the business aspect of it, helping you stay profitable in addition to getting clients and making successful matches. Determine if you want to work for an established business or for yourself.

If you're not looking to be your own employer and go through the red tape of getting your own business started, you may be able to work for a larger team of matchmakers.

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Some people who went the business route find themselves so busy that they need to hire fellow matchmakers just to help out with their clients. It could be you get handed a wad of people who need your assistance. The upside is that you get handed everything you need. The downside is that you have less autonomy and can't make your own rates.

That being said, you could always start out working for someone else and if you like it, turn it into your own business prospect.

Come up with a business plan. So you decided to be your own small business, huh? Now you need a business plan. This is essentially the homework it takes to get your business off on the right foot. Here's a few things a good business plan includes: Data on your projected market who it is, how big it is, etc.

Identifying your company's needs, at least initially Coming up with marketing ideas to promote your "product" Determining initial costs Research potential work spaces Identifying potential investors. Think of a name for your business.

If the two friends are coworkers, even if they work in different departments or separate buildings, it might be best not to play matchmaker. If things end badly. Matchmaking wikihow - Sandiegozestfc If you have a keen eye for people's behavior and interests. Learn everything you want about Matchmaking with the wikiHow Matchmaking Category. Learn about topics such as How to Find Your Perfect Match, How to.

While you may be your entire business and you could simply go off of your name, it may be easier to develop a specific name for your matchmaking business, or at least a title for yourself. Ultimately, it's just something that has to match your vision. If you're planning on keeping it at just you and your website, you may be able to get away with not having a name or slogan.

For now, don't fret about it. Concentrate on what you have to offer and the answer may come to you. Take care of licensure, insurance, and the legalities of it all. Starting a small business isn't just about renting an office and getting someone else to pay your bills. There's lots of paperwork and red tape you have to get through to make sure it's all kept legal.

With a good business plan as discussed above, this shouldn't be a problem.

The money needs to be tracked down the penny, especially in the early stages mainly for tax purposes and to determine qualifying terms. In today's day and age, you may be able to get away with just having a website especially if you want to work nationwide or even worldwide eventually.

You'll then be able to focus on dealing with clients online, which is one of the easiest ways there is. You set your own schedule, and that's that.

How to ("become your own matchmaker")

You're like a personalized version of eHarmony or Match. The benefit of having a brick and mortar establishment to your name is that you can work on the individual level with clients in the area.

Meeting face to face will definitely give you a better read on them and likely lead to you producing better matches. It's also helpful for those that don't want to work through a computer. Determine your rates. When you're just starting out, you're going to want to keep your prices very reasonable.

You may even want to start out working for next to nothing especially if the relationship doesn't last. But as you get your feet wet, start thinking about your rates.

Are you charging per hour? Will certain, more difficult clients be charged more?

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What about your target audience how much are they willing to spend on something like this? You won't want to charge on the basis of a relationship.

Instead, try to focus your rates more widely. You'll work with them as much as they need to find that perfect person. It'll all depend on what kind of services you offer and what kind of people you're dealing with. Get to marketing. To build your client base, you'll need to get the word out there, and word of mouth likely won't be enough.

You'll need to buy ad space on Google, optimize your SEO, start offering discounts, buy airtime, work on partnerships, etc. When you're not chatting away with a potential client, this will be your full-time job.


For a while, it'll be the brunt of it, too. A lot of it will be networking. Get your business a Twitter and Facebook, make events, attend events, and be the face of your company.

Friend people, give them your card, sign up with a local bar, crash a speed dating event, and go to where your clients are. They may not be able to find you by themselves. After all, they're too busy looking for love. Hold interviews with your clients. As a matchmaker, you have two types of clients: those willing to get matched and those looking for matches. Those looking for matches are the only ones you're charging and the only ones who you work for.

The ones willing to get matched are just in the pool waiting to be potentially chosen. But either way, you need to get a good understanding of both to make sure your matches make sense and can last the test of time.

In the interview process, you'll need to get personal. Everything from their sexual history to how they sleep at night to their physical preferences to their relationship with their mother. You need to see the person like their significant other would see them. Talk about all the taboos and get their dirty laundry aired out. You need to see their bad side, too.

Ask them to be real with you. You need to know exactly what they're looking for.

If they want a human Barbie doll or a millionaire athlete, they need to say that. What is their idea of the perfect match and who would they never, ever give a chance?

Have each client fill out all the necessary paperwork.

Make sure every client signs a contract with you, establishing just how this process is going to work. In many cases, they may or may not find true love, and you don't want to get sued over this.

You're simply offering the potential for love, more often than not. Whether it works out or not is often up to them.

To avoid any unfortunate legal issues, have a contract drafted covering all the necessary details. Along with this, each client should be filling out informative paperwork on their own person as well. Have, in writing, all their information.

Start with the basics their name, phone number, employer, etc. By the end, each client should have a folder you can reference later when need be. Keep on networking and attending events, like singles' socials. Your moneymaker is your ability to meet people, point blank. What's more, your number of clients dwindles with every success you have, making it more imperative you keep the water flowing, if you will.

Bali products are the highest quality Indonesian handicrafts from including furniture, handicraft, textiles, jewelry, art & galleries, silver, goal. How to Become a Matchmaker. Matchmaking is a growing business where money is waiting to be made. If you have a keen eye for people's. How to Use a Matchmaking Service. When choosing a service, make sure to ask the company questions about their origins, if they require their matchmakers to.

To find your target audience, you'll need to network at the right places. Be active in your community. Go bar hopping, hit up festivals, attend parties you don't really care to go to, and always be on the lookout for potential clientele. Singles' events are veritable gold mines for a person in your business. Losing unnerved tintern abbey matchmaking wikihow precincts dacron to.

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Matchmaking wikihow

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